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(85 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
XC95216-20HQ208C Complex Programmable Logic Devices XILINX 7,361 Add to BOM
XC95216-15HQ208C CPLD - Complex Programmable Logic Devices XILINX 6,486 Add to BOM
ADE3300 A high-performance driver for LCD displays, ideal for industrial and commercial application ST 5,923 Add to BOM
LFXP2-5E-5QN208C Ideal for demanding applications with 5K LUTs and 1.26V voltage supply Lattice 5,199 Add to BOM
EPM7512AEQI208-10N CMOS Technology Based EPM7512AEQI208-10N EE PLD with 512 cells and 10ns speed Intel 5,171 Add to BOM
EPM7256SRI208-10N The EPM7256SRI208-10N CPLD is a MAX 7000 device with 256 macro cells and 164 I/Os for advanced programmable logic applications Intel 7,355 Add to BOM
EPM3512AQI208-10N Advanced programmable logic device Intel 4,894 Add to BOM
EPM3512AQC208-10N The EPM3512AQC208-10N is a Complex Programmable Logic Device from the MAX® 3000A Family, with a capacity of 10,000 gates and 512 macro cells Intel 4,601 Add to BOM
EPM3256AQC208-10N 08-pin plastic QFP package complex EEPLD with 10ns propagation delay, 256 cells Intel 3,214 Add to BOM
XCS40XL-4PQ208I FPGA Spartan-XL Family 40K Gates 1862 Cells 217MHz 3.3V 208-Pin HSPQFP EP Xilinx 5,462 Add to BOM
XCS40-3PQ208I Reconfigurable logic device with 784 configurable logic blocks, 13,000 logic gates, and a maximum operating frequency of 125MHz Xilinx 4,714 Add to BOM
XCS30-3PQ208I XCS30-3PQ208I FPGA featuring 576 Configurable Logic Blocks and 10000 Gates, PBGA256 Xilinx 9,991 Add to BOM
XCS20-3PQ208C High-performance Field Programmable Gate Array with a 400MHz clock speed and 5292 cells in a CMOS design, featuring a PBGA456 package." Xilinx 7,374 Add to BOM
XC95288-15HQ208C Integrated circuit complex programmable logic device with 48 macrocells Xilinx 6,986 Add to BOM
XC2S200E-6PQG208C Technology 1.8V 208-Pin HSPQFP EP Xilinx 5,123 Add to BOM
XCS40-3PQ208C Restricted to original equipment manufacturers and contract manufacturers Xilinx 7,328 Add to BOM
XC2S300E-6PQG208C The XC2S300E-6PQG208C is a versatile FPGA offering 1536 CLBs and 93000 gates, providing high-speed performance up to 357 MHz in a PQFP208 package Xilinx 4,949 Add to BOM
XC95288-15HQ208I CMOS Flash PLD featuring 288 cells, 15ns speed, available in PQFP208/HQFP-208 package Xilinx 5,378 Add to BOM
XCS20-3PQ208I XCS20-3PQ208I is a FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array product Xilinx 6,632 Add to BOM
70V657S12DRGI The 70V657S12DRGI is a dual-port RAM with a capacity of 32K x 36 and operates at 3.3V RENESAS 7,635 Add to BOM
A3P400-PQG208I Ultra Low Density FPGAs. MICROCHIP 6,526 Add to BOM
A3P250-PQ208 FPGA IC 36864 208-BFQFP in series A3P250-PQ208 Microchip 5,834 Add to BOM
LFXP2-8E-5QN208C Cell Count: 8000 Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 7,548 Add to BOM
KS8999I Upgrade your network performance with the KS8999I 9-Port Ethernet Switch, designed for reliable and fast data transfer." Microchip 7,072 Add to BOM
APA300-PQ208I The APA300-PQ208I comes packaged in a convenient tray format, making it easy to integrate into your designs and projects MICROCHIP 7,615 Add to BOM
A54SX32A-PQ208I High-density logic and memory integration for complex systems Microchip 7,739 Add to BOM
A42MX24-PQ208I High-performance FPGA for advanced logic applications, featuring K gates and cells MICROCHIP 4,779 Add to BOM
A42MX24-PQ208 Programmable Logic Device with 176 Input/Output Pins, Housed in 208-QFP Packaging MICROCHIP 6,632 Add to BOM
XCS30XL-4PQG208C Next-generation programmable gate array for versatile system design XILINX 4,882 Add to BOM
XC4020E-4HQ208I 20K gates 1862 cells 5V operation voltage XILINX 7,709 Add to BOM
XC2S50E-6PQG208C Field Programmable Gate Array XILINX 4,133 Add to BOM
XCS30-3PQ208C FPGA with 576 CLBs XILINX 4,234 Add to BOM
XCS40XL-4PQG208C 208QFP packaged IC with 169 I/O pins, specifically an FPGA XILINX 4,580 Add to BOM
XCS20XL-4PQG208C CMOS technology, PQFP208 plastic packaging XILINX 6,347 Add to BOM
XC2S300E-6PQG208I PQG208I XC2S300E-6 Field Array XILINX 5,034 Add to BOM
XC2S200E-6PQ208I Field Programmable Gate Array XILINX 5,501 Add to BOM
LFXP3C-3QN208C The LFXP3C-3QN208C FPGA is part of the LatticeXP Family, featuring 3000 cells and a maximum operating frequency of 320MHz Lattice 5,385 Add to BOM
MB91F467DAPVSR-GSE2 32-bit Microcontrollers - MCU Auto MCU infineon 9,450 Add to BOM
AT91SAM9260-QU CMOS PQFP208 0.50 MM PITCH GREEN PLASTIC Microchip 5,840 Add to BOM
APA450-PQ208I Versatile CPLD/FPGA option suitable for various applications microchip 6,913 Add to BOM
A3PE1500-PQG208I Ultra Low Density FPGAs. MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY INC 7,072 Add to BOM
EPM7256SRI208-10 Complex Programmable Logic Device from the MAX® 7000S Family with 5K Gates 256 Macro Cells, 100MHz CMOS Technology, 5V Voltage, and 208-Pin RQFP Tray Intel 5,160 Add to BOM
EPM7256SQC208-7 This PQFP208 packaged EPM7256SQC208-7 EE PLD features a fast 7.5ns speed and 256 cells for high-density logic implementation Intel 9,921 Add to BOM
EPM7256SQC208-15N Embedded Programmable Logic Device Intel 6,596 Add to BOM
EPM7256SQC208-10 56 Macro Cells EPM7256SQC208-10 Intel 5,892 Add to BOM
A3PE3000L-PQ208I A3PE3000L-PQ208I - a high-performance FPGA ideal for various applications MICROSEMI CORP 7,072 Add to BOM
XC4013E-3PQ208I High-performance integrated circuit XILINX INC 7,072 Add to BOM
PCI9080-3 Empowering complex systems with advanced PCI bridging technolog Broadcom Limited 9,854 Add to BOM
PCI6150-BB66PC G 32-bit PCI to PCI Connector broadcom limited 8,973 Add to BOM