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(58 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
NJG1143UA2-TE1 SMD 1xOP 1.5MHz EPFFP6-A2 Nisshinbo Micro Devices 6,417 Add to BOM
SKY65404-31 High Frequency Amplifier with a Noise Figure of 1.5dB Skyworks 3,451 Add to BOM
SKY13335-381LF 6-MLPD-packaged gallium arsenide IC serving as a single-pole, double-throw switch for frequencies from 0.1 to 6.0GHz Skyworks 7,230 Add to BOM
TPS2553DRVT-1 0.075-1.7A adj. ILIMIT, 2.5-6.5V, 85mΩ USB power switch, active-high, latch-off, reverse blocking TI 7,778 Add to BOM
TPS2553DRVR-1 0.075-1.7A adj. ILIMIT, 2.5-6.5V, 85mΩ USB power switch, active-high, latch-off, reverse blocking TI 5,633 Add to BOM
HMC788ALP2ETR 0.01 GHz to 10 GHz, MMIC, GaAs, pHEMT RF Gain Block Analog Devices, Inc 4,578 Add to BOM
SKY13350-385LF Rugged RF switch for and IoT device Skyworks 5,120 Add to BOM
SKY13320-374LF Multi-pole RF switch IC designed for SkyWorks SKY13320-374LF, featuring a compact 1.5x1.5 mm package size Skyworks 6,336 Add to BOM
SKY13348-374LF 500MHz~6GHz 27dB 0.6dB XFDFN-6(1.5x1.5) RF Switches ROHS Skyworks 6,803 Add to BOM
PA2423L-R Amplifier, SIGE SEMICONDUCTOR INC 7,072 Add to BOM
SKY13306-313LF 100-6000 MHz RF/Microwave diversity switch with 0.9dB insertion loss Skyworks 7,072 Add to BOM
SKY13366-378LF High frequency signal switching device Skyworks 9,284 Add to BOM
SKY13290-313LF DFN-6(2x3) RF Switches operating in frequency range of 20MHz to 2.5GHz Skyworks 4,266 Add to BOM
SKY13381-374LF Low-loss design for reliable 2.5GHz operation Skyworks 5,054 Add to BOM
AS225-313LF High-frequency RF switch ideal for wireless local area network application Skyworks 7,072 Add to BOM
SKY13278-313LF Ohm impedance for precise RF signal control Skyworks 4,819 Add to BOM
SKY13370-374LF 500MHz~6GHz 31dB 1.15dB DFN-6-EP(1.5x1.5) RF Switches ROHS Skyworks 3,217 Add to BOM
SKY13355-374LF XFDFN-6(1.5x1.5) RF Switches ROHS Skyworks 6,913 Add to BOM
SKY13323-378LF 100MHz~3GHz 27dB 0.35dB DFN-6-EP(1x1) RF Switches ROHS Skyworks 3,205 Add to BOM
SKY13314-374LF XFDFN-6(1.5x1.5) RF Switches ROHS Skyworks 5,811 Add to BOM
SKY13351-378LF 20MHz~6GHz 24dB 0.35dB DFN-6-EP(1x1) RF Switches ROHS Skyworks 3,731 Add to BOM
SY8030DEC SILERGY 7,072 Add to BOM
PE4140-51 PEREGRINE 7,072 Add to BOM
MP21600GQD-Z Reliable MHz switching regulator for demanding power application Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) 6,584 Add to BOM
MPQ2489DQ-AEC1-LF-P Compact LED driver for industrial and automotive application Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) 8,251 Add to BOM
MPQ2451GG-5-AEC1-P Reliable 36V, 600mA non-synchronous buck converter for harsh environments Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) 8,044 Add to BOM
MPQ2013AGG-33-AEC1-P High-performance linear regulator for precise DC/DC conversion Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) 9,763 Add to BOM
MPQ2013AGG-P Ultra-low quiescent current design for extended battery li Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) 9,209 Add to BOM
MP2013AGG-P High-efficiency LDO linear regulator for low-power syste Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) 9,784 Add to BOM
MPQ2013AGG-AEC1-P Compact yet powerful, this adjustable regulator excels in precision Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) 8,076 Add to BOM
MP6400DG-15-LF-P Processor Supervisor for Microcontroller Application Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) 5,250 Add to BOM
MPQ6400DG-33-LF-P High-performance monitoring circuitry for industrial control systems Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) 7,884 Add to BOM
MPQ6400DG-33-AEC1-LF-P Advanced radiation-hardened design for reliable performance in harsh environment Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) 5,656 Add to BOM
MP2012DQ-LF-P Switching Voltage Regulators 1.5A, 6V, 1.2Mhz Sync Step-Down Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) 9,460 Add to BOM
MP24895GQ-Z V precision for precise contro Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) 6,903 Add to BOM
MP2148GQD-25-Z Compact design for space-constrained application Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) 7,514 Add to BOM
MPQ2489DQ-LF-P High-Power LED Driver for Your Desig Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) 6,706 Add to BOM
MPQ2013AGG-5-AEC1-Z LDO Voltage Regulators 40V,150mA,Low Quiescent Current Linear Regulator Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) 9,292 Add to BOM
MPQ6400DG-01-LF-Z With its ability to be programmed for specific delay times and its low quiescent current draw Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) 5,417 Add to BOM
MPQ2451DG-LF-Z High-Performance Buck Converter for Demanding System Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) 8,517 Add to BOM
MP2148GQD-33-Z Synchronous switching converter for reliable power supply Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) 6,792 Add to BOM
MP2148GQD-15-Z Simplify circuitry and ensure reliable performance with this switching regulator Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) 8,295 Add to BOM
XHF2-1832+ 11.7GHz high pass 2.1dB TDFN-6-EP RF Filters ROHS Mini-Circuits 4,657 Add to BOM
VIPERGAN50TR Next-generation voltage converter offering high-frequency switching and exceptional efficiency for high-voltage systems STMicroelectronics, Inc 5,664 Add to BOM
XHF2-912+ Micromachined MMIC technology ensures compact siz Mini-Circuits 2,716 Add to BOM
XHF2-1162+ Precision radio frequency filtering solution for .Hz center frequenc Mini-Circuits 2,240 Add to BOM
XHF2-153+ High-Quality RF Filter: Designed for precise frequency separation, ensuring reliable performanc Mini-Circuits 7,600 Add to BOM
RF1126TR7 Operating temperature range of -30°C to +85°C ensures reliable operation in harsh environments Qorvo 7,072 Add to BOM
MP2136EG-LF-Z Voltage regulators for switching purposes from 2.5 to 6V Monolithic Power Systems (Mps) 9,251 Add to BOM
TCP-3082N-QT RF Wireless Misc NORMAL TUNING 8.2PF PTIC ON Semiconductor, LLC 4,229 Add to BOM