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(19 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
NXQ1TXH5/101J 8W Wireless Power Transmitter/Receiver 32-Pin HVQFN EP NXP Semiconductor 5,795 Add to BOM
P5DF081HN/T1AR1070 MIFARE SAM AV2 or AV2.6, HVQFN32 package NXP Semiconductor 3,933 Add to BOM
MFRC63003HNE MIFARE®/NTAG frontend NXP Semiconductor 7,538 Add to BOM
LPC11U35FHI33/501 NXP LPC11U35FHI33/501, 32bit ARM Cortex M0 Microcontroller, 50MHz, 64 kB Flash, 33-Pin QFN NXP Semiconductor 4,170 Add to BOM
TDA8035HN/C1,118 Interface - Specialized SMART CARD INTERFACE NXP Semiconductor 7,814 Add to BOM
R5F10ABDLNA#W5 Compact and efficient, this microcontroller is perfect for IoT projects that require a small form facto Renesas Technology Corp 5,689 Add to BOM
MFRC63003HN Contactless smart card reader NXP 3,915 Add to BOM
A7005CGHN1/T1AGBFJ Compact and robust -pin HVQFN package ensures reliable operation and minimal space usag NXP Semiconductor 7,896 Add to BOM
R5F10BBFLNA#G5 High-performance microcontroller for efficient data processin Renesas Technology Corp 6,158 Add to BOM
R5F10ABCLNA#W5 Advanced microcontroller for automotive electronics developmen Renesas Technology Corp 3,623 Add to BOM
NCF3320EHN Automotive-Grade NFC Frontend IC NXP Semiconductor 6,835 Add to BOM
MFRC63103HNY High-performance ISO/IEC 14443 A/B frontend NXP Semiconductor 6,598 Add to BOM
MFRC63103HNE - MFRC631 Near Field Communication (NFC) 13.56MHz Evaluation Board NXP Semiconductor 4,360 Add to BOM
TEF6657HN/V102K DSP Based Radio Tuner Automotive AEC-Q100 NXP Semiconductor 5,521 Add to BOM
MFRC63102HN,118 NFC/RFID Read/Write 13.56MHz 8KByte 32-Pin HVQFN EP T/R NXP Semiconductor 3,171 Add to BOM
MFRC63003HNY MIFARE®/NTAG frontend NXP Semiconductor 6,312 Add to BOM
MFRC52202HN1/TRAYB NFC/RFID Read/Write 13.56MHz 32-Pin HVQFN EP Tray NXP Semiconductor 4,744 Add to BOM
ASL2417SHNY Two-channel buck mode LED driver IC, Automotive grade, SPI, Limp Home mode NXP Semiconductor 7,213 Add to BOM
R5F10BBGLNA#U5 MCU 16-bit RL78 CISC 128KB Flash 3.3V/5V Automotive 32-Pin HVQFN EP Renesas Technology Corp 5,919 Add to BOM