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(298 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
TMP89FW24AFG 3.3V/5V power supply Toshiba 7,072 Add to BOM
LPC2378FBD144 ARM7 microcontroller NXP 5,525 Add to BOM
DSP56303PV100 Fixed-point DSP with 24-bit resolution operating at 100MHz and capable of 100 million instructions per second NXP 5,436 Add to BOM
ISP1561BM Compact yet powerful universal serial bus interface ST 6,018 Add to BOM
M031LE3AE Product M031LE3AE is a microcontroller unit with a capacity of 128KB and operates within a voltage range of 1.8V to 3.6V Nuvoton Technology Corporation 7,408 Add to BOM
AK4493EQ Product Description Demo for Development Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation 7,138 Add to BOM
AK4490EQ High-End Audio Decoder Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation 7,491 Add to BOM
SSD1926QL9 PQFP128 Microprocessor Circuit featuring CMOS Technology Solomon Systech 7,723 Add to BOM
AK4358VQ Digital to Analog Converter Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation 5,381 Add to BOM
AK4114VQ The AK4114VQ is a digital audio interface transceiver with one transmitter and one receiver, housed in a 48-pin LQFP package Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation 4,198 Add to BOM
ISP1563BM With the ISP1563BM, you can easily manage multiple USB connections in one convenient controller." ST 6,788 Add to BOM
R5F52108CDFP#V0 32-bit Microcontrollers - MCU RENESAS 5,583 Add to BOM
XR16L784IV The XR16L784IV is a UART chip that features four channels and a 64-byte FIFO buffer, making it suitable for data communication applications Maxlinear, Inc 4,705 Add to BOM
WJLXT905LE.C2 LQFP-32 package with 10 Mbps throughput and 5V power supply Intel 7,072 Add to BOM
PD69012 0-Pin LQFP Power Over Ethernet PSE Controller 44V 57V Microchip 4,627 Add to BOM
NCT6776D Integrated solution Nuvoton Technology Corporation 3,320 Add to BOM
NCT6106D NCT6106D I/O Controller LPC Controller 128-Pin LQFP Nuvoton Technology Corporation 3,740 Add to BOM
MSP430F5418AIPNR 16-bit Microcontroller with Ultra-Low Power TI 4,018 Add to BOM
TL16C752BTPTREP Enhanced Product 3.3 V Dual Uart With 64-Byte Fifo Texas Instruments, Inc 5,940 Add to BOM
FAN9673Q Continuous Conduction mode (CCM) Power Factor Controller, Interleaved Three-Channel Fairchild Semiconductor 5,857 Add to BOM
MC56F8355VFGE Digital Signal Processor and Controller NXP 6,172 Add to BOM
VNC1L-1A Efficient and versatile USB controller for various application Ftdi Chip 7,072 Add to BOM
SSD1963QL9 1.2V operating voltage for efficient power consumption Solomon Systech 6,078 Add to BOM
ISP1161A1BD Low Speed USB Controller ST 7,369 Add to BOM
FT245BL Ideal for embedded systems, robotics, and automation applications requiring reliable data transfe Ftdi Chip 7,072 Add to BOM
FCM8531QY 4.5V to 5.5V operating range Fairchild Semiconductor 7,437 Add to BOM
MC9S12DP256BCPV 16-bit CISC microcontroller with 256KB Flash memory and operates at both 2.5V and 5V NXP 6,418 Add to BOM
FCM8201QY Controller and driver for brushless DC motors with sinusoidal operation Fairchild Semiconductor 6,645 Add to BOM
STR912FAW44X6T RISC architecture microcontroller with 96 MHz speed and flash memory in PQFP128 package ST 5,945 Add to BOM
STR911FAM42X6 MCU with USB and CAN ST 5,289 Add to BOM
LPC2103FBD48 Advanced 16-bit/32-bit MCU solution featuring ARM7TDMI-S architecture and 1.8V/3.3V operating voltage NXP 5,547 Add to BOM
ISP1761BEUM 128-Pin LQFP USB Controller ST 6,905 Add to BOM
TMPM374FWUG Integrated circuit RISC microcontroller for efficient computing tasks Toshiba 4,501 Add to BOM
ISP1563BMUM 3.3V 128-pin LQFP USB 2.0/USB1.1 controller ST 4,630 Add to BOM
FT4232HL High-speed USB to UART bridge with MPSSE support for data transfer and communicatio Ftdi Chip 5,950 Add to BOM
ISP1520BD Low Quad Flat Package Full Speed/High Speed USB 2.0 Hub Controller ST 5,744 Add to BOM
MCF52236AF50 High-performance 32-bit microcontroller with 32K SRAM Freescale Semiconductor 6,267 Add to BOM
STR912FAW47X6 STR9 Series 2 MB Flash 96 kB RAM ARM9E 32-Bit Microcontroller - LQFP-128 ST 7,813 Add to BOM
ISP1521BEUM USB Hub Controller USB 2.0 80-LQFP (12x12) ST-Ericsson Inc 7,072 Add to BOM
AX88772C AX88772CProductIntroduction ASIX 7,792 Add to BOM
MC68CK16Z1CPV16 Ideal for industrial automation, consumer electronics, and automotive control systems, this MCU provides reliable and precise results NVIDIA 6,400 Add to BOM
ISP1160BM/01 Reliable PQFP package for robust operatio ST 5,131 Add to BOM
AD9980KSTZ-95 of-the-art 8-bit display interface technology ADI 4,259 Add to BOM
AD9380KSTZ-150 Dual Display Interface / Analog/HDMI Dual-Display Interface ADI 4,975 Add to BOM
LM3S6952-IQC50-A2 ARM Microcontrollers - MCU Stellaris Cortex M-3 10/100 MAC PHY TI 9,299 Add to BOM
SPC5606BK0MLU6R SPC5606BK0MLU6R is a 176-pin LQFP-packaged microcontroller featuring 32-bit e200z0h RISC architecture FEESCAL 3,645 Add to BOM
MC68332ACPV25 Detailed Overview: The MC68332ACPV25 stands out as a 32-bit MCU Nxp 9,254 Add to BOM
TMPM373FWDUG Microcontroller for RISC technology toshiba 6,753 Add to BOM
TMP89FW20AUG 3.3V/5V MCU TMP89FW20AUG with 64-pin LQFP package and 124KB Flash storage toshiba 8,606 Add to BOM
ST10F276S-4TX3 Microcontroller 16-bit ST10 with CISC/RISC architecture and 512KB Flash memory stmicroelectronics 9,475 Add to BOM