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(93 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
INN3166C-H101-TL Featuring an integrated 650V MOSFET and designed for off-line constant voltage/constant current operation Power Integrations 7,072 Add to BOM
INN3677C-H601-TL Off-line AC/DC Converters with Constant Voltage/Current Output, 725V 45W Adapter 40W Power Integrations, Inc 5,427 Add to BOM
LSR2000C-H003-TL Power Management Specialized - PMIC safety isolation & SR controller Power Integrations 5,462 Add to BOM
INN3675C-H604-TL AC/DC Converters Off-Line CV/CC 25 W (85-265 VAC) Power Integrations 6,616 Add to BOM
INN3649C-H606-TL Ideal solution for flyback converters requiring low noise operati Power Integrations 8,938 Add to BOM
INN3370C-H302-TL High-efficiency power controller with robust performance ( character Power Integrations 5,341 Add to BOM
INN3270C-H114-TL kHz switcher IC with blocking capabili Power Integrations 6,404 Add to BOM
INN3270C-H217-TL Compact and rugged AC/DC converter for industrial control systems Power Integrations 6,278 Add to BOM
INN4075C-H182-TL Efficient and reliable AC/DC converter for demanding market Power Integrations 7,171 Add to BOM
INN4074C-H182-TL Reliable Offline Conversion with Wide Range of Input Voltages and Frequencie Power Integrations 7,072 Add to BOM
INN3278C-H217-TL Future-proof power management for evolving demand POWER INTEGRATIONS 7,941 Add to BOM
INN3268C-H202-TL Advanced flyback converter for demanding QR and CC applications up to Power Integrations 6,598 Add to BOM
INN3677C-H603-TL Safely stepping down high-voltage AC power inputs Power Integrations 5,609 Add to BOM
INN3168C-H111-TL Reliable and compact design for off-line power conversio Power Integrations 8,790 Add to BOM
INN3676C-H605-TL High-voltage AC-DC controller for efficient power conversion Power Integrations 9,572 Add to BOM
INN3266C-H219-TL Compact power conversion for small-scale applicatio Power Integrations 8,623 Add to BOM
INN3675C-H605-TL Advanced power management solution for demanding DC power supplies and converter system Power Integrations 8,592 Add to BOM
INN3166C-H114-TL Advanced SOP controller for precision AC-DC conversion and regulatio Power Integrations 8,941 Add to BOM
INN3465C0245-TL Efficient energy conversion for industrial and commercial use cases Power Integrations 7,072 Add to BOM
INN3164C-H111-TL High-performance AC-DC controller for precision voltage control and monitoring Power Integrations 5,889 Add to BOM
INN3162C-H114-TL Space-saving and compact design for easy installation and minimal footprin Power Integrations 8,170 Add to BOM
INN3162C-H113-TL High-Voltage AC-DC Controller for Wide-Ranging Applicatio Power Integrations 6,137 Add to BOM
INN3476C-TL Off-line power conversion solution offering reliable and efficient energy transfe Power Integrations 8,916 Add to BOM
INN4074C-H183-TL Efficient and reliable AC-DC conversion solutio Power Integrations 5,299 Add to BOM
INN4073C-H186-TL Advanced InSOP-D regulator solution for industrial power suppl Power Integrations 5,800 Add to BOM
INN4073C-H183-TL Low-voltage high-frequency controller with precise voltage regulation for industrial application Power Integrations 9,623 Add to BOM
INN3268C-H207-TL Advanced InSOP Technology for Precise Voltage Regulati Power Integrations 7,447 Add to BOM
INN3168C-H110-TL Compact power supplies with built-in EMI filters for reduced interferenc Power Integrations 7,469 Add to BOM
INN3168C-H109-TL High-performance off-line CV/CC converter with robust desig Power Integrations 9,292 Add to BOM
INN3168C-H107-TL FluxLink feedback and protection for enhanced reliabilit Power Integrations 9,173 Add to BOM
INN3267C-H205-TL High-Voltage, High-Efficiency Power Conversion Solution Power Integrations 5,747 Add to BOM
INN3167C-H109-TL Industry-leading solutions for power management and control Power Integrations 5,263 Add to BOM
INN3167C-H107-TL High-efficiency power conversion for various application Power Integrations 9,472 Add to BOM
INN3165C-H109-TL Compact Power Solution: Integrate a robust and efficient power converter with this flyback switcher IC Power Integrations 5,969 Add to BOM
INN3165C-H103-TL Ideal for low-power applications, this off-line converter ensures reliable and consistent performance Power Integrations 9,368 Add to BOM
INN3264C-H202-TL Rugged and compact designs for demanding industrial application Power Integrations 7,462 Add to BOM
INN3163C-H102-TL Robust and reliable AC/DC converter suitable for industrial us Power Integrations 5,521 Add to BOM
INN3277C-H205-TL High-voltage power converter for DC-DC applications Power Integrations 9,394 Add to BOM
INN3465C-TL High-performance temperature controller for precise control application Power Integrations 7,670 Add to BOM
INN3672C-H606-TL Off-line AC/DC converters designed to deliver consistent voltage and current output of 10 watts Power Integrations 9,945 Add to BOM
LYT6079C-TL Compact design with high-frequency operation for space-constrained applications Power Integrations 8,498 Add to BOM
LYT6067C-TL Advanced frequency response up to Hz ensures crystal-clear soun Power Integrations 9,906 Add to BOM
LYT6075C-TL Compact flyback converter drives up to one LED at 27V Power Integrations 6,270 Add to BOM
LYT6065C-TL High-frequency switching for efficient LED driver application Power Integrations 6,118 Add to BOM
LYT6063C-TL High-frequency transformer for efficient power conversio Power Integrations 6,104 Add to BOM
INN3366C-H301-TL Low-voltage DC-DC converter with high-frequency switchin Power Integrations 6,206 Add to BOM
INN3265C-H202-TL High-performance DC-DC converter suitable for a wide range of power supplies and industrial control system Power Integrations 9,046 Add to BOM
INN3268C-H209-TL Reliable off-line converter solution for a wide range of input voltage Power Integrations 9,595 Add to BOM
INN3470C-TL High-voltage switching IC for flyback and offline converters Power Integrations, Inc 6,006 Add to BOM
INN3679C-H606-TL Isolate and boost your power conversion with precision engineering Power Integrations, Inc 3,662 Add to BOM