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(31 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
4N25SR2M 6-Pin DIP Package Phototransistor Output Optocoupler onsemi 5,545 Add to BOM
CNY173SM 6-Pin DIP High BVCEO Phototransistor Output Optocoupler Fairchild Semiconductor 6,889 Add to BOM
MOC3023SR2M Compact and reliable optocoupler solution for triac AC-OUT applications, featuring channel DRM rating and pin PDIP SMD packag onsemi 6,925 Add to BOM
PC925L0NIP0F Efficient push-pull driver with high-speed switching capabili Sharp Microelectronics 6,619 Add to BOM
4N25SM 6-Pin DIP Package Phototransistor Output Optocoupler onsemi 6,556 Add to BOM
S1NBC80 The S1NBC80 product serves as a bridge rectifier, streamlining the process of converting AC power into usable DC power shindengen 7,377 Add to BOM
S1NBC60 Description of S1NBC60 shindengen 6,655 Add to BOM
S1NBB80 Bridge rectifier diode shindengen 5,173 Add to BOM
PC900V0NIPXF 6-Pin Optocoupler with Logic Output and Open Collector, DC Input, Tape and Reel Packaged Sharp 9,973 Add to BOM
PC123X5YIP0F 1-Element Transistor Output Optocoupler, 5000V Isolation, ROHS COMPLIANT, PLASTIC PACKAGE-4 Sharp 9,087 Add to BOM
PS2581L2 High-performance DC-IN module for industrial application renesas 7,937 Add to BOM
TLP250H(TP5F) Logic Output Optocouplers toshiba 8,126 Add to BOM
TLP351H(D4-TP1,F) Compact Push-Pull Design for Efficient Power Transfer Toshiba 7,072 Add to BOM
TLP3052A(TP1,F Optocoupler Triac AC-OUT 1-CH 600V 5-Pin PDIP SMD Tube Toshiba 7,134 Add to BOM
TLP3064(D4TP1S,C,F Optoisolator Triac Output 5000Vrms 1 Channel 6-DIP (Cut), 5 Lead Toshiba 7,579 Add to BOM
ISP817DXSMT&R A highly efficient optocoupler for reliable DC-IN to DC-OUT conversion Isocom Components 2,493 Add to BOM
SFH615A-2XSMT/R Dual-channel transistor controller with precise DC-OUT control capabilities Isocom Components 4,497 Add to BOM
PC3SF11YXPBF High-Speed AC-OUT Optocoupler with Triac Outp Sharp 3,493 Add to BOM
PC817XI2J00F High-isolation, high-reliability digital isolator solutio Sharp 3,706 Add to BOM
MOC5007SM Experience the latest SMD-6 innovation with our MOC5007SM product, now available for purchase Isocom Components 6,473 Add to BOM
LTV-816S-TA1-B Optical isolation solution for high-frequency signal processing application Lite-On 3,094 Add to BOM
IL252-X017T Compact and efficient transistor solution for various applications Vishay 4,143 Add to BOM
BRT12-F-X007 Efficiently control AC power with this high-quality Triac Vishay 2,375 Add to BOM
BRT12H-X007 Compact six-pin package enables easy integration into a wide range of electronic designs Vishay 2,323 Add to BOM
EL817S1(A)(TU)-F Compact and versatile DC-DC converter for small-scale application Everlight 4,865 Add to BOM
PVA1354NS SMD-8P Photoelectric Thyristor (Solid State Relays) ROHS Infineon 3,451 Add to BOM
EL3053STA-V Triac & SCR Output Optocouplers 600PBV 5000Vrms -55 to +100 Op Temp Everlight 3,323 Add to BOM
BRT13H-X017T Optocoupler AC-OUT 1-CH 800VDRM 6-Pin DIP SMD T/R - Bulk Vishay 6,389 Add to BOM
TLP350(D4-TP5,F) Optocoupler Drive Push-Pull 1-CH 30V 1000V 8-Pin PDIP SMD T/R Toshiba Semiconductor 5,879 Add to BOM
IL440-6X009T Optocoupler Triac AC-OUT 1-CH 400V 6-Pin PDIP SMD T/R Vishay 6,691 Add to BOM