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(149 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
NB680GD-Z 3V Output Voltage MPS 4,589 Add to BOM
MP2147GD-Z Active Step-Down Switching Regulator Monolithic Power Systems (Mps) 5,616 Add to BOM
MP2145GD-Z Ideal for high-performance applications, this regulator provides stable voltage regulation at all times." Monolithic Power Systems (Mps) 5,124 Add to BOM
TGA2513-SM Boost signal integrity with high-gain performance and low noise figure Qorvo 7,072 Add to BOM
PE42427A-Z RF/Microwave Switch Psemi 7,072 Add to BOM
RFSW1012TR7 High-frequency signal switching device Qorvo 7,623 Add to BOM
LTC2945IUD#PBF Wide Range I<sup>2</sup>C Power Monitor ADI 5,146 Add to BOM
MPQ4323GDE-AEC1-Z Device that converts electrical energy Monolithic Power Systems Inc. 7,756 Add to BOM
MP5087AGG-Z 12-Pin QFN Power Switch available in Tape and Reel format with 7A capability Monolithic Power Systems Inc. 5,515 Add to BOM
SKY13388-465LF Frequency Agile Device for Broadband Networks and Device Skyworks 6,246 Add to BOM
MP2130DG-LF-Z With its advanced design and high output capability, the MP2130DG-LF-Z is a versatile solution for a wide range of power management needs Monolithic Power Systems Inc. 6,825 Add to BOM
LTC3442EDE Step up and step down functionality ADI 4,826 Add to BOM
MASWSS0129 Low power consumption and high isolation make it suitable for IoT device Te Connectivity 3,255 Add to BOM
ACS711KEXLT-31AB-T Operating Temperature -40 to +125 deg.C Allegro MicroSystems 6,092 Add to BOM
ACS711KEXLT-15AB-T ACS711KEXLT-15AB-T - 15.5A QFN-12(3x3) Current Sensors ROHS Allegro MicroSystems 4,037 Add to BOM
MP5087GG-Z Power distribution switch ICs with current monitoring, low RDSOn for 5.5V and 7A Monolithic Power Systems Inc. 5,246 Add to BOM
SKY13408-465LF 1GHz~6GHz 24dB 1.1dB QFN-12-EP(2x2) RF Switches ROHS Skyworks 6,958 Add to BOM
SKY13373-460LF 100MHz~6GHz 30dB 0.45dB QFN-12-EP(2x2) RF Switches ROHS Skyworks 6,343 Add to BOM
MPQ4572GQB-AEC1-Z Compact QFN- package for space-sensitive design MPS 9,963 Add to BOM
MAP9000QNRH Compact and efficient LED driver for space-constrained designs MAGNACHIP 7,072 Add to BOM
NJU72501MJE-TE3 Advanced technology for driving piezo sounders Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
WP4S+ Signal Conditioning PWR SPLTR CMBD / SM / RoHS Mini-Circuits 3,554 Add to BOM
QPA0812 This high-gain amplifier is ideal for amplifying weak RF signals in various applications including satellite communication qorvo 7,079 Add to BOM
MPM3810GQB-Z Switching Regulator with 4200kHz Maximum Switching Frequency Hybrid QFN-12 Monolithic Power Systems (Mps) 9,636 Add to BOM
SKY13267-321LF GaAs Material and ROHS Compliant Skyworks 9,457 Add to BOM
SKY13385-460LF This SP3T switch features Silicon-On-Insulator technology, offering low insertion loss of only 0.5dB at 2.45GHz Skyworks 5,703 Add to BOM
ML8511-00FCZ05B Development Demo Description for Product Rohm Semiconductor 7,221 Add to BOM
HMC787LC3B Up/Down Conversion Mixer 10GHz 12-Pin CLLCC EP T/R Analog Devices Inc. 5,116 Add to BOM
HMC558LC3B Integrated Up/Down Conversion Mixer HMC558LC3B Analog Devices Inc. 6,689 Add to BOM
ACS70331EESATR-005U3 ACS70331EESATR-005U3 Product Description Allegro Microsystems 6,668 Add to BOM
RFSW6042TR7 RF Switch ICs with 4 channels and 36dB isolation at 925MHz Qorvo 5,388 Add to BOM
ACS70331EESATR-005B3 Current sensors for board mount applications Allegro Microsystems 7,660 Add to BOM
SKY13588-460LF Triple-pole RF switch IC for seamless signal routing and isolation Skyworks 5,858 Add to BOM
SKY13330-397LF ROHS QFN-12-EP(2x2) RF Switches SKY13330-397LF Skyworks 5,336 Add to BOM
SKY13354-368LF Product description Skyworks 6,287 Add to BOM
SKY13299-321LF High-frequency RF switch Skyworks 6,502 Add to BOM
HMC346LC3B 0dB 12-Pin CLLCC EP T/R 18000MHz Analog Devices Inc. 3,364 Add to BOM
SKYA21037 700MHz to 3.8GHz RF Switches with 0.5dB QFN-12(2x2) Package Skyworks 4,041 Add to BOM
TXU0204RUTR Maximize design flexibility with this compact, 12-pin, 4-channel bidirectional voltage level translator IC Texas Instruments, Inc 3,545 Add to BOM
EMC2303-1-KP-TR Motor / Motion / Ignition Controllers & Drivers Triple RPM Based PWM Fan Speed Controller MICROCHIP 5,906 Add to BOM
MD1213K6-G High Speed Dual MOSFET Driver. Microchip Technology, Inc 3,628 Add to BOM
HMC338LC3B HMC338LC3B product description: RF Mixers QFN-12-EP (3x3), meeting ROHS standards Analog Devices, Inc 7,810 Add to BOM
LTC5553IUDB#TRMPBF QFN Package Style Analog Devices 9,240 Add to BOM
LTC5548IUDB#TRMPBF 2GHz to 14GHz Microwave Mixer with Wideband DC–6GHz IF Analog Devices, Inc 7,342 Add to BOM
PVGA-123+ Compact design for space-constrained application Mini-Circuits 7,072 Add to BOM
MPM3810AGQB-Z High efficiency Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) 7,072 Add to BOM
MPQ4571GQB-AEC1-Z Fully integrated switching voltage regulator for efficient power conversion MONOLITHIC POWER SYSTEMS INC 7,072 Add to BOM
ACS71240KEXBLT-010B3 Measure AC/DC currents accurately with this precision sensor Allegro MicroSystems 7,072 Add to BOM
MP2131GG-Z 5.5V Voltage Regulator Monolithic Power Systems Inc. 7,642 Add to BOM
MPM3805GQB-Z With a switching frequency of 4MHz, MPM3805GQB-Z offers fast response times and efficient power conversion for a variety of electronic devices MONOLITHIC POWER SYSTEMS INC 7,072 Add to BOM