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(25 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
N25Q128A13EF840E Industrial-grade flash memory for reliable storage solution MICRON 6,238 Add to BOM
N25Q256A13EF840E 256Mb storage capacity Micron Technology 6,143 Add to BOM
N25Q256A11EF840E High Density 256M-bit NOR Flash Micron Technology 5,495 Add to BOM
N25Q064A13EF8A0F 3V 8pin DFN(8x6) T&R Alliance Memory 6,287 Add to BOM
N25Q512A13GF840F Next-generation Flash Memory for advanced embedded system Micron Technology 4,135 Add to BOM
N25Q128A13BF840E Flash memory chip with 16 megabits organized as 8 megabytes Micron Technology Inc. 7,720 Add to BOM
N25Q128A11EF840E Plastic molded package with 8 pins Micron Technology Inc. 5,600 Add to BOM
N25Q064A13EF840E Featuring a capacity of 64Mbit, the N25Q064A13EF840E is a FLASH NOR memory IC that supports rapid SPI communication at 108 MHz Micron Technology Inc. 7,861 Add to BOM
N25Q032A13EF640E 2MX1 capacity in a PDSO8 package MICRON 7,259 Add to BOM
N25Q064A13EF840F This product is a 64M-bit NOR flash memory chip with support for Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Micron Technology 5,613 Add to BOM
MASW-007107-TR3000 Robust GHz RFIC solution for wireless connectivity need Macom 6,004 Add to BOM
N25Q032A11EF640E 3A991.B.1.A Surface Mount N25Q032 Tray ic memory 108MHz 7ns 5mm 20mA Micron Technology 4,914 Add to BOM
N25Q128A11EF740F Serial NOR Flash micron technology 7,417 Add to BOM
N25Q512A13GF840E NOR Flash: 3V 512M-bit with Quad SPI micron technology 6,399 Add to BOM
N25Q128A13EF8A0F NOR Flash Serial (SPI, Dual SPI, Quad SPI) 3V/3.3V 128M-bit 16M x 8 7ns Automotive 8-Pin VPDFN EP T/R micron technology 6,129 Add to BOM
MASW-007921-TR3000 RF Switch ICs for Frequencies from DC to 7.0GHz, Providing 27dB Isolation and 0.7dB Insertion Loss at 3.5GHz Macom 6,981 Add to BOM
N25Q032A11EF640F High-speed SPI, Dual SPI, and Quad SPI Support MICRON 6,341 Add to BOM
MAAL-011130-TR3000 Single Low Noise Amplifier for RF Signals at 18GHz MACOM Technology Solutions 5,742 Add to BOM
NPA1007 Compact 5x6mm-DFN package size MACOM 7,812 Add to BOM
MAAM-011326-TR1000 Experience superior gain and low noise distortion with our high-performance amplifier solution MACOM TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS 8,411 Add to BOM
MAAM-011252-TR1000 This premium product MAAM----TRis a cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes your daily lif MACOM TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS 5,745 Add to BOM
TQM076NH04DCR RLG MOSFET 40V, 40A, Dual N-Channel Power MOSFET Taiwan Semiconductor 6,569 Add to BOM
DST3060DJF 60V Schottky diode in tape/reel packaging Littelfuse 9,819 Add to BOM
MAAL-010705-TR3000 Economical and compact solution for amplifying low-power signals in wireless applications MACOM 7,072 Add to BOM
MAAM-009811-TR1000 AMP 3V 2WAY ACTIVE SPLIT 8DFN MACOM Technology Solutions 3,773 Add to BOM