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(39 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
KC2520B27.0000C10E00 Compact clock oscillators for efficient design Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 4,183 Add to BOM
ECS-TXO-2520-33-400-AN-TR HCMOS 3.3V ±2.5ppm 40MHz SMD2520-4P Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXOs) ROHS Ecs 9,671 Add to BOM
KC5032A16.0000CMGE00 SMD- oscillators offer reliable timing solutions for various electronic application Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 7,859 Add to BOM
KC5032A12.0000CMGE00 Multi-voltage compatible design for ease of integration into complex system Kyocera 3,969 Add to BOM
KC2520B40.0000C1GE00 Ultra-low voltage XO module suitable for portable applicatio Kyocera 2,802 Add to BOM
KC2520B19.2000C1GE00 Stable .MHz oscillation for reliable timing operations Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 3,255 Add to BOM
ECS-TXO-2520-33-160-AN-TR Compact 16 MHz HCMOS oscillation module ideal for use in devices requiring low power consumption Ecs 6,453 Add to BOM
ECS-TXO-2520-33-500-AN-TR Tiny yet precise temperature-compensated crystal oscillator solution Ecs 3,565 Add to BOM
ECS-TXO-2520-33-240-AN-TR High-precision oscillator for demanding applications, featuring low temperature drift and high accurac Ecs 4,446 Add to BOM
ECS-TXO-2520-33-320-AN-TR Miniature TCXO for space-constrained designs and reduced power consumption Ecs 2,895 Add to BOM
ECS-3225MVQ-1000-CN-TR High-quality clock signal generator for industrial and automotive applications Ecs 4,653 Add to BOM
ECS-2520MVLC-250-CN-TR Precise frequency reference for synchronization and timing needs Ecs 2,163 Add to BOM
ECS-2520MV-080-CN-TR Standard frequency oscillator for general-purpose application Ecs 7,602 Add to BOM
ECS-80-8-30Q-VS-TR Compact SMD package ideal for space-constrained desig Ecs 3,741 Add to BOM
NKS7-080-20 Advanced T&R solution for high-performance applications Diodes Incorporated 2,670 Add to BOM
KC5032A20.0000CM0E00 Compact SMD package ideal for space-constrained desig Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 6,782 Add to BOM
KC2520B25.0000C1GE00 High-frequency signal generation for precision application Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 5,317 Add to BOM
KC2520B25.0000C10E00 High-Frequency Clock Solution for Small Form Factor Devices Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 2,567 Add to BOM
KC7050P156.250L30E00 LVDS oscillator for high-speed data transfer and processing Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 7,882 Add to BOM
KC5032A25.0000CM0E00 Standard frequency crystal oscillator with low power consumptio Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 5,377 Add to BOM
KC5032A19.2000CM0E00 ROHS compliant oscillator with 19.2MHz frequency output Kyocera 4,380 Add to BOM
KC2520B27.0000C2GE00 Versatile frequency selection option available in the range of MHz for diverse system requirement Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 7,547 Add to BOM
KC2520B50.0000C10E00 Reliable frequency reference for industrial and consumer electronics Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 4,525 Add to BOM
KC2520B40.0000C10E00 Compact and Reliable Clock Oscillator Solution for Industrial Application Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 6,425 Add to BOM
KC2520B24.5760C10E00 Low-power standby CMOS oscillator suitable for battery-powered device Kyocera 2,753 Add to BOM
KC2520B25.0000C2GE00 Robust frequency source for reliable circuit operation and timin Kyocera 7,968 Add to BOM
KC2520B24.0000C1GE00 Reliable clock generator with low power consumption for portable device Kyocera 6,102 Add to BOM
KC2520B12.0000C10E00 With a current consumption of mere A, this MHz oscillator is power-efficient and suitable for battery-powered device Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 2,320 Add to BOM
KC3225A27.0000C30E00 Low voltage standby mode enables efficient power management in battery-powered devices Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 6,739 Add to BOM
KC2520B32K7680CM2ESH Precise timekeeping and stable clock signal ensured by this high-quality CMOS XO module for industrial and commercial application Kyocera 2,313 Add to BOM
KC2520B48.0000C10E00 Miniature CSMD package suitable for space-constrained applications Kyocera Avx Components Corporation 4,406 Add to BOM
ECS-2033-320-BN Sensitive and precise signal processing for sensitive application Ecs 6,359 Add to BOM
ECS-2033-240-BN Miniature surface-mount device (SMD) package for easy integratio Ecs 2,784 Add to BOM
ECS-2033-250-BN Highly reliable and precise frequency source for various applications Ecs 5,945 Add to BOM
ECS-TXO-2016-33-250-TR HCMOS 3.3V ±2.5ppm 25MHz SMD2016-4P Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXOs) ROHS Ecs 4,458 Add to BOM
FL3840017 38.4MHz 10pF ±20ppm ±20ppm SMD3225-4P Crystals ROHS Diodes Incorporated 3,256 Add to BOM
ECS-.327-7-34R-TR Crystals 32.768kHz 7pF 20ppm Ecs 6,090 Add to BOM
ECS-.327-9-34R-TR Crystals 32.768kHz 9pF 20ppm Ecs 2,204 Add to BOM
ECS-2033-500-BN Standard Clock Oscillators 50MHz 3.3V 2.0 X 2.5mm Ecs 4,710 Add to BOM