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(270 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
LTC4001EUF LTC4001EUF is a synchronous buck charger capable of charging Li-Ion batteries at a rate of 2A ADI 6,233 Add to BOM
RFX2401C RF Front End CMOS 2.4GHZ ZIGBEE/ISM TRANSMIT/RECEIVE Skyworks Solutions, Inc 3,446 Add to BOM
TPS53316RGTR High-Efficiency, 5-A Step-Down Regulator with Integrated Switcher TI 7,692 Add to BOM
DRV8801QRTYRQ1 High-performance motor controller for industrial and commercial use, providing precise positioning Texas Instruments, Inc 5,132 Add to BOM
TPS7A7100RGTR Ideal for various electronic applications TI 5,162 Add to BOM
TPS53511RGTR 1.5A Step-Down Regulator with Integrated MOSFETs TI 4,112 Add to BOM
TPS62140ARGTT Small footprint TI 5,140 Add to BOM
TPS62130ARGTR High-performance step-down power module for various applications TI 4,473 Add to BOM
ADS7138QRTERQ1 8-Channel Single ADC SAR 140ksps 12-bit Serial Automotive 16-Pin WQFN EP T/R Texas Instruments, Inc 6,949 Add to BOM
CDCLVD1204RGTR Low jitter, 2-input selectable 1:4 universal-to-LVDS buffer TI 5,796 Add to BOM
TSC2046IRGVR 4-Wire Touch Screen Controller with low voltage digital I/O Texas Instruments, Inc 5,329 Add to BOM
NB7L14MNG Clock / Data Fanout Buffer, 7 GHz, 1:4 Differential, LVPECL, 2.5 V, 3.3 V ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,131 Add to BOM
NB6N14SMNR2G Clock / Data Fanout Buffer, 1:4 AnyLevel™ Input, LVDS, 3.3 V ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,227 Add to BOM
NB6N14SMNG Clock / Data Fanout Buffer, 1:4 AnyLevel™ Input, LVDS, 3.3 V ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,553 Add to BOM
SY58608UMG 4.25Gbps 2:1 Multiplexer Microchip Technology, Inc 7,270 Add to BOM
HMC468ALP3E 1 dB LSB GaAs MMIC 3-Bit Digital Positive Control Attenuator, DC-6 GHz Analog Devices, Inc 6,598 Add to BOM
GV8500-CNE3 Supports fast data transmission up to 6.75Gbps SEMTECH 7,518 Add to BOM
GS1574ACNE3 QFN-16-EP(4x4) Interface ROHS Specialized Semtech Corporation 5,008 Add to BOM
SKY85310-21 Front End RF Amplifier SKYWORKS 4,621 Add to BOM
GS2989-INE3 Ideal for high-speed data transmission applications SEMTECH 4,314 Add to BOM
PAM8908JER Cutting-edge stereo amplifier for superior audio performance Diodes Inc 4,315 Add to BOM
A8304SESTR-T GEN. 5 SINGLE LNB SUPPLY & CON Allegro MicroSystems 6,884 Add to BOM
EV1320QI Voltage Regulators - Switching Regulators 2A SOURCE/SINK CNVRT FOR DDR Intel Corp 6,515 Add to BOM
M41T62Q6F Real Time Clock Serial 16byte Clock/Calendar/Alarm/Timer/Interrupt 16-Pin QFN EP T/R STMicroelectronics, Inc 3,000 Add to BOM
FSA2567UMX Low Power, Dual SIM Card Analog Switch ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,130 Add to BOM
TPS2540RTER USB charging port controller TI 4,234 Add to BOM
GS2984-INTE3 The GS2984-INTE3 is a top-of-the-line product for tech enthusiasts Semtech Corporation 3,863 Add to BOM
A8296SESTR-T 30V 16-Pin QFN EP ALLEGRO 4,041 Add to BOM
RTC7663 Advanced buck converter ensures stable supply and precise dimming for high-brightness LEDs in a miniature 6-pin package RICHWAVE 6,028 Add to BOM
LTC5569IUF#PBF 300MHz to 4GHz 3.3V Dual Active Downconverting Mixer Analog Devices, Inc 5,395 Add to BOM
RTC6670 RichWave Technology Corp's RTC6670 is a power amplifier for reliable performance Richwave 7,072 Add to BOM
MMA6900KQ SPI Accelerometer, XY, 3.5g, QFN 16 NXP Semiconductor 7,478 Add to BOM
PCA9500BS I2C/SMBus Interface with 400kHz Speed and 3.6V Voltage NXP 6,189 Add to BOM
ZXCD1210 Audio Amplifiers Diodes Incorporated 7,072 Add to BOM
STG3693QTR Quad SPDT Analog Switch ICs Low Voltage STMicroelectronics, Inc 3,303 Add to BOM
BQ24079RGTR Standalone 1-cell 1.5-A linear battery charger, Power Path and 4.1-V VBAT Texas Instruments, Inc 3,445 Add to BOM
BQ25504RGTR Energy Harvesting PMIC 16-VQFN (3x3) Texas Instruments, Inc 6,237 Add to BOM
BQ24232HRGTR Charger IC Lithium Ion 16-VQFN (3x3) Texas Instruments, Inc 3,562 Add to BOM
BQ24232HARGTR Compact and efficient USB charger for daily us Texas Instruments, Inc 3,191 Add to BOM
TXS4555RGTR The Smart Card Interface offers reliable and fast data exchange at speeds up to MHz, making it an excellent choice for secure transaction Texas Instruments, Inc 6,086 Add to BOM
BQ24072RGTT Standalone 1-cell 1.5-A linear battery charger, Power Path, 4.2-V VBAT and VOUT=VBAT + 225mV Texas Instruments, Inc 4,675 Add to BOM
THS4520RGTR Rail-to-Rail Output Wideband Fully Differential Amplifier Texas Instruments, Inc 6,324 Add to BOM
LOG114AIRGVT Logarithmic Amplifier 1 Circuit 16-VQFN (4x4) Texas Instruments, Inc 4,830 Add to BOM
TPS2420RSAT 3-V to 20-V, 30mΩ, 1-5A eFuse Texas Instruments, Inc 4,060 Add to BOM
THS4541IRGTT Differential Amplifier 1 Circuit Differential, Rail-to-Rail 16-VQFN (3x3) Texas Instruments, Inc 4,832 Add to BOM
CDCLVP1204RGTT Low-jitter, two-input, selectable 1:4 universal-to-LVPECL buffer Texas Instruments, Inc 4,653 Add to BOM
CDCLVD1213RGTT Low jitter, 1:4 universal-to-LVDS buffer with selectable output divider Texas Instruments, Inc 3,975 Add to BOM
TUSB2551ARGTR Advanced Universal Serial Bus Transceiver Texas Instruments, Inc 4,697 Add to BOM
CC2590RGVT Compact radio frequency front-end module for ISM applications Texas Instruments, Inc 6,230 Add to BOM
L6924UTR USB compatible battery charger system with integrated power switch for Li-Ion/Li-Polymer STMicroelectronics, Inc 7,626 Add to BOM