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(97 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
ADP1741ACPZ The compact and efficient design of this LDO regulator ensures stable output voltage regulation under varying load conditions ADI 4,248 Add to BOM
ADG633YCPZ CMOS, ±5 V/+5 V/+3 V, Triple SPDT Switch ADI 5,360 Add to BOM
ADG1436YCPZ-REEL7 2 Circuit IC Switch 2:1 1.8Ohm 16-LFCSP-VQ (4x4) ADI 4,373 Add to BOM
ADG1412YCPZ-REEL7 1.5 Ω On Resistance, ±15 V/+12 V/±5 V, iCMOS<sup>®</sup>, Quad SPST Switch ADI 4,394 Add to BOM
ADG1408YCPZ-REEL7 4 Ω R<sub>on</sub>, 8 - Channel ±15 V /12 V /±5 V iCMOS Multiplexer ADI 7,459 Add to BOM
ADP1753ACPZ-R7 LDO Regulator with 800mA Output and Low Vin ADI 6,093 Add to BOM
ADP5600ACPZ-R7 Interleaved Inverting Charge Pump with Negative LDO Regulator ADI 4,154 Add to BOM
AD5668BCPZ-2-RL7 Octal, 16-Bit, SPI Voltage Output denseDAC With 5 ppm/°C On-Chip Reference ADI 6,503 Add to BOM
ADCLK914BCPZ-WP Open-Collector HVDS Buffer Analog Devices, Inc 7,372 Add to BOM
AD5141BCPZ10-RL7 Single digital potentiometer with 256 selectable steps ADI 7,784 Add to BOM
ADL5569BCPZ 6.5 GHz, Ultrahigh Dynamic Range, Differential Amplifier ADI 4,025 Add to BOM
ADA4945-1ACPZ-R7 High Speed, ±0.1 µV/˚C Offset Drift, Fully Differential ADC Driver ADI 6,073 Add to BOM
ADA4940-1ACPZ-R7 Ultralow Power, Low Distortion ADC Driver ADI 5,613 Add to BOM
ADA4940-1ACPZ-R2 Ultralow Power, Low Distortion ADC Driver ADI 4,786 Add to BOM
ADA4932-1YCPZ-R7 Low Power Differential ADC Driver ADI 4,325 Add to BOM
ADA4927-1YCPZ-R7 Ultralow Distortion Current Feedback Differential ADC Driver ADI 6,204 Add to BOM
AD8336ACPZ-R7 General-Purpose, −55°C to +125°C, Wide Bandwidth, DC-Coupled VGA ADI 5,120 Add to BOM
ADA4096-4ACPZ-R7 30 V, Micropower, Overvoltage Protection, Rail-to-Rail Input/Output Quad Op Amplifier ADI 6,584 Add to BOM
ADA4855-3YCPZ-R7 Triple Op Amp with Extended Temperature Range ADI 6,841 Add to BOM
AD8426ACPZ-R7 Wide Supply Range, Rail-to-Rail Output Instrumentation Amplifier ADI 7,677 Add to BOM
AD8222BCPZ-R7 Precision, Dual-Channel Instrumentation Amplifier ADI 6,834 Add to BOM
ADXL377BCPZ-RL7 Accelerometer Triple ±200g 1.8V to 3.6V 5.8mV/g to 7.2mV/g 16-Pin LFCSP T/R ADI 6,600 Add to BOM
ADXL321JCP Miniaturized sensor technology for enhanced performance and reliability analog devices inc. 9,547 Add to BOM
ADXL320JCP Analog Devices ADXL320JCP IC analog devices inc. 7,629 Add to BOM
HMC8073LP3DE Precise 0.5dB step attenuation up to 31.5dB Analog Devices, Inc 7,166 Add to BOM
ADP5073ACPZ-R7 Switching Regulator, Current-mode, 1.6A, 2600kHz Switching Freq-Max ADI 9,599 Add to BOM
ADL5906ACPZN-R7 RF Detector for Frequency Range 10MHz to 10000MHz in a 16-Pin LFCSP EP Package Analog Devices, Inc 5,896 Add to BOM
ADL5902ACPZ-R7 50 MHz TO 9 GHz 65 dB TruPwr™ Detector Analog Devices, Inc 4,969 Add to BOM
ADL5904ACPZN-R7 <p>DC to 6 GHz, 45 dB TruPwr Detector with Envelope Threshold Detection</p> Analog Devices, Inc 5,317 Add to BOM
ADM1293-1AACPZ Digital Power Monitor with PMBus Interface Analog Devices, Inc 4,302 Add to BOM
ADCLK925BCPZ-WP Ultrafast SiGe ECL Clock/Data Buffers Analog Devices, Inc 3,103 Add to BOM
ADCLK914BCPZ-R7 Ultrafast, SiGe, Open-Collector HVDS Clock/Data Buffer Analog Devices, Inc 3,221 Add to BOM
AD5141BCPZ100-RL7 Single Channel, 256-Position, I<sup>2</sup>C / SPI, Nonvolatile Digital Potentiometer ADI 7,898 Add to BOM
AD5121BCPZ10-RL7 Single Channel, 128-Position, I<sup>2</sup>C / SPI, Nonvolatile Digital Potentiometer ADI 6,270 Add to BOM
AD8336ACPZ-WP General-Purpose, −55°C to +125°C, Wide Bandwidth, DC-Coupled VGA Analog Devices, Inc 4,521 Add to BOM
ADT7420UCPZ-RL7 420UCPZ-RL7, Temp Sensor Digital Serial (I2C) 16-Pin LFCSP EP T/R": ADI 6,320 Add to BOM
AD8231ACPZ-R7 Zero Drift, Digitally Programmable Instrumentation Amplifier Analog Devices, Inc 6,452 Add to BOM
AD8396ACPZ-R7 Ruggedized design for demanding applications and environmen Analog Devices, Inc 7,214 Add to BOM
ADM1294-1BACPZ Monitor digital power consumption with high accuracy and flexibility using the ADM- power monitor Analog Devices, Inc 4,872 Add to BOM
ADL5561ACPZ-R7 Differential amplifier with wide bandwidth and low distortion for RF/IF signals Analog Devices Inc. 3,354 Add to BOM
AD5121WBCPZ10-RL7 Digital Potentiometer 10kOhm 128POS Non-Volatile Linear/Log Automotive 16-Pin LFCSP EP ANALOG DEVICES 9,216 Add to BOM
ADG2412BCPZ-REEL7 0.5 Ω R<sub>ON</sub>, ±15 V, +12 V, ±5 V, +5 V/–12 V, Quad SPST Switch Analog Devices Inc. 7,072 Add to BOM
AD4684BCPZ-RL 16 Bit Analog to Digital Converter 4 Input 2 SAR 16-LFCSP (3x3) Analog Devices Inc. 7,072 Add to BOM
AD4684BCPZ-RL7 High-speed analog-to-digital converter for precision application Analog Devices Inc. 7,072 Add to BOM
ADXL337BCPZ-RL7 Accelerometer with a ±3g sensing range and operates at 3V Analog Devices Inc. 5,292 Add to BOM
ADG811YCPZ-Reel7 4 Circuit IC Switch 1:1 650mOhm 16-LFCSP-VQ (3x3) Analog Devices, Inc 5,331 Add to BOM
ADF5002BCPZ-RL7 Advanced frequency synthesizer for high-frequency clock generation in small package Analog Devices, Inc 7,363 Add to BOM
ADF5002BCPZ High-frequency precision divider for accurate signal processin Analog Devices, Inc 6,041 Add to BOM
HMC712ALP3CETR Advanced RF switching module with dB of adjustable gai Analog Devices, Inc 7,204 Add to BOM
HMC427ALP3ETR High-frequency switch for reliable transmission up to Hz Analog Devices, Inc 7,145 Add to BOM