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(19 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
PI3DPX1207CZHEX The Tape and Reel packaging of PI3DPX1207CZHEX ensures easy storage and handling, making it convenient for large-scale production Diodes Inc 5,416 Add to BOM
SI32178-B-FM Single Channel 40dB SLIC with 3.3V Voltage Skyworks Solutions, Inc 4,114 Add to BOM
TQP9059 RF Amp Module Quad Power Amp 42-Pin SMD TRIQUIN 7,072 Add to BOM
MAX4889CETO+ PCI Express® Switch IC 8 Channel 42-TQFN (3.5x9) Maxim Integrated 5,086 Add to BOM
MAX4952CTO+ High-performance repeater module for efficient signal amplificati Maxim Integrated 7,096 Add to BOM
MAX4889BETO+T PCI Express® Switch IC 8 Channel 42-TQFN (3.5x9) Maxim Integrated 7,686 Add to BOM
MAX14980ETO+ Redundant Design for Enhanced System Reliabili Analog Devices, Inc 6,185 Add to BOM
TS2PCIE412RUAR Robust PCIE Solution for Reliable Data Transfe Texas Instruments, Inc 3,506 Add to BOM
SI32177-B-FM Monolithic design for precision analog-to-digital conversion Skyworks Solutions, Inc 5,748 Add to BOM
SI32176-B-FMR High-performance switching regulator for modern designs Skyworks Solutions, Inc 3,718 Add to BOM
PI3DPX1207BZHEX Redriver solution for high-speed signals, supporting up to 10 Gbps transmission speeds (57 characters) Diodes Inc 6,033 Add to BOM
SI32171-B-FMR Small footprint, high-density integrated circuit for advanced applications Skyworks Solutions, Inc 4,342 Add to BOM
PI3PCIE3412ZHEX Low power consumption ensures extended battery lif Diodes Inc 6,583 Add to BOM
SI32178-B-FM1 High-performance audio amplifier for industrial use cases (53 chars) Skyworks Solutions, Inc 4,785 Add to BOM
Si32178-B-FM1R Telecom IC Subscriber Line Interface Concept (SLIC), CODEC 42-QFN (5x7) Skyworks Solutions, Inc 4,727 Add to BOM
SI32176-B-GMR SLIC 1-CH 40dB 45mA 3.3V 42-Pin QFN EP T/R Skyworks Solutions, Inc 6,938 Add to BOM
SI32176-B-GM SLIC 1-CH 40dB 45mA 3.3V 42-Pin QFN EP Skyworks Solutions, Inc 7,910 Add to BOM
SI32176-B-FM SLIC 1-CH 40dB 45mA 3.3V 42-Pin QFN EP Skyworks Solutions, Inc 6,075 Add to BOM
ACPM-7600-BLK Multiband Multimode PA Quad-Band GSM/EDGE and Multi Mode B1/B2(25)/B3/B4/B5(26)/B8 Broadcom Corporation 5,516 Add to BOM