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(125 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
HSMM-A101-R00J1 Bright green LED illuminates your design with vibrant accurac Broadcom Limited 7,970 Add to BOM
VSTW1154LDS-E-TR White LED Indication - Discrete 3.4V 2-PLCC Stanley Electric 6,038 Add to BOM
LG T676-P2R1-24-0-20-R18-Z 38lm output, 572nm wavelength ams-OSRAM USA INC. 9,032 Add to BOM
OVS9WBCR4 LED in white, single color, with a 2.4 mm diameter TT Electronics/Optek Technology 5,328 Add to BOM
LS T676-R1S1-1 Red 633nm LED Indication - Discrete 2V 2-PLCC ams OSRAM 9,214 Add to BOM
LR T68F-U1AA-1-1-Z High-performance LED indicator for automotive applications, emitting a bright red light at m Ams Osram 7,054 Add to BOM
LG T67K-H2K1-24-Z LG's standard SMD Green LEDs emit light at 570nm with a brightness of 9mcd at a current of 2mA ams-OSRAM USA INC. 5,369 Add to BOM
LG T670-L1M2-1-Z Standard LEDs - SMD Green 570nm Osram Opto 7,500 Add to BOM
HSMW-A100-T50J1 Miniature LED device in a compact plastic body with white light emission for SMT us AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES INC 6,771 Add to BOM
HSMW-A101-R50J1 High-quality surface mount LED indicator for precise lighting control AVAGO 6,049 Add to BOM
C9WT803 High-brightness single color LED, ROHS compliant and plastic encapsulate SEOUL SEMICONDUCTOR CO LTD 5,209 Add to BOM
SML-Z14DTT86A Reflective type LED chip with high brightness Rohm Semiconductor 7,127 Add to BOM
SFH325FA This high-performance phototransistor features a high sensitivity to low-level light signals, making it ideal for a range of industrial applications SIEMENS 7,488 Add to BOM
KA-3528IT Bright red light output with viewing ang KINGBRIGHT ELECTRONIC CO LTD 8,577 Add to BOM
KA-3528SRT 660nm wavelength provides exceptional visibility and precision in various professional environments Kingbright America LLC 7,985 Add to BOM
ASMT-UWB1-NX3B2 Broadcom ASMT-UWB1-NX3B2 Broadcom Limited 7,327 Add to BOM
ASMT-UWB1-NX3J2 Compact design for efficient space utilizatio Broadcom Limited 5,578 Add to BOM
ASMT-UWB1-NX3D2 The ASMT-UWB1-NX3D2 LED comes with a yellow lens and offers a luminous intensity of 2300mcd Broadcom Limited 5,198 Add to BOM
ASMT-UWB1-NX302 Superior brightness and long lifespan LED device Broadcom Limited 5,144 Add to BOM
VSMY3850-GS08 850nm wavelength provides reliable detection in various environments Vishay Semiconductor Opto Division 7,829 Add to BOM
VSML3710-GS08 High Power Infrared Emitter for Industrial U Vishay 5,319 Add to BOM
SFH 320 Phototransistors 980nm Top View 2-LCC (J-Lead) OSRAM 5,930 Add to BOM
QSB34 Photodiode 940nm 50ns 120° Axial onsemi 6,135 Add to BOM
QSB320 IC PHOTOTRANS IR 120DEG 2-PLCC onsemi 8,464 Add to BOM
QEB421 Infrared (IR) Emitter 880nm 1.5V 100mA 4mW/sr @ 100mA 120° 2-PLCC ON 7,067 Add to BOM
LY T67F-U1AA-36-1-Z Yellow 590nm LED Indication - Discrete 2.2V 2-PLCC ams OSRAM 6,446 Add to BOM
VSMS3700-GS08 Infrared (IR) Emitter 950nm 1.3V 100mA 1.6mW/sr @ 100mA 120° 2-PLCC VISHAY SEMICONDUCTORS 5,770 Add to BOM
OP180 Infrared Emitters IR LED 940nm OPTEK TECHNOLOGY INC 8,727 Add to BOM
LGT670-K1L2-1-Z SMD green LEDs suitable for use in various electronic devices and systems Ams Osram 4,161 Add to BOM
SFH 325-3 Phototransistors 980nm Side View 2-LCC (J-Lead) ams OSRAM 7,251 Add to BOM
SFH 325 FA-3 Phototransistors 980nm Side View 2-LCC (J-Lead) ams OSRAM 9,762 Add to BOM
LY B6SP-DBEB-36-K3U3 Yellow 590nm LED Indication - Discrete 2.25V 2-PLCC ams-OSRAM USA INC. 7,551 Add to BOM
VLMO33T1U2-GS08-X Standard LEDs - SMD vishay 5,438 Add to BOM
VLMR33T1U2-GS08-X Standard LEDs - SMD vishay 9,060 Add to BOM
598-8C10-107F Standard LEDs - SMD Mini PLCC2 RED 625nm 7in Reel Dialight 7,549 Add to BOM
VLMY33T1U2-GS08-X Standard LEDs - SMD vishay 8,072 Add to BOM
597-C390-82-02F Standard LEDs - SMD SM MINI PLCC2 LC WHITE SSTR dialight 6,265 Add to BOM
LB T64G-V2CA-59-Z484 Standard LEDs - SMD LB T64G ams osram 5,175 Add to BOM
SFH 3204 Phototransistors SFH 3204-Z ams-OSRAM USA INC. 6,117 Add to BOM
VSTW1154LCSE-3D3B3-TR Standard LEDs - SMD Surface Mount LED STANLEY ELECTRIC CO 5,041 Add to BOM
ASMM-CJ03-AS402 Standard LEDs - SMD PLCC2, SMD,AlInGaP Orange BROADCOM LIMITED 5,251 Add to BOM
VCHW1158LDS-3C5A3-TR White LED Indication - Discrete 3.1V 2-PLCC Stanley Electric 8,643 Add to BOM
ASMM-CR03-BU802 Standard LEDs - SMD PLCC2, SMD,AlInGaP,Red BROADCOM LIMITED 5,834 Add to BOM
AA3528VRBXS/A-SC-AMT Unlock the full potential of your products with these high-quality LEDs Kingbright 6,442 Add to BOM
VLMF31S1T1-GS08 Orange 605nm LED Indication - Discrete 2V 2-SMD, J-Lead Vishay 8,279 Add to BOM
VLMS31J2L1-GS18 Red 630nm LED Indication - Discrete 1.9V 2-SMD, J-Lead Vishay 5,886 Add to BOM
VLMK31R1S2-GS18 Red 630nm LED Indication - Discrete 1.9V 2-SMD, J-Lead Vishay 9,216 Add to BOM
SML-Z14MTT86A High-intensity LED for demanding application ROHM Semiconductor 8,971 Add to BOM
SML-Z14VTT86A Standard LEDs - SMD Red; 280mcd; 630nm 2.2V; 70mA ROHM Semiconductor 9,758 Add to BOM
SML-Z14PTT86A Standard LEDs - SMD Green; 28mcd; 560nm 2.2V; 70mA ROHM Semiconductor 9,668 Add to BOM