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(120 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
ICE2PCS02G The ICE2PCS02G is a self-sufficient Power Factor Correction (PFC) product Infineon 7,330 Add to BOM
ICE2PCS01G Independent Power Factor Correction with Continuous Conduction Mode and Brownout Safeguard Infineon 3,402 Add to BOM
TLE9250VSJXUMA1 Product description: TLE9250VSJXUMA1, CAN FD, AECQ100, 5MBPS, SOIC INFINEON 7,854 Add to BOM
AUIRS2301STR 600V high-voltage driver Infineon 7,076 Add to BOM
FM24V10-GTR Combines fast write speeds with low power consumption Infineon 5,837 Add to BOM
FM24CL64B-G FRAM I2C memory chip Infineon 3,246 Add to BOM
FM25V10-GTR FM25V10-GTR product offering reliable data storage for various applications Infineon 6,443 Add to BOM
FM24V01A-GTR Serial FRAM memory chip Infineon 5,532 Add to BOM
FM24V10-G 1-megabit capacity with low power consumption for efficient operation Infineon 4,000 Add to BOM
FM25V02A-GTR FM25V02A-GTR 256Kbit 40MHz SPI SOIC-8 FRAM ROHS Infineon 7,351 Add to BOM
CY15B104Q-SXI Serial NVRAM FRAM Tube 4Mbit 512K x 8 3.3V 8-Pin Infineon 4,181 Add to BOM
FM25W256-G This product is a SPI FRAM with 256k memory and is designed to work with voltages ranging from 3 to 5V Infineon 3,470 Add to BOM
FM25640B-G The FM25640B-G is a Serial-SPI FRAM Memory with a capacity of 64kbits and a fast access time of 20ns Infineon 7,581 Add to BOM
FM24CL64B-GTR The FM24CL64B-GTR is designed in a small form factor SO8 package, making it suitable for compact electronic devices Infineon 3,769 Add to BOM
FM24CL04B-G FRAM memory chip Infineon 7,543 Add to BOM
FM24C04B-GTR FM24C04B-GTR is a FRAM with a 4Kbit capacity and Serial-2Wire interface, suitable for automotive applications with a voltage rating of 5V Infineon 3,083 Add to BOM
CY2305SXI-1HT Single-Ended Signal Distribution Infineon 7,917 Add to BOM
S25FL127SABMFI101 High-density flash memory solution for various application Infineon 4,349 Add to BOM
BSP742RXUMA1 This product is a power distribution switch with a voltage range of 5V to 34V, a low resistance of 250mΩ, and a maximum current rating of 400mA Infineon 7,258 Add to BOM
BSP752TXUMA1 Power Distribution Infineon 3,590 Add to BOM
ISP752RFUMA1 High side power switch Infineon 7,271 Add to BOM
CY2305SXI-1H Eight-Pin SOIC Package Infineon 3,570 Add to BOM
CY15B102Q-SXE FRAM memory module with 2Mbit capacity Infineon 6,378 Add to BOM
IFX91041EJV50 Product IFX91041EJV50 description, DC-DC Converters ROHS SOIC-8 INFINEON 4,206 Add to BOM
TLS115D0EJXUMA1 Compact linear voltage regulator Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,918 Add to BOM
FM25V02A-G EAR99 Surface Mount Tube FRAM (Ferroelectric RAM) ic memory 40MHz 9ns 1.727mm 256kb Infineon 5,512 Add to BOM
ICE5ASAG Reliable and efficient, this analog circuit simplifies your design and saves time infineon 8,601 Add to BOM
ICE5QSAGXUMA1 Tape and Reel packaged PWM Controller for efficient assembly" Infineon 7,247 Add to BOM
ICE2QS02G AC to DC switching converter flyback 250kHz T/R 8-Pin DSO Infineon 5,275 Add to BOM
TLE6250GXUMA1 Low-power standby mode with 5V operating voltage Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
TLS805B1SJVXUMA1 Low dropout voltage regulator Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,782 Add to BOM
S25FL032P0XMFA013 Quad SPI Flash Memory with 8-Pin SO package Infineon 8,092 Add to BOM
CY15B016Q-SXET Reliable and durable digital memory solution for industrial use cases Infineon 7,741 Add to BOM
FM24V02A-G Serial non-volatile memory Infineon 3,808 Add to BOM
FM25C160B-GTR Ferroelectric RAM for Industrial Applications Infineon 5,044 Add to BOM
CY22381FXI Ideal for applications demanding precise frequency generatio Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
ITS4100SSJNXUMA1 Small form factor solution Infineon 7,889 Add to BOM
ICE5QSBG AC-DC Controllers & Regulators ROHS DSO-8 infineon 6,869 Add to BOM
ICE5QSAG AC-DC Controllers & Regulators DSO-8 ROHS Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
1EDC60H12AH DSO-8 ROHS Gate Drive ICs Infineon Technologies Corporation 7,009 Add to BOM
XDPL8105 XDPL8105: DSO-8 AC-DC Controllers & Regulators infineon 8,286 Add to BOM
TLE6250GV33XUMA1 SOIC-8 CAN ICs Transceiver ROHS Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
TLE9350VSJXTMA1 Operating voltage up to 5.25V Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,766 Add to BOM
1ED3124MU12FXUMA1 Gate Driver with Isolated Technology Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
1ED3123MC12HXUMA1 Isolated gate driver for high voltage applications Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,771 Add to BOM
IFX30081SJVXUMA1 Automotive 8-Pin DSO T/R LDO Regulator Pos 1.2V 0.05A Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
XDPL8218 Flyback Controller IC XDPL8218 infineon 7,296 Add to BOM
ICL8105 Premium quality LED driver for superior illumination performance infineon 6,600 Add to BOM
XDPL8210XUMA1 Low power LED driver with 4.7uA supply current Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,818 Add to BOM
ITS4300SSJDXUMA1 Infineon ITS4300SSJDXUMA1 Intelligent Power Switch Infineon Technologies Corporation 7,680 Add to BOM