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(30 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
DS88LS120N Streamline your system architecture with this versatile quad repeater, optimized for low-voltage differential signaling protocols DSLLAS 7,032 Add to BOM
DS26C32ATN Technical details of DS26C32ATN TI 4,521 Add to BOM
LME49720NA Delivering superior audio performance TI 4,324 Add to BOM
IKCM20L60GD Motor / Motion / Ignition Controllers & Drivers CIPOS MINI INFINEON 4,864 Add to BOM
LM3915N With its advanced features and reliable performance, the LM3915N is an ideal choice for a wide range of LED lighting applications Texas Instruments 7,285 Add to BOM
DS3691N PDIP16 Bipolar Line Driver with 2 Functions and 2 Drivers Texas Instruments 6,745 Add to BOM
DS34C86TN Quad RS-line receiver for noise-free communicatio Texas Instruments 7,650 Add to BOM
DS34C87TN With its compact PDIP16 package, this line driver is easy to integrate into different electronic systems Texas Instruments 8,170 Add to BOM
DS9638CN Versatile and reliable interface solution Texas Instruments 8,900 Add to BOM
DS1489AN 4 Function Receiver Texas Instruments 6,800 Add to BOM
DS3487N 0C with 2.5V supply Texas Instruments 4,967 Add to BOM
DS8922AN Communication IC TI 7,043 Add to BOM
DS1489N Four-function line receiver suitable for PDIP-14 package applications TI 6,345 Add to BOM
DS3696N DS3696N Product Description TI 4,269 Add to BOM
LM1391N LM1391N is an 8 Pin plastic DIP phase-locked loop texas instruments 6,017 Add to BOM
AH5011CN line Package 16 Pins texas instruments 9,086 Add to BOM
DS88C20N DS88C20N offers reliable and efficient performance for various electronic devices texas instruments 7,946 Add to BOM
LM4862N 862N provides high-quality sound with its single-channel design texas instruments 6,578 Add to BOM
LM3916N English language Texas Instruments 9,953 Add to BOM
LM388N-1 The LM388N-1 is a high-quality amplifier chip designed for audio applications, offering powerful 2.2 watt output texas instruments 7,255 Add to BOM
LM565CN/NOPB LM565CN/NOPB provides stable, accurate frequency locking Texas Instruments 9,866 Add to BOM
LM391N-100 Elevate your listening experience with the powerful LM391N-100 audio amplifier Texas Instruments 6,115 Add to BOM
DS75161AN High-performance communication devices Texas Instruments 7,844 Add to BOM
DS75160AN Bus Transceivers DS75160AN information Texas Instruments 7,109 Add to BOM
DM7432N DM7432N Product Description: 38mA operating current, 4 Texas Instruments 9,348 Add to BOM
DS8921AN The DS8921AN is a high-performance integrated circuit that facilitates seamless RS-422 connectivity Texas Instruments 8,269 Add to BOM
DM74LS112AN A JK flip-flop is a type of digital memory element that can be used to store and retrieve binary data with precision Texas Instruments 7,250 Add to BOM
IFCM20T65GD Reliable power module IC infineon 9,614 Add to BOM
DS1487N Interface IC for RS-422/RS-485 Texas Instruments 6,150 Add to BOM
MAD1108 Voltage Regulating Diode, 75V Reverse Working Voltage, One-Way Conductivity, 8 Components, Made of Silicon, Encased in Plastic, Package Type DIP-16 Microchip Technology 6,718 Add to BOM