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(26 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
TMPV7502XBG Image Recognition Processor Toshiba Semiconductor 4,342 Add to BOM
ATSAMA5D36A-CU Green BGA package ideal for space-efficient design Microchip 6,964 Add to BOM
ATSAMA5D35A-CU With a generous amount of memory and processing capability, this microcontroller is well-suited for a variety of applications Microchip 7,865 Add to BOM
ATSAMA5D31A-CUR -bit ARM Cortex-Aprocessor with Hz clock spee Microchip 5,127 Add to BOM
ATSAMA5D31A-CU Microprocessors - MPU BGA, Green, IND TEMP,MRL A MICROCHIP 4,655 Add to BOM
M1A3PE3000-FGG324 Leading-edge programmable logic technology enabling rapid design prototyping, reduced development costs, and enhanced system performance Microchip 7,380 Add to BOM
M1A3PE3000-2FG324I Powerful, programmable integrated circuit for data-intensive computing needs Microchip 8,829 Add to BOM
M1A3PE3000-2FGG324 High-density programmable device for complex logic and memory applications, RoHS compliant Microchip 7,298 Add to BOM
M1A3PE3000-FGG324I ProASIC3E Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC 221 516096 324-BGA Microchip 9,205 Add to BOM
M1A3PE3000-1FG324 This innovative field-programmable gate array (FPGA) is designed to simplify the design process Microchip 7,939 Add to BOM
A3PE3000L-1FG324 Advanced logic device for high-speed applications Microchip 9,291 Add to BOM
M1A3PE3000-2FG324 M1A3PE3000-2FG324 is characterized as an "Ultra Low Density FPGA," boasting cutting-edge features for streamlined functionality Microchip 9,227 Add to BOM
M1A3PE3000-1FGG324 With its exceptional performance Microchip 6,845 Add to BOM
A3PE3000-2FG324 High-performance CPLD for advanced applications and prototyping Microchip 9,239 Add to BOM
XA7A100T-1CSG324I Integrated circuit XA7A100T-1CSG324I Xilinx 6,460 Add to BOM
XC7A35T-3CSG324E ROHS compliant CPLD Xilinx 8,529 Add to BOM
XA7A100T-2CSG324I Advanced 28nm technology Xilinx 9,216 Add to BOM
XA7A35T-2CSG325I Field Programmable Gate Array XA7A35T-2CSG325I FPGA Xilinx 5,886 Add to BOM
A3PE3000-FG324I ProASIC3E Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC 221 516096 324-BGA Microchip 9,894 Add to BOM
M1A3PE3000-1FGG324I ProASIC3 FPGA with ARM Cortex-M1 Microchip 8,078 Add to BOM
A3PE3000-1FG324I Ultra Low Density FPGAs. Microchip 9,937 Add to BOM
A3PE3000-1FG324 Maximize your results with our ultra-low density FPGAs and unparalleled reliability Microchip 8,664 Add to BOM
AM3358BZCZA80 Powerful RISC processor with low voltage support TI 5,685 Add to BOM
ATSAMA5D35A-CUR ATSAMA5D35A-CUR is a microcontroller unit boasting an ARM-A Series architecture clocked at 536MHz Microchip 4,208 Add to BOM
LH7A404N0E000B0A Compact 324CABGA package for space-constrained systems NXP Semiconductor 6,938 Add to BOM
LH7A404N0F092B3;55 ARM9® BlueStreak ; LH7A Microcontroller IC 32-Bit Single-Core 266MHz ROMless 324-LFBGA (17x17) NXP 7,072 Add to BOM