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(133 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
AT89C52-20PC With its robust design and reliable performance ATMEL CORP 6,819 Add to BOM
ICM7243BIPL Industrial Temperature Range INTERSIL/HARRIS 7,821 Add to BOM
EF6821P Advanced I/O solution for demanding industrial applicatio ST 4,701 Add to BOM
CDP1854ACE Simple and efficient UART interface HARRIS 6,316 Add to BOM
ICL7107CPL Display Driver 3.5 Digit 40-PDIP Harris Corporation 7,653 Add to BOM
ICL7116CPL Display Driver 3.5 Digit 40-PDIP ADI 6,161 Add to BOM
ICL7129ACPL 4-Bit Dual-Slope ADC with 1 Channel Function ADI 6,478 Add to BOM
Z85C3008PSC This Z8500 CMOS microcontroller offers advanced features for efficient data processing Zilog 7,364 Add to BOM
TL16C450N Supports data transfer up to 3.072MHz Texas Instruments 4,446 Add to BOM
P89C52X2BN 33MHz operating frequency with CMOS technology Nxp 8,959 Add to BOM
MC68B09CP MCU module with exceptional durability Rochester Electronics, Llc 5,436 Add to BOM
ICL7136CPLZ Intersil ICL7136CPLZ, 3.5 LSB Analog-to-Digital Converter, with Differential Input, 40-Pin PDIP package RENESAS 5,764 Add to BOM
ICL7109CPL+ 7109: Part number for the integrated circuit ADI 6,871 Add to BOM
AT90S8515-8PC AT90S8515-8PC product description: 8-bit MCU with 8K Flash memory and 5V power supply Microchip 6,668 Add to BOM
AT89C52-24PC AT89C52-24PC is an 8-bit MicroController housed in a plastic 40-pin Dual Inline Package Microchip 6,030 Add to BOM
AT89S8252-24PI 8-bit microcontroller Microchip 6,671 Add to BOM
P89V51RD2FN High-performance microcontroller with 64KB Flash and 1KB RAM Nxp 4,202 Add to BOM
P80C32SBPN 8-bit Microcontroller with 80C51 Architecture, 8KB ROM and Dual Voltage Compatibility (3.3V/5V) Nxp 9,048 Add to BOM
P87C54SBPN P87C54SBPN is an 8-bit MCU designed for various applications that require a balance of performance and power efficiency Nxp 6,522 Add to BOM
P87C52X2FN 33MHz Clock Speed Nxp 6,179 Add to BOM
P80C32X2BN This microcontroller, known as the P80C32X2BN, features an 8-bit 8051 CPU running at 33MHz, with CMOS technology and packaged in PDIP40 form Nxp 5,588 Add to BOM
Z85C3010PSC Z85C3010PSC I/O Controller Interface IC 10 MHz Zilog 7,540 Add to BOM
SCN68681C1N40 UART 2-channel device designed in a 40-pin PDIP package for use with 5V systems Nxp Semiconductors 7,590 Add to BOM
ICM7224IPL High precision digital display driver Analog Devices 3,570 Add to BOM
ICL7107CPLZ ADC Single Dual Slope 3 samples per second 3 1/2Digit LED 40-Pin PDIP Renesas 6,243 Add to BOM
AT89C51-20PC The AT89C51-20PC is a microcontroller based on the 80C31 architecture, providing 8-bit processing and 4k of memory Microchip 5,177 Add to BOM
CP82C55AZ ANNEAL PERIPH PRG - I/O 5V 8MHz 40PDIP COM Renesas 4,340 Add to BOM
CP82C55A Plastic DIP peripheral interface with 40 pins Texas Instruments 7,268 Add to BOM
PIC18F452-I/P PIC18F452-I/P is a PIC microcontroller with a memory capacity of 32kB and a clock speed of 40MHz Microchip 4,419 Add to BOM
DSPIC30F4013-30I/P This digital signal controller, part of the dsPIC30F Series, boasts a generous 2 kB of RAM and 48 kB of Flash memory, housed in a PDIP-40 package Microchip 6,971 Add to BOM
AT89C55WD-24PU Low Voltage Operation Microchip 5,650 Add to BOM
ATMEGA32A-PU 8-bit AVR RISC MCU Microchip 5,564 Add to BOM
AT89S8253-24PU 24MHz Flash Controller Microchip 7,421 Add to BOM
AT89S52-24PU Microchip AT89S52-24PU 8-bit 8051 MCU Microchip 7,072 Add to BOM
AT89S51-24PU AT89S51-24PU: 8-bit Microcontroller with 8051 Architecture, 4KB Flash Memory, 5V Voltage, and 40-Pin PDIP Enclosure Microchip 6,914 Add to BOM
DSPIC30F4011-30I/P DIP40-packaged IC featuring a dsPIC microcontroller with 48kB memory and 1kB EEPROM Microchip 6,896 Add to BOM
ATMEGA16A-PU The ATMEGA16A-PU is a PDIP40 packaged microcontroller, suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -40 to +85 degrees Celsius Microchip 4,896 Add to BOM
PIC18F4520-I/P PIC18F4520-I/P features: 5V operating voltage and 40-pin PDIP packaging Microchip 7,273 Add to BOM
PIC18F46K22-I/P High-performance 8-bit PIC18F46K22-I/P MCU Microchip 6,663 Add to BOM
PIC16F877A-I/P With its reliable Flash memory and ample RAM capacity, PIC16F877A-I/P is ideal for embedded systems requiring efficient data processing Microchip 6,976 Add to BOM
ICL7136CPL 9V 3.5 PDIP-40 ADC/DAC - Specialized ROHS Harris Corporation 6,370 Add to BOM
SCC68681C1N40 Advanced serial communication controller NXP 5,066 Add to BOM
P80C32UBPN This ROMLESS microcontroller, the P80C32UBPN, is ideal for embedded systems requiring a fast and efficient processing unit NXP 6,319 Add to BOM
MC68HC705C9ACP The MCU operates at voltage levels of 3 NXP 5,294 Add to BOM
MC68HC705SR3CP Perfectly suited for demanding applications that demand reliability NXP 5,436 Add to BOM
M27C4002-10B1 4 megabit EPROM with a 256 kilobyte by 16 bit organization and a 100 nanosecond access time." ST 7,981 Add to BOM
SCC2681AC1N40 Easily swap out your old UART interface IC for the advanced SCC2681AC1N40, offering improved performance and reliability." NXP 7,537 Add to BOM
P89V52X2FN 8-bit 80C51 microcontroller with low power consumption, 8 kB flash memory, 256 B RAM, and 192 B data EEPROM NXP 6,313 Add to BOM
P80C51FA-4N Microcontroller with 8K-64K memory Rochester Electronics, LLC 5,601 Add to BOM