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(243 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
TP3070V-G ROHS-compliant PLCC-28(11.5x11.5) Audio Interface ICs Texas Instruments 7,730 Add to BOM
GAL20V8B-15LJ 20 Input/Output SPLD with 5V power supply Lattice 5,065 Add to BOM
DG538ADN Single 8:1/Dual 4:1 Analog Multiplexer with 28-Pin PLCC Vishay 7,810 Add to BOM
DP8570AV PLCC 28 Pin Clock Texas Instruments 4,401 Add to BOM
CY7B923-JC High-speed data transmission solution for telecommunications industry Infineon 6,703 Add to BOM
IS82C54Z IS82C54Z is a PLCC-28 programmable interval timer with a voltage range of 4.5 to 5.5 V and a frequency of 8 MHz RENESAS 5,922 Add to BOM
IS82C54-10Z IS82C54-10Z Interval Timer Renesas 7,395 Add to BOM
CY7B933-JXI Ready for immediate dispatch Infineon 5,119 Add to BOM
MIC5801YV 8-Bit Parallel-in Latched Driver. MICROCHIP 7,871 Add to BOM
ATF22V10C-10JU The ATF22V10C-10JU is a versatile SPLD with 500 gates, perfect for a wide range of programmable logic applications MICROCHIP 5,429 Add to BOM
ADG407BPZ LC<sup>2</sup>MOS ± 15 V, 8 Channel, High Performance Analog Multiplexer ADI 7,146 Add to BOM
DAC8413FPCZ Quad, 12-Bit DAC Voltage Output with Readback ADI 4,405 Add to BOM
DAC8412FPCZ High-resolution digital-to-analog conversion for accurate signal generation Analog Devices 7,943 Add to BOM
TP3070V-XG PCM Codec 1ADC / 1DAC Ch 28-Pin PLCC Rail TI 4,130 Add to BOM
ST16C1550CJ28-F Lead Free J Bend Serial IO/Communication Controller MaxLinear, Inc. 7,304 Add to BOM
NJM3774FM2 Stepper Motor Driver Dual Controller Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
NJM3717FM2 Stepper motor controller Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. 5,705 Add to BOM
NJU39610FM2-TE3 Microstepping technology for smooth operation Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. 5,962 Add to BOM
NJU39610FM2 Microstepping controller Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. 5,710 Add to BOM
GAL22V10D-25LJN GAL22V10D-25LJN is a lead-free, CMOS programmable logic device with a 25ns speed rating and PAL-Type architecture in a PQCC28 package Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 5,989 Add to BOM
DS1284Q+ A precision timekeeping solution for your system requirements ADI 7,915 Add to BOM
CS5101A-JL8 Analog signal to digital signal conversion Cirrus Logic Inc. 6,373 Add to BOM
COM20020ILJP Integrated circuit for network node control in PLCC package with 28 pins SMC 7,614 Add to BOM
ATF20V8B-10JU Programmable logic devices with 300 gates and 10ns response time, ideal for basic logic functions MICROCHIP 6,327 Add to BOM
P89LPC932A1FA 8-bit microcontroller featuring 8K flash memory, 768 bytes of RAM, and 512 bytes of electrically erasable storage NXP 7,961 Add to BOM
SCC2691AE1A28 Data communication NXP 6,881 Add to BOM
CY7B923-JXC PLCC-28 interface Cypress Semiconductor Corp 7,091 Add to BOM
COM20020I-DZD Designed for high-density applications MICROCHIP 7,737 Add to BOM
GAL22V10D-15LJN SPLD GAL Family 10 Macro Cells 83.3MHz 5V 28-Pin PLCC Lattice Semiconductor Corporation 5,890 Add to BOM
ADG506AKP French Electronic Distributor since 1988 ADI 6,173 Add to BOM
CS82C54-10 PROGRAMMABLE TIMER, 3 TIMER(S), Intersil 5,075 Add to BOM
CY7B933-JXC Portfolio of Backplane Physical Layer (PHY) Devices, with max.speed 400Mbps, LCC-28, RoHS INFINEON 4,773 Add to BOM
A5191HRTP Modem Chip Hart Single 1.2Kbps 28-Pin PLCC ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,578 Add to BOM
PALCE20V8H-15JC/4 PALCE20V8H - High-capacity Electrically Erasable PALIC Device Lattice 6,059 Add to BOM
CS61575-IL1 High-Speed TELine Interface Unit for Stratum Complianc Cirrus Logic 7,072 Add to BOM
ADG527AKPZ Eight independent channels make it an ideal choice for high-density signal routing and processing solutions Analog Devices Inc. 7,072 Add to BOM
A6812EEP High-performance VFD driver for reliable motor control application Allegro MicroSystems 4,339 Add to BOM
ISL5585FCM Efficient communication solutions begin with this advanced PLCC- Telecommunications Interface IC Renesas Technology Corp 7,248 Add to BOM
ATF22V10CZ-15JI Erasable programmable logic device with high speed and low power consumptio Microchip Technology, Inc 7,116 Add to BOM
TIBPAL20L8-15CFN High-Perf Simple Programmable Logic Devices Texas Instruments 6,447 Add to BOM
GAL22V10D-25LJ GAL22V10D-25LJ: 28-pin, Plastic PLCC Simple E²PLD Lattice 5,284 Add to BOM
GAL20V8C-7LJ SPLD GAL20V8C-7LJ, crafted with advanced E2CMOS technology, delivers superior performance for straightforward programmable logic tasks Lattice 6,932 Add to BOM
CY7B923-JI ICs for Telecom Connectivity Infineon 8,029 Add to BOM
TSX5070FN Volt 28-Pin PLCC Stmicroelectronics 3,493 Add to BOM
TIBPAL20R6-10CFN 71.4MHz operating frequency Texas Instruments 6,694 Add to BOM
PALCE22V10H-15JC/4 SPLD PAL Family 10 Macro Cells Lattice 3,111 Add to BOM
MIC59P50BV Protected Latched Driver 8-Bit Parallel Input Latches Microchip 4,495 Add to BOM
PALCE22V10H-10JC/5 The PALCE22V10H-10JC/5 is a versatile programmable logic device suitable for various applications Lattice 4,907 Add to BOM
uPD71059L-10 Interrupt Controller 28-Pin PLCC Renesas Technology Corp 5,128 Add to BOM
MC10E167FNR2G With its compact -pin PLCC package and impressive -input capacity onsemi 9,458 Add to BOM