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(79 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
AD9513BCPZ 800 MHz Clock Distribution IC, Dividers, Delay Adjust, Three Outputs Analog Devices, Inc 3,076 Add to BOM
HMC637BPM5E GaAs, pHEMT, MMIC, Single Positive Supply, DC to 7.5 GHz, 1 W Power Amplifier Analog Devices, Inc 3,525 Add to BOM
AD2428WCCSZ-RL Operates at a low voltage of 1.9V Analog Devices, Inc 5,694 Add to BOM
ADN2855ACPZ <p>Multirate 155 Mbps/622 Mbps/1244 Mbps/1250 Mbps Burst Mode Clock and Data Recovery IC with Deserializerer</p> Analog Devices, Inc 5,599 Add to BOM
ADXL313WACPZ-RL7 3-Axis, ±0.5 g/±1 g/±2 g/±4 g Digital Accelerometer ADI 7,636 Add to BOM
ADF7242BCPZ Low Power IEEE 802.15.4/Proprietary GFSK/FSK Zero-IF 2.4 GHz Transceiver IC Analog Devices, Inc 5,388 Add to BOM
ADP1850ACPZ-R7 Wide Range Input, Dual/Two-Phase, DC-to-DC Synchronous Buck Controller Analog Devices, Inc 7,779 Add to BOM
ADF5356BCPZ Microwave Wideband Synthesizer with Integrated VCO Analog Devices, Inc 4,503 Add to BOM
ADF4355-3BCPZ <p>Microwave Wideband Synthesizer with Integrated VCO</p> Analog Devices, Inc 6,870 Add to BOM
ADN2830ACPZ32 Average Power Controller for Continuous Wave (CW) Laser Analog Devices, Inc 4,368 Add to BOM
AD9970BCPZ 14-Bit CCD Signal Processor with Precision Timing™ Generator Analog Devices, Inc 3,273 Add to BOM
HMC907APM5E GaAs pHEMT MMIC Power Amplifier 0.2 - 22 GHz Analog Devices, Inc 5,177 Add to BOM
AD9235BCPZ-20 12-Bit, 20/40/65 MSPS, 3 V Analog-to-Digital Converter ADI 7,072 Add to BOM
HMC1114PM5E >10 W (42 dBm), 2.7 GHz to 3.8 GHz, GaN Power Amplifier Analog Devices, Inc 3,604 Add to BOM
ADPA9002ACGZN GaAs, pHEMT, MMIC, Single Positive Supply, DC to 10 GHz Power Amplifier Analog Devices, Inc 7,497 Add to BOM
ADN8830ACP Advanced Analog Devices PMIC offering a range of features Analog Devices, Inc 4,025 Add to BOM
AD9215 Analog to Digital Converters - ADC 10 Bit Low Power 105 Msps ADC ADI 7,960 Add to BOM
AD8145YCPZ Video Amplifier Triple Positive and Negative 5.5 Volts 32-Pin Lead Frame Chip Scale Package Extended Temperature Tape and Reel Analog Devices Inc. 2,079 Add to BOM
ADRF6510ACPZ Pair of configurable filters and VGA amplifier Analog Devices Inc. 2,922 Add to BOM
ADG2188BCPZ-REEL7 Compact and cost-effective CMOS switch array with excellent performance and reliability Analog Devices, Inc 6,260 Add to BOM
ADG2128BCPZ-HS-RL7 High-speed LFCSP- analog switch for demanding application Analog Devices, Inc 5,978 Add to BOM
HMC882ALP5ETR 3.95 GHz to 6.9 GHz, Tunable Low-Pass Filter Analog Devices, Inc 4,573 Add to BOM
HMC882ALP5E Low Pass Filter IC Low Pass Order 3.95GHz ~ 6.9GHz 32-LFCSP (5x5) Analog Devices, Inc 7,079 Add to BOM
ADP5003ACPZ-R7 Low Noise Micro PMU, 3 A Buck Regulator with 3 A LDO Analog Devices, Inc 6,515 Add to BOM
AD8333ACPZ-REEL7 DC to 50 MHz, Dual I/Q Demodulator and Phase Shifter Analog Devices, Inc 5,636 Add to BOM
ADF5902WCCPZ 24 GHz, ISM Band, Multichannel FMCW Radar Transmitter Analog Devices, Inc 7,977 Add to BOM
ADF5904WCCPZ-RL7 High-performance receiver downconverter with four channels and GHz frequency rang Analog Devices, Inc 5,902 Add to BOM
ADF5904WCCPZ High-performance, compact ROHS-compliant RF mixer module availabl Analog Devices, Inc 3,984 Add to BOM
ADF5901WCCPZ-RL7 <p>24 GHz VCO and PGA with 2-Channel PA Output</p> Analog Devices, Inc 4,792 Add to BOM
ADF5901WCCPZ <p>24 GHz VCO and PGA with 2-Channel PA Output</p> Analog Devices, Inc 7,622 Add to BOM
ADF5901ACPZ <p>24 GHz VCO and PGA with 2-Channel PA Output</p> Analog Devices, Inc 7,666 Add to BOM
ADP1046AWACPZ-R7 Digital Controller for Isolated Power Supply Applications Analog Devices, Inc 4,301 Add to BOM
ADP1046AACPZ-R7 Digital Controller for Isolated Power Supply Applications Analog Devices, Inc 4,387 Add to BOM
ADF4151BCPZ By leveraging fractional-N architecture Analog Devices, Inc 3,115 Add to BOM
ADN2830ACP32 Compact laser driver package for precise contr Analog Devices, Inc 5,358 Add to BOM
AD9514BCPZ-REEL7 Reliable and accurate timekeeping solutions Analog Devices, Inc 6,239 Add to BOM
ADN2817ACPZ-RL7 High-speed optical networking solution for telecommunications application Analog Devices, Inc 3,414 Add to BOM
ADN2817ACPZ-RL High-speed optical transmission module for SONET/SDH applications, ideal for data center and telecommunications infrastructure upgrades Analog Devices, Inc 4,978 Add to BOM
ADN2815ACPZ <p>The ADN2815 is available in a compact 5 mm × 5 mm 32-lead LFCSP.</p> Analog Devices, Inc 7,148 Add to BOM
ADN2816ACPZ-RL7 Compact timing device for space-constrained applications Analog Devices, Inc 3,962 Add to BOM
ADN2816ACPZ-500RL7 <p>The ADN2816 is available in a compact 5 mm × 5 mm 32-lead chip scale package.</p> Analog Devices, Inc 5,556 Add to BOM
ADN2806ACPZ-RL7 622 Mbps Clock and Data Recovery IC Analog Devices, Inc 4,803 Add to BOM
ADN2805ACPZ-RL7 1.25 Gbps Clock and Data Recovery IC Analog Devices, Inc 7,600 Add to BOM
ADN2804ACPZ-RL7 <p>This device, together with a PIN diode and a TIA preamplifier, can implement a highly integrated, low cost, low power fiber optic receiver.</p> Analog Devices, Inc 5,535 Add to BOM
AD9970BCPZRL7 CCD Signal Processor 32-LFCSP-VQ (5x5) Analog Devices, Inc 3,640 Add to BOM
AD9945KCPZRL7 Effortlessly manage multiple projects with our intuitive software Analog Devices, Inc 5,421 Add to BOM
AD2427KCPZ A<sup>2</sup>B Mid-Line Subordinate 4xPDM XCVR Analog Devices, Inc 7,228 Add to BOM
AD2420KCPZ A<sup>2</sup>B Last-in-Line Subordinate 2xPDM XCVR Analog Devices, Inc 3,690 Add to BOM
AD8153ACPZ-RL7 Multiplexer/Demultiplexer 1 x 2:1 32-LFCSP (5x5) Analog Devices, Inc 3,133 Add to BOM
ADL5304ACPZ-R7 Specially designed amplifier for use in a variety of unique environments and situations Analog Devices, Inc 5,449 Add to BOM