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(918 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
LT1762EMS8-5 5V Output Voltage analog devices inc. 9,705 Add to BOM
GTL2002DP High-performance interface circuit designed for specific tasks NXP 5,526 Add to BOM
LTC4300A-1IMS8 2-Wire Bus Buffers ADI 7,182 Add to BOM
LTC4300A-1CMS8 Effortlessly amplify and repeat signals across distances ADI 6,221 Add to BOM
LTC1771EMS8 Package: MSOP, Pins: 8, Temperature Range: -40°C to 85°C ADI 5,794 Add to BOM
LT3020EMS8 Packaged in an 8-pin MSOP ADI 4,314 Add to BOM
LT1962EMS8-5 5V 0.3A Linear Voltage Regulator ADI 7,050 Add to BOM
LT1711CMS8 MSOP Comparator Offering Rail-to-Rail Input/Output and High Accuracy for Various Applications ADI 4,295 Add to BOM
LT3010EMS8E-5 This regulator is designed for applications requiring a stable output voltage with minimal power consumption ADI 4,205 Add to BOM
OPA2340EA High-performance Operational Amplifiers TI 4,046 Add to BOM
LM5111-1MY 5A Buffer or Inverter Based Peripheral Driver, PDSO8, MSOP-8 TI 7,541 Add to BOM
ADC081C021CIMM With its high performance and ease of integration, the ADC081C021CIMM is ideal for use in sensors, measurement equipment, and other digital systems NS 6,096 Add to BOM
PAM8303D Audio Amplifiers PAM 6,185 Add to BOM
ADT75ARMZ ADI 4,189 Add to BOM
LM2904 Ideal for audio, industrial and automotive applications ON 7,293 Add to BOM
MP2481DH-LF-Z PDSO8 package with ROHS compliance Monolithic Power Systems (Mps) 6,076 Add to BOM
MP1542DK-LF-Z Maximum Switching Frequency of 1500kHz Monolithic Power Systems (Mps) 5,222 Add to BOM
ISL1218IUZ Real Time Clock with RTC Features Renesas 7,072 Add to BOM
HMC574MS8 5 Watt SPDT RF Switch ICs for Transmitter/Receiver Applications Analog Devices Inc. 6,761 Add to BOM
BD87A29FVM-TR Monitoring and resetting circuits in Active low 1 MSOP-8-2.8mm ROHS Rohm Semiconductor 4,223 Add to BOM
ADP3336ARMZ-REEL7 500mA output capability Analog Devices Inc. 7,337 Add to BOM
DS18B20U+ MSOP-8 Temperature Sensors ROHS Analog Devices 7,806 Add to BOM
DS1339U-33 Real Time Clock I2C Serial RTC DS1339U-33+ Analog Devices 7,695 Add to BOM
AD7276BUJZ With 12-bit resolution and serial interface, the AD7276BUJZ by Analog Devices is a versatile ADC in a 6-pin TSOT configuration Analog Devices Inc. 7,563 Add to BOM
AD8551AR 1.5 MHz BAND WIDTH ADI 6,910 Add to BOM
AD8497CRMZ Cold Junction Compensation ADI 4,616 Add to BOM
AD8496CRMZ High-performance MSOP package for efficient signal processin ADI 7,474 Add to BOM
AD8496ARMZ High Accuracy Amplifiers for Industrial Applications ADI 5,072 Add to BOM
AD8495CRMZ-R7 Amplifier for K-Type Thermocouple with Cold Junction Compensation ADI 7,779 Add to BOM
AD8495CRMZ Cold Junction Compensation ADI 5,642 Add to BOM
AD8495ARMZ-R7 AD8495ARMZ-R7 Product Description ADI 6,956 Add to BOM
AD8310ARM Small-sized signal amplifier Analog Devices Inc. 7,719 Add to BOM
LTC2053IMS8 High Precision Instrumentation Amplifier ADI 4,711 Add to BOM
HMC270MS8GE Low Insertion Loss and High Reliability Analog Devices Inc. 7,072 Add to BOM
LTC1966CMS8 RMS to DC Converter Analog Devices Inc. 4,045 Add to BOM
BD9555FVM-CGTR Automotive timer IC capable of operating at 50V Rohm Semiconductor 3,204 Add to BOM
HMC426MS8 Compact Surface Mount Package Analog Devices Inc. 7,722 Add to BOM
TPS3619-33DGKR Battery-backup supervisor for RAM retention TI 7,282 Add to BOM
TPS7A4001DGNR 50-mA, 100-V, low-IQ, adjustable low-dropout voltage regulator with enable TI 6,977 Add to BOM
TPS54062DGKR Synchronous Step Down DC-DC Converter TI 4,618 Add to BOM
TPS7A3401DGNR 200-mA, low-IQ, negative, adjustable low-dropout voltage regulator with enable TI 7,815 Add to BOM
TPS2511QDGNRQ1 Automotive catalog USB dedicated charging port controller and current limiting power switch Texas Instruments, Inc 3,497 Add to BOM
TPS7A6650QDGNRQ1 Automotive 150-mA, off-battery (40-V), low-IQ, low-dropout voltage regulator with power good TI 5,044 Add to BOM
TLV1702AQDGKRQ1 ROHS 2.5mV 15nA MSOP-8 Comparators TI 6,085 Add to BOM
THS4031CD 100-MHz, single-channel low-noise voltage-feedback amplifier TI 4,310 Add to BOM
LMV722IDGKR Dual, 5-V, 10-MHz, low noise (8.5-nV/√Hz) operational amplifier TI 7,614 Add to BOM
THVD1450DGKR 3.3-V to 5-V RS-485 transceiver with ±18-kV IEC ESD protection TI 7,635 Add to BOM
LM2904ST Low power, bipolar op-amp ST 5,861 Add to BOM
MC33202DMR2G Operational Amplifier, Rail to Rail I/O, High Output Drive onsemi 6,915 Add to BOM