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(36 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
TPS65145PWPR 4-CH LCD Bias w/ Fully Int. Pos. Charge Pump, 3.3V LDO Contr., 0.96A Min. Boost Ilim & Fault Detect TI 5,444 Add to BOM
TPS65105PWPR 4-CH LCD Bias w/ Fully Int. Pos. Charge Pump, 3.3V LDO Contr., 0.96A Min. Boost Ilim, Fault & VCOM Texas Instruments, Inc 3,834 Add to BOM
DRV8886PWPR Compact stepper driver TI 3,889 Add to BOM
DRV8873SPWPRQ1 DRV8873SPWPRQ1 is an automotive H-bridge motor driver featuring integrated current sensing capabilities and a current sense output Texas Instruments, Inc 4,218 Add to BOM
DAC8750IPWPR Advanced TSSOP24-packaged 16bit D/A converter TI 6,373 Add to BOM
TLE75008ESDXUMA1 Power Switch Low Side 0.33A 24-Pin TSDSO T/R Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,720 Add to BOM
DRV8908QPWPRQ1 Automotive 40-V, 6-A, 8-channel half-bridge motor driver with advance diagnostics Texas Instruments, Inc 50,000 Add to BOM
TPS65145PWP 4-CH LCD Bias w/ Fully Int. Pos. Charge Pump, 3.3V LDO Contr., 0.96A Min. Boost Ilim & Fault Detect Texas Instruments, Inc 3,673 Add to BOM
TPS70358PWP 1-A, dual-channel ultra-low-dropout voltage regulator with power good & enable Texas Instruments, Inc 6,299 Add to BOM
TPS92663AQPWPRQ1 High-brightness LED matrix manager for automotive headlight systems Texas Instruments, Inc 5,931 Add to BOM
TLC5928PWPR 16 channel constant current LED driver with LED open Detection Texas Instruments, Inc 3,422 Add to BOM
TPS65105PWP Dual voltage operation (3.3V/5V) for flexibility and scalability (57 characters) Texas Instruments, Inc 4,499 Add to BOM
DRV10983SQPWPRQ1 Compact EP T/R package ideal for space-constrained design Texas Instruments, Inc 4,398 Add to BOM
DRV8889AQPWPRQ1 Robust and reliable solution for high-voltage electronics syste Texas Instruments, Inc 5,489 Add to BOM
DRV8912QPWPRQ1 With its 24-pin HTSSOPT/R package Texas Instruments, Inc 5,441 Add to BOM
TPA2008D2PWPR High-performance audio amplifier designed for demanding applications Texas Instruments, Inc 3,575 Add to BOM
TLC5927QPWPRQ1 Elevate your vehicle's lighting with this intelligent LED driver, boasting precise current control and short-circuit detection Texas Instruments, Inc 5,629 Add to BOM
TPS929120AQPWPRQ1 12-channel automotive 40-V high-side LED driver with FlexWire interface Texas Instruments, Inc 5,271 Add to BOM
TPS929121QPWPRQ1 Automotive-grade performance: With its -V operating range and FlexWire interface Texas Instruments, Inc 5,528 Add to BOM
TPS65300QPWPRQ1 Automotive AEC-Q100 Microcontroller and DSP 5.6V to 40V 24-Pin HTSSOP EP T/R Texas Instruments, Inc 7,950 Add to BOM
DRV8884PWPR Microstepping Control for Precise Movement TI 3,091 Add to BOM
DRV10983QPWPRQ1 Motor Driver Power MOSFET Analog, I²C, PWM 24-HTSSOP Texas Instruments, Inc 6,808 Add to BOM
DRV8904QPWPRQ1 Robust channel motor driver for demanding task Texas Instruments, Inc 5,468 Add to BOM
BUF12800AIPWP Boost display quality with precise gamma correctio Texas Instruments, Inc 5,401 Add to BOM
TPS2220APWP Power Switch/Driver 1:1 1A 24-HTSSOP Texas Instruments, Inc 5,402 Add to BOM
TPA6011A4PWPR 3-W, stereo Class-AB audio amplifier with DC volume control & stereo headphone driver Texas Instruments, Inc 4,639 Add to BOM
TPA6011A4PWP High-quality audio amplification for stereo syste Texas Instruments, Inc 3,290 Add to BOM
THS6204IPWP Dual Port VDSL2 Differential Line Driver Amplifier Texas Instruments, Inc 4,123 Add to BOM
THS6214IPWPR High Speed, Dual Port, Differential DSL Line Driver Amplifier Texas Instruments, Inc 4,248 Add to BOM
L9026-YO-TR Configurable multi channel relay driver 2HS + 6HS/LS STMicroelectronics, Inc 6,717 Add to BOM
ISL1539IVEZ-T13 Specialized HTSSOP- interface for mission-critical systems, offering unparalleled flexibility and dependability Renesas Technology Corp 6,778 Add to BOM
BD16950EFV-CE2 Compact and efficient 2-out half-bridge driver with high and low side configuration ROHM Semiconductor 4,388 Add to BOM
BD63801EFV-E2 Motor / Motion / Ignition Controllers & Drivers Stepping Motor Driver 36V ROHM Semiconductor 7,990 Add to BOM
TPS2231PWPR French Electronic Distributor since 1988 Texas Instruments, Inc 6,928 Add to BOM
TPS2236DAP Power Interface Switch 32-Pin HTSSOP EP Tube Texas Instruments, Inc 4,201 Add to BOM
TPS65145IPWPRQ1 Automotive 2.7V to 5.8V, 4 Channel LCD Power Supply with Fault Detection Texas Instruments, Inc 7,986 Add to BOM