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(9182 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
S-AV32 RF Amplifier MODULE (VHF),DISCON(06-04)/PHASE-OUT(07-07)/OBSOLETE(08-01), TOSHIBA 7,342 Add to BOM
TCG121SVLPAANN-AN20 Compact and versatile .n SVGA TFT module for various application Kyocera 7,699 Add to BOM
AD180S10KBC SCR with 1000V V(DRM) and 180000mA I(T), featuring 15V V(RRM) EUPEC GMBH & CO KG 5,055 Add to BOM
SKKD162/16 High-voltage diode module for industrial and commercial application Solid State Inc. 8,558 Add to BOM
S30VTA160U S30VTA160U bridge rectifiers bridge diode Shindengen 8,190 Add to BOM
SKKD380/16 Rectifier Diode 1.6KV 380A 3-Pin Case A-78b Semikron 5,266 Add to BOM
SKIIP39ANB16V1 Fast Trench IGBT Semikron 6,647 Add to BOM
SKD160/16 Rectifier Bridge Diode Single 1.6KV 205A 5-Pin Case G-37 Semikron 7,504 Add to BOM
CM800DZ-34H CM800DZ-34H: Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor Module-10, designed with N-Channel configuration, 800A Collector Current, and 1700V Breakdown Voltage Mitsubishi Electric 6,622 Add to BOM
CM1200DB-34N CM1200DB-34N N -Series IGBT Modules MITSUBISHI 5,187 Add to BOM
PSS75SA2FT DIPIPM Version 6 6-PAC Large IGBT Modules MITSUBISHI 7,733 Add to BOM
FZ3600R12KE3 Advanced IGBT modules for high-performance applications, offering robust and safe operation INFINEON 6,984 Add to BOM
CM2500DY-24S The product is a Trans IGBT Module with a voltage rating of 1.2KV and a current rating of 2.5KA Mitsubishi Electronics 5,285 Add to BOM
BSM300GA170DN2 Innovative pin trans IGBT module for demanding industrial and automotive need Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,027 Add to BOM
SKM75GB12T4 Trans IGBT Module N-CH 1200V 115A 7-Pin Case GB Semikron, Inc 3,720 Add to BOM
SKM300GB17E4 Tench 4 IGBT Modules Semikron, Inc 6,268 Add to BOM
SKM150GB12T4G Trans IGBT Module N-CH 1200V 223A 7-Pin Semikron, Inc 6,306 Add to BOM
SKIIP24NAB12T4V1 Three Phase Bridge Rectifier and Three Phase Bridge Inverter 25-Pin Semikron, Inc 3,246 Add to BOM
FZ1800R16KF4 High-power automotive transistors for demanding applications, featuring robust construction and reliable operatio Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,790 Add to BOM
SKM400GB12V Advanced power electronics device for motor drives, power supplies and more Semikron 5,660 Add to BOM
SKM200GB12E4 N-channel insulated gate bipolar transistor with , rating Semikron 5,321 Add to BOM
SKM150GAR12T4 Semikron SKM150GAR12T4 , SEMITRANS2 , N-Channel IGBT Module, 232 A max, 1200 V, Panel Mount Semikron, Inc 5,542 Add to BOM
SKM150GAL12V High-power N-Channel Transistor for Industrial Application Semikron 4,469 Add to BOM
SKM150GAL12T4 Trans IGBT Module N-CH 1200V 232A 5-Pin Case GAL Semikron, Inc 4,042 Add to BOM
SKM100GB12V Powerful voltage regulator for industrial automatio Semikron 3,085 Add to BOM
SK50GB065 Trans IGBT Module N-CH 600V 54A 8-Pin Semikron, Inc 7,778 Add to BOM
FZ900R12KF5 Reliable Infineon FZ900R12KF5 IGBT module sourced directly from the manufacturer Infineon 4,242 Add to BOM
2SC0435T2F1-17 It is equipped with a Gate Drive ICs for efficient and precise control of the IGBT's gate signal Power Integrations 4,926 Add to BOM
GS-D200 2A Stepper Motor Controller in DMA18 Format ST 6,402 Add to BOM
2ED300C17-S 2ED300C17 Dual IGBT Driver Board Infineon 7,987 Add to BOM
2SD315AI-33 Driver IGBT Driver Power Integrations 5,161 Add to BOM
PM-R25 Photoelectric Sensors R type, NPN output Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales 4,296 Add to BOM
PM-F25 Fork light barrier, 0.006 m, NPN, 5-24 VDC, cable connection, IP64, PM-F25 Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales 7,926 Add to BOM
OPB880P51Z OPB880 Series 30 V 890 nm 50 mA Phototransistor Slotted Optical Switch TT Electronics/Optek Technology 4,184 Add to BOM
OPB871N55 Phototransistor output for reliable signal transmission TT Electronics/Optek Technology 5,455 Add to BOM
OPB770TZ Meet your precision sensing needs with this robust and easy-to-use OPB770TZ device TT Electronics/Optek Technology 5,532 Add to BOM
TT175N16SOF Silicon-based rectifier ensuring precise AC-DC conversion INFINEON 4,689 Add to BOM
CQ-2065 **RoHS compliance ensures safe and eco-friendly design**: A hallmark of responsible electronics manufacturing AKM 4,263 Add to BOM
ESP-WROOM-32 Compact ESP-WROOM- module for IoT project ESPRESSIF 6,786 Add to BOM
L08P100D15 ROHS-certified current sensor Tamura 6,672 Add to BOM
GP1S53VJ000F 4-Pin Photointerrupter featuring 5mm Transmissive Phototransistor Sharp Microelectronics 4,425 Add to BOM
EE-SX670 Control voltage 24VDC Omron 5,087 Add to BOM
CM1000DU-34NF Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor with a current rating of 1000A and a breakdown voltage of 1700V Powerex Inc. 5,173 Add to BOM
BSM50GX120DN2 16TSSOP Dual 4X1 Multiplexer IC Infineon 4,001 Add to BOM
AMMC-5618-W10 Compact size and efficient performance Broadcom Limited 5,851 Add to BOM
CM600DY-24A The CM600DY-24A product description highlights its role as an IGBT module, featuring dual capabilities within the A-series lineup Mitsubishi Electric 6,629 Add to BOM
CM400DU-12NFH CM400DU-12NFH is a high-power transistor insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) module that operates at a voltage of 600V and a current of 400A Mitsubishi Electric 5,418 Add to BOM
CM30TF-12H 30A N-Channel Trans IGBT Module with 600V Powerex Inc. 6,566 Add to BOM
CM300HA-12H This module is designed for power switching applications Powerex Inc. 4,585 Add to BOM