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(95 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
ASMB-MTB1-0B3A2 Standard SMD PLCC4 LEDs in RGB Silicone with T/Mt configuration Broadcom Limited 9,209 Add to BOM
AMIS49587C5871G Easy to use and integrate, it offers a wide range of features and customization options ON Semiconductor, LLC 4,333 Add to BOM
ASMB-LTB2-0A333 SMD LEDs compliant with ROHS regulations BROADCOM LIMITED 8,960 Add to BOM
ASMB-MTB0-0A3A2 Compact and efficient RGB LEDs for a wide range of applications Broadcom Limited 9,167 Add to BOM
VLMRGB343-ST-UV-RS Elegant UV LED strip illuminates your space with vibrant color Vishay 8,279 Add to BOM
SMP4-RGY Discreet pin LED module for signal transmissio Bivar 8,559 Add to BOM
HSMM-A430-W90M2 Compact and efficient 2.5V LED module for indoor use cases AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC 7,363 Add to BOM
HSMC-A431-X90M1 HSMC-A431-X90M1 626nm Red 30° LED Broadcom Limited 5,088 Add to BOM
HSMC-A430-W50M1 SMD AlInGaP Red AlInGaP Red: Description of Standard LEDs Broadcom Limited 8,311 Add to BOM
HSMN-A430-V50M2 Bright Blue LED for Lighting Application Broadcom Limited 8,509 Add to BOM
HSMA-A461-X83M1 These Standard LEDs are AllnGaP Amber lights, with a luminosity of 5600mcd and a wavelength of 592nm Broadcom Limited 5,475 Add to BOM
CLVBA-FKA-CC1F1L1BB7R3R3 White lensed common anode RGB PLCC-4 LEDs with 20mA ROHS CreeLED, Inc. 6,983 Add to BOM
ASMT-QTB0-0AA02 LEDs - Standard SMD RGB Broadcom Limited 8,532 Add to BOM
ASMT-SWBM-NU803 Sleek PLCC package provides bright white illumination for clear visibilit Broadcom Limited 5,689 Add to BOM
ASMT-SWB5-NW703 20° 3.2V 30mA 2125mcd white PLCC-4 LED yellow lens Broadcom Limited 7,907 Add to BOM
KAA-3528SURKSYKS Surface Mount Device LED with 650nm Red and 590nm Yellow KINGBRIGHT ELECTRONIC CO LTD 7,956 Add to BOM
CLV1A-FKB-CHMKPEHBB7A363 20mA Common anode RGB PLCC-4 Light Emitting Diodes (LED) ROHS Cree Led 5,548 Add to BOM
CLV1A-FKB-CJ1M1F1BB7R4S3 20mA Common anode RGB 120° PLCC-4 Light Emitting Diodes (LED) ROHS Cree Led 8,421 Add to BOM
ASMB-MTB0-0B3A2 Standard LEDs - SMD PLCC4,T/Mt,BS/WF Silicone RGB Broadcom Limited 70,600 Add to BOM
LATB T66B LED Tri-Color Amber/Blue/True Green 628nm/465nm/523nm 4-Pin PLCC T/R OSRAM 7,540 Add to BOM
LY E6SF-BABB-45-1-5 Mid-Power LEDs - Single Color TOPLED PWR YLW SMT ams OSRAM 9,253 Add to BOM
LR E67F-ABCA-1-1 Red 625nm LED Indication - Discrete 2.15V 4-PLCC ams-OSRAM USA INC. 9,677 Add to BOM
LW E6SG-AABA-JKPL-1 White LED Indication - Discrete 3.3V 4-PLCC ams-OSRAM USA INC. 7,110 Add to BOM
LA E6SF-Q2S1-1-2A2B+BW-24-3A4B LED Uni-Color Amber 624nm 4-Pin PLCC T/R ams osram 6,061 Add to BOM
SFH 4248-VAW Infrared (IR) Emitter 950nm 1.5V 100mA 63mW/sr @ 100mA 30° 4-PLCC ams OSRAM 6,922 Add to BOM
MLESRD-A1-0000-000V03 LED Lighting Color XLamp® ML-E Red 628nm (625nm ~ 630nm) 4-SMD, J-Lead Exposed Pad CREELED, INC. 7,498 Add to BOM
CLMXB-FKA-CBCFGHJNPACBB79463 Red, Green, Blue (RGB) 622nm Red, 528nm Green, 473nm Blue LED Indication - Discrete 2V Red, 2.7V Green, 2.7V Blue 4-SMD, J-Lead CreeLED, Inc. 5,300 Add to BOM
CLM4B-GKC-CXBYB793 Exceptional reliability ensures uninterrupted performance under diverse conditions CREELED, INC. 6,651 Add to BOM
CLM4B-RKC-CWAXAAA3 High-intensity LED with radiant red colo CREELED, INC. 8,948 Add to BOM
CLM2D-RPC-CXBZ0BB3 Standard LEDs - SMD Red Cree LED 7,993 Add to BOM
CLM2D-GPC-CB0E0783 Standard LEDs - SMD Green Cree LED 7,224 Add to BOM
150141RS63130 Bright Red LEDs for Your Electronics Project Nee Wurth Elektronik 9,389 Add to BOM
ASCB-RTF2-0A307 Standard LEDs - SMD 1716 Tricolor PLCC-4 LED Broadcom Limited 5,362 Add to BOM
150141YS73140 Standard LEDs - SMD WL-SMTW Wtrclr TopVw YEl 2.4V 50mA 590nm WüRTH ELEKTRONIK 8,172 Add to BOM
150141RS73130 Standard LEDs - SMD WL-SMTW Wtrclr TopVw RED 2.4V 50mA 620nm WüRTH ELEKTRONIK 5,427 Add to BOM
ASCB-JTC2-0A308 Standard LEDs - SMD 1615 Tricolor PLCC-4 LED BROADCOM LIMITED 9,383 Add to BOM
150141YS73130 Standard LEDs - SMD WL-SMTW Wtrclr TopVw YEl 2.4V 50mA 620nm WüRTH ELEKTRONIK 5,146 Add to BOM
CLVBA-FKA-CC1F1L1BB7D3D3 Red, Green, Blue (RGB) 622nm Red, 530nm Green, 470nm Blue LED Indication - Discrete 1.9V Red, 3V Green, 3V Blue 4-LCC (J-Lead) CREELED, INC. 8,330 Add to BOM
VLMK32ABBB-GS08 Amber 616nm LED Indication - Discrete 1.85V 4-PLCC Vishay 6,145 Add to BOM
VLMY32ABBB-GS08 Standard LEDs - SMD Yellow Non-Diffused 1400-2850mcd@50mA Vishay 6,233 Add to BOM
SFH 7221-Z Infrared Emitters - High Power Infrared 880 nm HALF ANGLE +/-60DEG OSRAM 6,214 Add to BOM
QTLP670C74TR Standard LEDs - SMD PLCC-4 LED RED/GRN Everlight 5,148 Add to BOM
MLCAWT-P1-0000-000VA7 High Power LEDs - White White 3250 K 85-CRI, XLamp MLCAWT Cree LED 5,513 Add to BOM
MLBAWT-A1-R250-000WE7 High Power LEDs - White White 3000 K 80-CRI, XLamp MLBAWT Cree LED 5,015 Add to BOM
OVSA1ABC2R8 Amber 591nm LED Indication - Discrete 2.4V 4-SMD, J-Lead TT Electronics 7,886 Add to BOM
MLBAWT-A1-0000-000WF6 High Power LEDs - White White 3750 K 80-CRI, XLamp MLBAWT CREE 5,465 Add to BOM
MLBAWT-P1-0000-000VA6 LED Lighting XLamp® ML-B White, Warm 3500K 3.3V 80mA 120° 4-SMD, J-Lead Exposed Pad Cree LED 5,182 Add to BOM
MLBAWT-A1-0000-000W51 High Power LEDs - White White 6500 K 75-CRI, XLamp MLBAWT CREE 7,714 Add to BOM
MLERED-A1-0000-000W02 High Power LEDs - Single Color Red, 23.5lm CREE 9,811 Add to BOM