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(18 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
M68AF127BM70B6U This SRAM chip offers 128 kilobytes of memory organized in an 8-bit configuration ST 7,775 Add to BOM
M27C2001-10B1 One Time Programmable ROM Stmicroelectronics 6,260 Add to BOM
AT29C010A-12PC This flash memory chip offers reliable and high-speed data storage capabilities with a wide range of operating voltages Microchip 6,495 Add to BOM
AT27C040-70PU Package type: 32-PDIP, RoHS compliant Microchip 5,483 Add to BOM
AT27C020-55PU 2Mb (256-Kbit x 8) 5V OTP EPROM . MICROCHIP 5,427 Add to BOM
AT27C010-70PU AT27C010-70PU is a 1 Mbit OTP EPROM in PDIP-32 form factor Microchip 6,213 Add to BOM
HCTL-2032 Encoder and decoder integrated circuit Broadcom Limited 7,771 Add to BOM
AT29C040A-12PI No intermediaries allowed MICROCHIP 6,403 Add to BOM
SST29EE010-70-4C-PHE For use by Original Equipment Manufacturers and Contract Manufacturers only microchip 5,433 Add to BOM
GLS29EE010-70-4C-PHE 1M-bit 128K x 8 5V EEPROM Parallel in 32-Pin TSOP-I format greenliant 5,929 Add to BOM
AM29F010-120PC Flash memory chip for storing data in sectors infineon 5,915 Add to BOM
AT29C010A-15PC Plastic dual in-line package (PDIP) Microchip 8,124 Add to BOM
AT29C010A-70PI Ideal for embedded systems and consumer electronics devices Microchip 8,358 Add to BOM
SST27SF010-70-3C-PHE 0ns NOR Flash memory with a capacity of 128KB x 8 configuration onsemi 5,718 Add to BOM
M29F010B70P1 70ns speed EEPROM with 1M storage capacity and 128Kx8 organization stmicroelectronics 5,259 Add to BOM
DS1250AB-100IND+ NVSRAM (Non-Volatile SRAM) Memory IC 4Mbit Parallel 100 ns 32-EDIP Maxim Integrated 5,471 Add to BOM
AT27C010-70PI AT27C010-70PI is an EPROM with a capacity of 1Mb, organized in a 128Kx8 configuration, operating at 5V with a speed of 70 nanoseconds Microchip 8,834 Add to BOM
CAT28F010P-12 NOR Flash with 1M capacity and 128x8 organization Onsemi 6,287 Add to BOM