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(18 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
IR3899MTRPBF Conv DC-DC 1V to 21V Synchronous Step Down Single-Out 0.5V to 18.06V 9A 16-Pin QFN EP T/R infineon 601,800 Add to BOM
MASW-000936-14000T High-power, high-speed switching for 5G and beyond Macom 4,265 Add to BOM
MAAL-010528 OEMs, CMs ONLY (NO BROKERS) M/A-COM 7,044 Add to BOM
MAAL-011154-TR0100 Advanced microwave amplifier for Hz to Hz applications with B gain, low noise figure, and compact PQFN-( packag MACOM 5,468 Add to BOM
MASW-000932-13560T Low-loss, high-reliability SPDT switch IC ideal for wireless communication system MACOM 7,072 Add to BOM
MADR-010574-TR1000 Robust back bias protection for added safety feature MACOM 7,072 Add to BOM
XZ1004-QT-0G00 Powered Radio Frequency Front End Modul MACOM 7,072 Add to BOM
MAAM-011156-TR1000 Small form factor QFN package ideal for space-constrained designs MACOM Technology Solutions 6,682 Add to BOM
MAAM-011185-TR1000 Effortlessly boost CATV signals up to kilometers awa MACOM Technology Solutions 4,408 Add to BOM
MAAL-010528-TR0500 Hz-GHz frequency range, high-power amplifiers for RF applicatio MACOM Technology Solutions 4,120 Add to BOM
MADR-011020-TR1000 This versatile driver supports various frequencies, including cellular, satellite, and microwave, making it suitable for diverse industrie MACOM Technology Solutions 5,573 Add to BOM
MAAP-011232-TR0500 1W RF Amplifier operating within the 0.1-3GHz frequency range, providing a 23dB gain and an OIP3 of 40dBm MACOM Technology Solutions 3,324 Add to BOM
MAAV-011013-TR1000 Fine-tune your setup with this rugged variable attenuator MACOM Technology Solutions 5,281 Add to BOM
MAAL-011111-TR0500 High-frequency Signal Enhancer: Tailored for frequencies between 22-38GHz, this amplifier boasts a low noise figure of 2 MACOM Technology Solutions 7,235 Add to BOM
MC33982CHFK High-Accuracy Automotive Current Limiter with to V Input Rang NXP 7,072 Add to BOM
IR3823AMTRPBFAUMA1 High-performance regulator for single-voltage applications Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,733 Add to BOM
MADR-011022-TR1000 Gate Drivers Driver,PIN Diode,2 CH,+5V/20mA,-20V/25mA MACOM Technology Solutions 5,952 Add to BOM
MAAV-011013-TR0500 Attenuators 5-45GHz IL 1.5dB Atten. >30dB MACOM Technology Solutions 3,322 Add to BOM