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(33 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
ICE3BR4765JZ Compact DIP-package with low power dissipation and high current handling capabilities for a range of application Infineon 6,905 Add to BOM
ICE3BR0665JZ ICE3BR0665JZ COOLSET AC/DC Converters infineon 9,386 Add to BOM
ICE3BR1765JZ SMPS Controller with Integrated 650V Off-Line Capability Infineon 9,968 Add to BOM
ICE3A2065Z DIP-7, ROHS controllers Infineon 6,035 Add to BOM
ICE2A280Z 21V 100kHz Tube AC to DC Switching Converter Flyback 7-Pin PDIP Infineon 6,847 Add to BOM
ICE3AR2280JZ Power Supply Component with 11.2V Output Infineon 5,076 Add to BOM
ICE3AR0680JZ High frequency AC/DC driver with current mode control and 7-pin DIP package Infineon 5,736 Add to BOM
ICE5QR4780AZ Analog electronic component infineon 6,002 Add to BOM
ICE5QR4770AZ Efficient and reliable conversion technology infineon 9,419 Add to BOM
ICE5AR4780BZS -pin DIP AC to DC switching converter flyback 100kHz infineon 7,169 Add to BOM
ICE5AR4770BZS AC to DC switching converter flyback 100kHz 7-Pin DIP infineon 8,910 Add to BOM
ICE5AR0680BZS COOLSET AC/DC Controller infineon 7,715 Add to BOM
ICE3RBR1765JZ ICE3RBR1765JZ DIP-7 AC-DC Controllers & Regulators ROHS infineon 7,388 Add to BOM
ICE3BR2280JZ DIP-7 AC-DC Controllers & Regulators ROHS infineon 7,840 Add to BOM
ICE3BR0680JZ ICE3BR0680JZ - Off-Line SMPS Current Mode Controller Infineon Technologies 7,033 Add to BOM
ICE2QR1765Z The ICE2QR1765Z is a switching converter that transforms AC to DC power using a flyback design operating at 52kHz." infineon 5,822 Add to BOM
ICE2QR0680Z SMPS for Quasi-Resonant PWM Control at 800V infineon 8,884 Add to BOM
ICE3RBR4765JZ AC/DC Converters with Coolset technology infineon 9,741 Add to BOM
ICE3RBR0665JZ English expressions for ICE3RBR0665JZ infineon 5,927 Add to BOM
ICE3AR4780VJZ AC-DC Controllers & Regulators ROHS DIP-7 infineon 8,248 Add to BOM
ICE3AR0680VJZ English Expressions infineon 7,389 Add to BOM
ICE5QR2280AZ Regulates power efficiently and safely infineon 5,110 Add to BOM
ICE3AR2280VJZ Efficiently regulate voltage with precise control and low nois infineon 6,074 Add to BOM
ICE3AR2280JZ-T Efficiently convert DC power to AC or vice versa with this reliable converte Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
ICE3AR2280CJZ Convert AC to DC with Precision and Reliabilit Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
ICE2QR2280Z A high-frequency converter for efficient power transmission and reliable circuitry Infineon 7,430 Add to BOM
ICE5BR2280BZXKLA1 High Performance AC-DC Voltage Regulation Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
ICE5BR3995CZXKLA1 Stay cool and focused with our high-performance liquid cooler designed for gaming and heavy computin Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
ICE5BR4780BZXKLA1 Compact and versatile flyback converter for industrial use cases Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
ICE5QR1070AZXKLA1 Switching Converter Flyback 10.5V 20kHz Tube 7-Pin DIP AC to DC Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
ICE5QR4770AZXKLA1 Converter Offline Flyback Topology PG-DIP-7 Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
ICE2QR4780Z AC/DC Converters SMPS QUASI-RESONANT PWM CTRLR 800V Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
ICE5AR0680BZSXKLA1 Switching Controllers COOLSET (INCL. GEN5) Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,632 Add to BOM