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(17 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
BD9781HFP Switching Voltage Regulators ROHM CO LTD 5,766 Add to BOM
TD62M8600FG Compact PNP Transistor Toshiba 6,499 Add to BOM
TB62209FG Operates at a stable 5V power supply with robust current handling capabilities Toshiba 5,518 Add to BOM
TLE6220GPAUMA2 TLE6220GP Series Infineon Technologies Corporation 7,088 Add to BOM
SI-7321M Ideal for industrial automation applications with space constraints Allegro Microsystems 6,549 Add to BOM
MC33385VW QUID+OSINE function gate driver Nxp 9,918 Add to BOM
TB6674FG Stepper motor controller toshiba 7,511 Add to BOM
VN16BSP High side switch STMicroelectronics 7,072 Add to BOM
VN610SP-E Streamline data flow with our innovative buffer/inverter peripheral driver STMicroelectronics 7,072 Add to BOM
TB6569FG(O,8,EL) Fully-bridged DC motor driver IC" Toshiba 7,072 Add to BOM
TB6588FG(O,8,EL,JU High-efficiency motor control for DC motors Toshiba 7,072 Add to BOM
TB62801F Elevate your timing capabilities with our reliable TB, ideal for use in main clock distribution networks and demanding control scenarios Toshiba 7,297 Add to BOM
BH9595FP-YE2 Compact -pin design ensures seamless device integratio ROHM Semiconductor 3,710 Add to BOM
L99PM60J L99PM60J - Power Management IC with LIN Transceiver, L99PM60J, L99PM60JTR, STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics, Inc 4,788 Add to BOM
TCB001FNG Audio Amp Speaker 4-CH Stereo 26W Class-AB Automotive 36-Pin HSSOP EP Toshiba Semiconductor 5,071 Add to BOM
L9362013TR Gate Drivers Quad Low Side Driver 5V STMicroelectronics, Inc 6,194 Add to BOM
TB62209FG(O,EL) Motor / Motion / Ignition Controllers & Drivers Stepping Motor PWM 40V 1.8A Toshiba 7,072 Add to BOM