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(20 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
NCP1027P065G Compact 7DIP package Onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
VIPER16LN VIPER16LN 7-pin package suitable for various applications Stmicroelectronics 7,607 Add to BOM
NCP1027P100G AC/DC Converters PWM Current Mode Controller Onsemi 8,481 Add to BOM
NCP1014APL100R2G High Voltage Switching Regulator for Offline SMPS onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
NCP1014AP100G Voltage Regulator Onsemi 6,288 Add to BOM
NCP1014AP065G In inventory, will be dispatched promptly Onsemi 9,062 Add to BOM
NCP1015AP065G NCP1015AP065G 12V 7-pin PDIP Onsemi 9,730 Add to BOM
NCP1013AP065G Switching regulator for offline SMPS onsemi 9,969 Add to BOM
VIPER17LN The VIPER17LN operates at a frequency of 127 kHz and comes in a DIP-7 package Stmicroelectronics 7,670 Add to BOM
VIPER27LN VIPER27LN: Reliable 800V converter for demanding applications Stmicroelectronics 8,813 Add to BOM
VIPER27HN Off-line operation at 127 kHz frequency Stmicroelectronics 8,157 Add to BOM
NCP1014AP100 Plastic package onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
PR33MF51NSZF Triac & SCR Output Optocouplers SSR DIP6 10mA 600V 150mA Sharp Microelectronics 7,779 Add to BOM
NCP1012AP133G Advanced off-line switching converter for robust power delivery" Onsemi 2,938 Add to BOM
NCV1076P130G Converter Offline Flyback Topology 130kHz 7-PDIP ON Semiconductor, LLC 7,909 Add to BOM
NCV1072P065G Converter Offline Flyback Topology 65kHz 7-PDIP ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,906 Add to BOM
NCP1075P065G 10 W Power Rating Onsemi 8,799 Add to BOM
NCV1072P100G Converter Offline Flyback Topology 100kHz 7-PDIP ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,068 Add to BOM
NCP1063AP100G High-Voltage Switcher for low Power offline SMPS ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,094 Add to BOM
FSQ510 700V Integrated Power Switch with Valley Switching control for 6Watt offline flyback converters Onsemi 6,976 Add to BOM