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(36 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
AD8363ACPZ-R7 High-performance RF detector designed for a wide frequency range of 0.00005MHz to 6000MHz Analog Devices, Inc 7,846 Add to BOM
ADA4927-1YCPZ-R2 Ultralow Distortion Current Feedback Differential ADC Driver Analog Devices, Inc 3,836 Add to BOM
ADL5511ACPZ-R7 Whether in research and development or in production environments, this detector ensures accurate power measurements for optimal performance Analog Devices, Inc 4,456 Add to BOM
ADP5090ACPZ-1-R7 Ultralow Power Boost Regulator with MPPT and Charge Management Analog Devices, Inc 3,063 Add to BOM
ADCLK905BCPZ-WP Ultrafast SiGe ECL Clock/Data Buffers Analog Devices, Inc 3,138 Add to BOM
ADA4950-1YCPZ-R7 Low Power Selectable Gain Differential ADC Driver, G = 1, 2, 3 Analog Devices, Inc 6,606 Add to BOM
ADA4937-1YCPZ-R7 Ultralow Distortion Differential ADC Driver (Single) Analog Devices, Inc 5,745 Add to BOM
ADA4932-1YCPZ-R2 Designed for applications requiring single-ended to differential signal conversion, this amplifier operates on a voltage supply range of ±5 Analog Devices, Inc 6,149 Add to BOM
AD5592RBCPZ-1-RL7 8-Channel, 12-Bit, Configurable ADC/DAC with On-Chip Reference, SPI Interface Analog Devices, Inc 3,489 Add to BOM
AD7148ACPZ-1500RL7 A cutting-edge converter that provides accurate and reliable sensing capabilities Analog Devices, Inc 7,637 Add to BOM
ADL5565ACPZ-R7 RF/IF Differential Amplifier 16-Pin LFCSP EP T/R Analog Devices, Inc 5,132 Add to BOM
ADM1294-1AACPZ Advanced Power Solution for Industrial and Commercial Application Analog Devices, Inc 6,289 Add to BOM
ADG1409YCPZ With its exposed pad for improved thermal management, this product offers high reliability in a 16-pin package." Analog Devices Inc. 7,884 Add to BOM
ADXL337BCPZ Miniature accelerometers ideal for energy-efficient applications, providing accurate 3-axis +/-3g measurements in a small 3x3x1.45mm enclosure Analog Devices Inc. 2,011 Add to BOM
ADL5513ACPZ 1 MHz TO 4 GHz, 80 dB Logarithmic Detector / Controller Analog Devices Inc. 4,838 Add to BOM
ADF5001BCPZ-RL7 Reliable, high-frequency component for precision timing applications Analog Devices, Inc 7,920 Add to BOM
ADF5001BCPZ 4 GHz TO 18 GHz Divide-by-4 Prescaler Analog Devices, Inc 7,227 Add to BOM
AD8342ACPZ-REEL7 Active Receive Mixer LF to 3 GHz Analog Devices, Inc 4,259 Add to BOM
ADN2526ACPZ <p>Boosting performance for demanding applications</ Analog Devices, Inc 5,851 Add to BOM
ADCLK925BCPZ-R2 Ultrafast SiGe ECL Clock/Data Buffers Analog Devices, Inc 7,284 Add to BOM
ADA4304-3ACPZ-R7 1:3 Single-Ended, Low Cost, Active RF Splitters Analog Devices, Inc 6,008 Add to BOM
ADL5391ACPZ-R2 DC to 2.0 GHz Multiplier Analog Devices, Inc 7,238 Add to BOM
AD8330ACPZ-R7 Low Cost, DC to 150 MHz, Variable Gain Amplifier Analog Devices, Inc 3,495 Add to BOM
ADA4830-2WBCPZ-R7 High Speed Difference Amplifier with Input Short-to-Battery Protection Analog Devices, Inc 4,950 Add to BOM
ADL8104ACPZN Hz frequency operation for demanding application Analog Devices, Inc 3,137 Add to BOM
ADCMP573BCPZ-R2 Ultrafast 3.3 V Single-Supply Comparator w/Reduced Swing PECL (RSPECL) Output Drivers Analog Devices, Inc 4,219 Add to BOM
ADCMP572BCPZ-WP Ultrafast 3.3 V Single-Supply Comparator w/CML Output Drivers Analog Devices, Inc 4,952 Add to BOM
AD8556ACPZ-REEL Digitally Programmable Sensor Signal Amplifier with EMI Filters Analog Devices, Inc 7,674 Add to BOM
AD8557ACPZ-REEL Digitally Programmable Sensor Signal Amplifier Analog Devices, Inc 3,564 Add to BOM
AD8295ACPZ-R7 Precision Instrumentation Amplifier with Signal Processing Amplifiers Analog Devices, Inc 4,689 Add to BOM
AD8231ACPZ-RL Zero Drift, Digitally Programmable Instrumentation Amplifier Analog Devices, Inc 7,749 Add to BOM
ADN2531ACPZ High-speed laser driver for VCSEL, FP, or DFB applications Analog Devices, Inc 4,627 Add to BOM
AD8398AACPZ-R2 High-Speed Data Transfer with Compact Desig Analog Devices, Inc 7,630 Add to BOM
ADN2526ACPZ-R7 <p>11.3 Gbps Active Back-Termination, Differential Laser Diode Driver</p> Analog Devices, Inc 6,384 Add to BOM
AD5123BCPZ10-RL7 Quad Channel, 128-Position, I<sup>2</sup>C, Nonvolatile Digital Potentiometer Analog Devices, Inc 3,701 Add to BOM
ADL5605ACPZ-R7 RF Amplifier IC General Purpose 700MHz ~ 1GHz 16-LFCSP-VQ (4x4) Analog Devices, Inc 6,725 Add to BOM