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(39 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
OXMPCI954-LQAG Ensure smooth and reliable data exchange with the advanced features of the OXMPCI954-LQAG Oxford Line PCI Interface IC Broadcom Limited 7,072 Add to BOM
EPM7192SQC160-10N 100MHz Clock Frequency and 5V Operating Voltage Intel Corp 3,661 Add to BOM
EPM7160SQC160-10N This CPLD, known as EPM7160SQC160-10N, offers complex programmable logic functions with a total of 160 macrocells and 104 IOs Intel Corp 7,486 Add to BOM
AD9887AKSZ-170 ANALOG DEVICES AD9887AKSZ-170 Specialized Interface, 2 Wire, DVI, Serial Analog Devices, Inc 4,841 Add to BOM
PCI2250PCM 32-bit, 33-MHz PCI-to-PCI bridge, Compact PCI hot-swap friendly, 4-master Texas Instruments, Inc 4,737 Add to BOM
AM79C960KC LAN Controller, 2 Channel(s), 1.25MBps, CMOS, PQFP120, CARRIER RING, PLASTIC, QFP-120 XILINX 6,941 Add to BOM
S21152BB PCI Bus Controller, CMOS, PQFP160, PLASTIC, QFP-160 INTEL 4,294 Add to BOM
S3C44BOX01-ED80 SAMSUNG 4,547 Add to BOM
EPF8452AQC160-4 Flex 8000 FPGA with 42 Logic Array Blocks (LABs) and 68 IOs ALTERA 4,542 Add to BOM
EPM7128SQC160-15N 128 macros enable flexible programmable logic solutions Intel Corp 3,678 Add to BOM
DP83934CVUL-25 160-Pin QFP LAN Node Controller: DP83934CVUL-25 Texas Instruments, Inc 3,342 Add to BOM
PEB20320HV3.4 Multichannel Network Interface Controller 2.048Mbps 160-Pin MQFP Intel Corp 6,348 Add to BOM
MCM16Y1BGCFT16 PQFP160-packaged microcontroller with 16-bit capabilities, MROM memory, and HCMOS technology MOTOROLA INC 7,072 Add to BOM
5962-9952302QZC Ceramic CQFP packaging DEFENSE SUPPLY CENTER COLUMBUS 7,072 Add to BOM
AM79C978AKC XILINX 4,783 Add to BOM
CL-GD5428 CoC and 2-years warranty / RFQ for pricing CIRRUS LOGIC 7,072 Add to BOM
XC4405-PQ160C6272 XILINX 7,072 Add to BOM
S82595FX Ethernet CTLR Single Chip 10Mbps 5V 160-Pin QFP INTEL 7,072 Add to BOM
AIC-7880P Microchip Technology 7,072 Add to BOM
TVGA8900D Display Controller, CMOS, PQFP160 TRIDENT 7,159 Add to BOM
W99200AF Video Encoder 160-Pin PQFP Winbond Electronics 7,072 Add to BOM
TMP94C241CFG MCU 32-bit TLCS-900 CISC ROMLess 5V 160-Pin PQFP TOSHIBA 7,072 Add to BOM
AM79C972BKC Ethernet CTLR Single Chip 10Mbps/100Mbps 3.3V 160-Pin PQFP XILINX 7,072 Add to BOM
TVGA8900D-R TRIDENT 5,989 Add to BOM
AM186CC-25KD/W C AM186CC-25KD/W: 16-bit CISC Microcontroller AMD 5,613 Add to BOM
EPM7160EQI160-15 Advanced CPLD for high-speed digital designs and applications Intel Corp 5,604 Add to BOM
EPM7192EQI160-20 CPLD with 3.75K gates, ideal for complex designs and protocols Intel Corp 4,400 Add to BOM
AD9887AKSZ-100 Optimize your display interface with this robust MQFP tray solution, featuring pin connectivity Analog Devices, Inc 7,813 Add to BOM
ADV7162KSZ220 High-accuracy digital-to-analog conversion for various application Analog Devices, Inc 7,132 Add to BOM
EPM7160SQC160-7 High-performance programmable logic device ideal for complex digital signal processing application Intel Corp 4,911 Add to BOM
PCI2250PCMG4 32-bit, 33-MHz PCI-to-PCI bridge, Compact PCI hot-swap friendly, 4-master Texas Instruments, Inc 7,252 Add to BOM
PC87308-IBL/VUL I/O Controller Interface IC Winbond Electronics Corporation America 7,970 Add to BOM
EPM7128EQC160-10 CPLD MAX® 7000 Family 2.5K Gates 128 Macro Cells 100MHz 5V 160-Pin PQFP Tray Intel Corp 3,753 Add to BOM
V350EPC-33LP Local Bus To PCI Bridge For Multiplexed A/D Processors QuickLogic Corporation 4,971 Add to BOM
LSI53C875JE PCI-Ultra SCSI Controller Single-CH PCI 160-Pin PQFP Broadcom Corporation 7,917 Add to BOM
LSI53C875J PCI-Ultra SCSI Controller PCI 160-Pin PQFP Broadcom Corporation 3,353 Add to BOM
XRT7245IQ ATM UNI Quad 5V 160-Pin QFP MaxLinear, Inc 7,334 Add to BOM