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(35 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
AD823AN Operational Amplifier, 2 Func, 3500uV Offset-Max, PDIP8 Analog Devices 5,448 Add to BOM
AD622AN Instrumentation amplifier with single power supply and ±18V voltage range Analog Devices Inc. 8,032 Add to BOM
REF195GP The REF195GP is a precision voltage reference ideal for use in various applications requiring a stable 5V reference voltage Analog Devices 7,934 Add to BOM
SSM2141P Instrumentation Amplifier, 1 Func, 1000uV Offset-Max, 3MHz Band Width, PDIP8 Analog Devices 7,439 Add to BOM
LT1491CN 4-pin plastic dual in-line package Analog Devices 9,021 Add to BOM
LT1359CN LT1359CN is a High Speed Quad Op Amp Amplifier designed for precision applications requiring high speed and accuracy Analog Devices 5,966 Add to BOM
LT1260CN 5V/30V voltage input, 16-pin plastic dual in-line package Analog Devices 9,641 Add to BOM
LT1128CN8 Linear Technology LT1128CN8 is a high-speed operational amplifier designed for precision applications, with a wide voltage range of ±22V Analog Devices 5,757 Add to BOM
SSM2018P Single Voltage Controlled Amplifier for SP Amp with ±18V Power Supply Analog Devices 7,721 Add to BOM
ADG453BNZ Analog Switch Quad SPST 16-Pin PDIP N Analog Devices Inc. 6,272 Add to BOM
SSM2143P Precision differential line receiver amplifier suitable for single-channel applications Analog Devices 5,483 Add to BOM
LT1105CN8 This product operates at a frequency of 200kHz and comes in an 8-pin PDIP package Analog Devices 9,196 Add to BOM
AD711JN This operational amplifier, model AD711JN, has a maximum offset of 3000uV and is of the BIPolar variety Analog Devices 5,239 Add to BOM
AD704JN Suitable for a variety of applications Analog Devices 7,189 Add to BOM
SSM2142P Low-power differential amplifier Analog Devices 7,029 Add to BOM
SSM2404P Single Pole Single Throw Switch Analog Devices 9,449 Add to BOM
MAT04FP MAT04FP is a NPN-type Bipolar Junction Transistor suitable for various general-purpose electronic circuits Analog Devices 6,286 Add to BOM
MAT04FPZ Small Signal Bipolar Transistor, 0.03A I(C), 40V V(BR)CEO, 4-Element, NPN, Silicon Analog Devices 8,202 Add to BOM
LT1134ACN Analog Devices 8,634 Add to BOM
ADG201HSKN Quad SPST Analog Switch 16-Pin PDIP N Analog Devices Inc. 7,620 Add to BOM
LT1105IN#PBF High-efficiency switching regulator for offline applications Analog Devices Inc. 7,332 Add to BOM
AD7572JN12 12-bit Parallel Analog Devices 8,937 Add to BOM
AD7502KN Robust and reliable multiplexer solution for complex system architectures, featuring high isolation ratios Analog Devices 3,381 Add to BOM
AD9631AN Within an 8-Pin PDIP package Analog Devices 7,397 Add to BOM
LTC1250CN8 Advanced auto-zero and chopper stabilized design ensures accurate result Analog Devices 2,962 Add to BOM
LT1495CN8 High-speed, high-precision amplifier ideal for analog-to-digital conversion application Analog Devices 4,981 Add to BOM
LT1175CN8 Low noise and high accuracy linear regulator with curren Analog Devices 2,580 Add to BOM
LT1102IN8 8-pin PDIP package provides compact solution for precision signal processing and amplification applications Analog Devices 6,821 Add to BOM
REF02DN8 Precision Voltage Reference 5V 20mA 8-Pin PDIP N Analog Devices 7,237 Add to BOM
LT1105CN#PBF AC to DC switching converter flyback Analog Devices Inc. 3,044 Add to BOM
AD8004AN Quad high-speed amplifier with ±6V/12V operation in 14-pin PDIP package Analog Devices 9,249 Add to BOM
AD7890BN-10 Maximum sampling rate of 117ksps Analog Devices 7,806 Add to BOM
ADM489ANZ ADM489ANZ Product Description Analog Devices Inc. 3,702 Add to BOM
DG308ADJ Analog Switch ICs MAXIM 6,692 Add to BOM
LT1081IN Dual Transmitter/Receiver RS-232 16-Pin PDIP N Linear Technology 8,642 Add to BOM