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(1194 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
8080-1G1 4P lead tin beryllium copper alloy -55℃~+125℃ Plugin IC Sockets ROHS Te Connectivity 7,072 Add to BOM
WP914CK/4GDT Bright and Energy-Efficient Green Light Sour Kingbright 8,961 Add to BOM
TDA08H0SB1R Accomplish precise power management and switching tasks with this reliable ROHS-compliant solution C&K Switches 2,738 Add to BOM
SKRCACD010 Compact SPST round button design perfect for PCB mounting Alps Alpine 3,662 Add to BOM
HFBR-2521Z Reliable and Secure Fiber Optic Communication Solutio Broadcom Limited 2,076 Add to BOM
JXD0-0001NL Plugin Ethernet Connectors/Modular Connectors (RJ45 RJ11) ROHS Pulse 7,140 Add to BOM
SS-7188S-A-NF RJReceptacle 1 There is shielding cat5e Gold Copper Alloy Without LED -40℃~+85℃ Plugin Ethernet Connectors/Modular Connectors (RJ45 RJ11) ROHS Bel 6,033 Add to BOM
L102021ML04Q Straight SPDT 125V 28V Plugin Slide Switches ROHS C&K Switches 7,072 Add to BOM
HFBR-1414TZ Fiber Receiver Module Plugin Fiber Optical Transceivers ROHS Broadcom Limited 7,275 Add to BOM
T93YA104KT20 ±10% ±100ppm/℃ 500mW 100kΩ Plugin Variable Resistors/Potentiometers ROHS Vishay 2,994 Add to BOM
T93YA203KT20 ±10% ±100ppm/℃ 500mW 20kΩ Plugin Variable Resistors/Potentiometers ROHS Vishay 6,059 Add to BOM
ST2-DC24V-F Suitable for various industrial automation tasks, this DC-powered relay offers high reliability and flexibility Panasonic 3,494 Add to BOM
SFELF10M7HA00-B0 330Ω 180kHz ROHS-compliant ceramic filter solution Murata 3,692 Add to BOM
RT31L024 24VDC Power Relay with 16A Switching Capacity, SPDT Configuration (29mm x 12.7mm x 15.7mm) Te Connectivity 2,435 Add to BOM
PT65301 Precise control and robust performance guarantee Apem 3,151 Add to BOM
PV37W103C01B00 ±10% ±150ppm/℃ 250mW 10kΩ Plugin Variable Resistors/Potentiometers ROHS Bourns 5,102 Add to BOM
PV36W203C01B00 mm square -turn precision trimmer resistors availab Bourns 4,987 Add to BOM
PEC12R-4220F-S0024 Not Indexed Through Hole Rotary Encoder Bourns 5,764 Add to BOM
M64W102KB40 Precision resistance trimmer for high-precision applications Vishay 4,916 Add to BOM
M64X203KB40 Offering precise control, its multi-turn design makes it perfect for a variety of application Vishay 2,523 Add to BOM
M64Y203KB40 ±10% ±100ppm/℃ 500mW 20kΩ Plugin Variable Resistors/Potentiometers ROHS Vishay 7,096 Add to BOM
LV25-P With a current measurement range of 0 to 14 mA and a voltage input of 12 to 15 V Lem Usa Inc. 4,219 Add to BOM
JTH-0024NL With a 1X1 setup, integrated circuitry module (ICM), and Broadcom PHY, the JTH-0024NL product delivers 10GBASE-T performance across four channels Pulse 5,416 Add to BOM
JT4-1108HL Connector for Telecom and Datacom Applications featuring 8 Female Contacts Pulse 4,962 Add to BOM
J8064D628ANL RJ45 module features gold phosphor bronze contacts and LED indication Pulse 7,153 Add to BOM
J0G-0003NL J0G-0003NL is an Ethernet connector/modular connector (RJ45 RJ11) with LED indicators Pulse 2,122 Add to BOM
J00-0014NL RJ45 1 Gold Plated Phosphor Bronze Without LED 0°C to +70°C Plugin Pulse 3,011 Add to BOM
J0011D01NL Ethernet Connectors Modular Connectors 1X1 TAB DOWN 10/100 Pulse 6,565 Add to BOM
J0G-0009NL Solder right-angle RJ-45 female connector, through-hole mount, 8 positions, 2.03 mm, with 17 terminals in one port Pulse 2,894 Add to BOM
G5SB-14-DC12 Product G5SB-14-DC12 Omron 2,016 Add to BOM
HE3621A1200 200V DC and 12V 500mA Littelfuse 4,171 Add to BOM
EC12D1524403 Rotary Incremental Mechanical Encoder, Flat Design, 5mN-m Alps Alpine 2,635 Add to BOM
EC12E24204A9 EC12E24204A9, a 12-millimeter device with 24 pulses per revolution Alps Alpine 6,213 Add to BOM
EC12E24204A2 12mm encoders with 24 resolution and 24 detents Alps Alpine 2,553 Add to BOM
EC11E15244B2 Mechanical Encoder with Rotary Incremental Functionality, Flat Design, and 10mN-m Torque Alps Alpine 4,586 Add to BOM
EC20A1820401 Ready to Ship RoHS2 Product (Ships within 1 Day) Alps Alpine 4,671 Add to BOM
T60404-N4646-X764 50A industrial current sensor with 4 primary pins and a 5V reference, ideal for accurate current measurement Vacuumschmelze 6,967 Add to BOM
NDS-08V Effortless adjustment for customized settings Diptronics 5,234 Add to BOM
T821106A1S100CEU The Conn Shrouded HDR provides a secure and efficient way to connect your electronic device Amphenol 7,689 Add to BOM
MDT420STD001 Precise engineering ensures secure data transfer and communication Amphenol 5,732 Add to BOM
S36B-ZROK-2A-R High-quality automotive connectors for reliable connections on the go Jst 7,877 Add to BOM
XB5AD912R4K7 Robust and flexible component for custom circuit configurations Schneider Electric 3,389 Add to BOM
XB5AD912R1K Small but Mighty - Precision Potentiometer for Any Ta Schneider Electric 4,547 Add to BOM
251B12T104A2NB Rohs compliant potentiometers for reliable application Cts 6,998 Add to BOM
PTA3043-2015DPA504 High-performance slide potentiometer for precise contro Bourns 6,075 Add to BOM
PSAS4F2130011TR High-speed data transfer with PCIe 4.0 connectivity Amphenol 2,009 Add to BOM
LD09P33E4GV00LF Industry-standard interface solution for real-world demands on signal integrity and reliability Amphenol 4,240 Add to BOM
LD09S13A4GX00LF Female connector for secure connection Amphenol 4,042 Add to BOM
XM3F-3720 Robust Terminal for Secure Connection in Harsh Environments (58 characters) Omron 5,770 Add to BOM
AMS29D-40MZ5-A High-frequency interface component for efficient signal transfe Rosenberger 6,287 Add to BOM