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(116 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
DB-25PA-NR Rugged and versatile -position D-sub connector for demanding applications Jae Electronics 3,734 Add to BOM
684M5W5203L461 High-quality female sockets ensure secure signal transmission Norcomp 3,402 Add to BOM
LD09P13A4GX00LF LF terminated pin D-subminiature connector for reliable signal processing and routing Amphenol 5,155 Add to BOM
DELC-J9SAF-13L6E High-quality connector for reliable data transmission and signal integrity Jae Electronics 2,145 Add to BOM
A-DS 09 A/KG-T2S Robust and reliable D-Sub plug for industrial applications Assmann Wsw Components, Inc 6,572 Add to BOM
G125-MH11005M4P Ergonomic design for easy handling and installatio Harwin 4,539 Add to BOM
G125-MH11005L1P Wide operating temperature range of -°C to +C for versatile use cas Harwin 4,380 Add to BOM
PS-40PE-D4LT2-M1E Durable and reliable connector for heavy-duty us Jae Electronics 7,044 Add to BOM
PS-60PE-D4LT2-M1E Robust right-angle design for easy access and secure mating Jae Electronics 6,689 Add to BOM
M80-5000000M5-02-333-00-000 Streamlined installation facilitated through straightforward horizontal beam design Harwin 7,163 Add to BOM
G125-MH12005M4P High-quality connector for reliable connections in harsh environmen Harwin 4,788 Add to BOM
G125-MH11205M4P High-quality magnet wire for demanding industrial and automotive use cases. ( char Harwin 6,403 Add to BOM
G125-MH10605M4P Reliable Push-Pull Design Simplifies Wire Connection and Disconnectio Harwin 7,653 Add to BOM
M80-5000000M5-04-333-00-000 Versatile Wire-to-Wire/Wire-to-Board Connector for Various Application Harwin 3,348 Add to BOM
PS-20PE-D4LT1-LP1 A right-angled connector header for secure connections Jae Electronics 3,998 Add to BOM
G125-MH10605L3P High-quality SMT headers for secure connections Harwin 6,377 Add to BOM
G125-MH10605L1P Advanced manufacturing process ensures precise tolerance Harwin 7,135 Add to BOM
M80-5000000M5-04-PM3-00-000 Maximize Performance and Minimize Downtime with M80-50000M5 Harwin 3,521 Add to BOM
A-DF 09 A/KG-T2S Experience crystal-clear data transfer and precise connectivity with this top-notch ROHS-compliant A-DF A/KG-T connector Assmann Wsw Components, Inc 5,571 Add to BOM
XM3B-0942-502L Versatile and adaptable push-pull design for easy installation and maintenanc Omron 7,965 Add to BOM
XG4A-4035 High-reliability connector for harsh environmen Omron 3,550 Add to BOM
XG4A-6035 High-quality connectors for secure and reliable connections Omron 7,171 Add to BOM
SBH11-PBPC-D05-RA-BK Streamline your design with this versatile PCB li Sullins Connector Solutions 3,199 Add to BOM
S16B-PADSS-1(LF)(SN) Compact header ideal for PCB-based applications requiring space efficiency Jst Mfg. Co., Ltd. 6,445 Add to BOM
PS-16PE-D4LT1-LP1 -contact board connector for multiple application Jae Electronics 6,318 Add to BOM
MX23A18NF2 Ideal solution for board-to-cable connections Jae Electronics 7,595 Add to BOM
MX49004NQ1 USB 2.0 connector for high-speed data transfer Jae Electronics 2,397 Add to BOM
MX47039NF1 Versatile connector header solution with positions, (mm) pitch, and right-angle desig Jae Electronics 5,184 Add to BOM
M80-5400842 Versatile board-mount design simplifies installation and maintenance Harwin 2,361 Add to BOM
M80-5300842 Gold-tin alloy ensures reliable contac Harwin 7,923 Add to BOM
M80-5300642 Durable and secure connection for demanding application Harwin 3,351 Add to BOM
M80-5400642 Versatile pin right-angle connector for tight space Harwin 3,041 Add to BOM
M80-5400442 Space-saving right-angle connector provides reliable connections in tight spaces Harwin 6,828 Add to BOM
M80-8510642 Compact right-angle connector for high-density applications Harwin 6,711 Add to BOM
M80-8510842 Durable and Versatile Rated M Series Terminal Blo Harwin 5,024 Add to BOM
M80-8511042 High-quality right-angle header connector for secure connection Harwin 6,596 Add to BOM
M80-5401442 High-density connector solution for compact designs and PCB Harwin 7,978 Add to BOM
M80-8511642 Durable connector for high-reliability application Harwin 6,489 Add to BOM
L17H2220131 Stackable dualport connectors enable flexible PCB designs and reduced space requirements Amphenol 4,028 Add to BOM
KDMIX-SL1-NS-WS-B15 Robust and reliable, ideal for harsh environments Kycon 2,793 Add to BOM
L77SDE09SA4CH4F Through-hole mounted contact D-sub connector for harsh environments Amphenol 2,599 Add to BOM
KF22X-E9P-N Ideal for use in applications requiring secure and precise connections Kycon 2,301 Add to BOM
IL-AG5-6P-S3L2 Right-angle pin header with mechanical lock and contac Jae Electronics 4,853 Add to BOM
ICD26S13E4GV00LF Female sockets connector ideal for D-sub application Amphenol 2,766 Add to BOM
ICD15S13E6GV00LF Secure and high-speed data transfer with this P female D-Sub connecto Amphenol 7,167 Add to BOM
ICD15S13E4GV00LF PCB-mounted female D-Sub HD connector opti Amphenol 2,639 Add to BOM
HCCPHPE24BKA90F Sealed and fully interconnectable for maximum reliabilit Aptiv 3,450 Add to BOM
M83513/13-A01NP D Microminiature Connector, 9 Contact(s), Female, Solder Terminal, Receptacle, Te Connectivity 2,356 Add to BOM
XM3B-0922-502 9P Female D-Sub Right-Angle 2 Push-Pull D-Sub/DVI/HDMI Connectors ROHS Omron 7,791 Add to BOM
2DC79SBR 79P D-Sub Right-Angle 3 Gold Push-Pull D-Sub/DVI/HDMI Connectors ROHS Itt Cannon 5,877 Add to BOM