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(16 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
ICE3AR1080JG The ICE3AR1080JG AC/DC CoolSET offers reliable power supply solutions for a variety of applications Infineon 6,124 Add to BOM
ICE5QR0680AG Circuit for analog signals infineon 5,163 Add to BOM
ICE5GR4780AG Designed for power management applications Infineon Technologies AG 6,096 Add to BOM
ICE5QR1680BG Regulator device Infineon Technologies AG 9,789 Add to BOM
ICE5QR4770AG Voltage-controlled oscillator module for analog circuit design infineon 8,776 Add to BOM
ICE5AR0680AG ICE5AR0680AG is designed for analog circuit applications Infineon Technologies AG 5,308 Add to BOM
ICE5AR4770AG Analog circuit for ICE5AR4770AG Infineon Technologies AG 8,109 Add to BOM
ICE5GR2280AG High-performance analog circuit Infineon Technologies AG 9,653 Add to BOM
ICE5QR1680AG Compact and efficient DSO-12 AC-DC controller infineon 8,560 Add to BOM
ICE3AR2280JG High-performance integrated circuits for AC/DC conversion infineon 8,669 Add to BOM
ICE3BR4765JG Miniaturized SMPS component in SMD package for easy integration into circuit boards infineon 9,179 Add to BOM
ICE2QR4765G High-voltage 650V PWM controller for AC/DC converters infineon 9,132 Add to BOM
ICE2QR2280G Product description of ICE2QR2280G infineon 6,317 Add to BOM
TLE4473GV552AUMA1 High-performance linear voltage regulator for precision application Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,467 Add to BOM
TLE4473GV53AUMA2 Ultra-stable and highly efficient LDO with fixed 40V output Infineon Technologies Corporation 5,343 Add to BOM
ICE5QR4770AGXUMA1 Converter Offline Flyback Topology PG-DSO-12-21 Infineon Technologies Corporation 5,460 Add to BOM