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(43 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
LFE3-95EA-7LFN672C Flexible operation with robust signal integri Lattice 8,351 Add to BOM
LFE3-95EA-8LFN672I High-performance CPLD with reconfigurable architecture for complex systems integration" Lattice 8,794 Add to BOM
LFE3-150EA-7LFN672C High-performance logic solution for demanding applicatio Lattice 9,628 Add to BOM
LFE2M35SE-6FN672I FPGA LFESE-N is a high-performance device for digital signal processing and data storage Lattice 7,476 Add to BOM
LFE3-70EA-7FN672C Advanced 65nm technology enables increased density and speed Lattice 6,970 Add to BOM
LFE3-35EA-9FN672C Advanced CPLD/FPGA solution for complex system design needs Lattice 6,705 Add to BOM
LFE2M50SE-5FN672C ECP2M Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC 372 4246528 48000 672-BBGA Lattice 5,755 Add to BOM
LFE2-35SE-6FN672I High-performance reconfigurable logic for advanced digital designs Lattice 5,856 Add to BOM
LFE3-95EA-8LFN672C Programmable gate array with 92K LUTs and fast speed grade (74 characters) Lattice 9,071 Add to BOM
LFE2M35SE-7FN672C Programmable logic controller with extensive I/O capabilities, suitable for complex embedded systems, industrial automation, and medical device desig Lattice 6,785 Add to BOM
LFE3-70EA-7LFN672C FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array 66.5K LUTs 295 I/O 1.2V -7 SPEED Lattice 7,816 Add to BOM
LFE3-70EA-7FN672I ECP3 Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC 380 4526080 67000 672-BBGA Lattice 7,297 Add to BOM
LFE2M35E-5FN672I Advanced CPLD solution offering high-speed I/O, flexible programming and small form factor Lattice 8,179 Add to BOM
LFE3-95EA-6FN672C FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array 92K LUTs 380 I/O SERDES 1.2V -6 Speed Lattice 6,186 Add to BOM
LFE3-70EA-9FN672C High-performance FPGA for advanced applicatio Lattice 8,798 Add to BOM
LFE2M35SE-5FN672C Ideal for use in complex systems-on-chip (SoCs) that require massive parallel processin Lattice 7,784 Add to BOM
LFE2-20SE-6FN672I This programmable logic device features a large LUT count and versatile I/O capabilitie Lattice 8,406 Add to BOM
LFE3-35EA-8LFN672I High-performance FPGA with advanced features and capabiliti Lattice 5,858 Add to BOM
LFE3-95EA-7LFN672I ECP3 Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC 380 4526080 92000 672-BBGA Lattice 7,587 Add to BOM
LFE3-70EA-8FN672I ECP3 Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC 380 4526080 67000 672-BBGA Lattice 7,663 Add to BOM
LFE3-70EA-6LFN672C ECPFamily FPGA Offers Unparalleled Performance and Densit Lattice 6,180 Add to BOM
LFE2-35E-6FN672C Advanced FPGA solution for high-speed digital desig Lattice 8,529 Add to BOM
LFE3-35EA-6LFN672C Advanced CPLD/FPGA solution for fast execution of embedded systems applicatio Lattice 8,289 Add to BOM
LFE2M50SE-7FN672C Compact and efficient FPGAs for complex digital signal processing applications Lattice 7,700 Add to BOM
LFE2-35SE-5FN672I FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array 32K LUTs 450 I/O S Series DSP 1.2V -5 I Lattice 6,433 Add to BOM
LFE2-70E-5FN672I Versatile pin FBGA package offers easy integration into various system Lattice 6,580 Add to BOM
LFE3-70EA-8LFN672I Flexible and reconfigurable architecture for diverse use cases Lattice 8,633 Add to BOM
LFE3-70EA-7LFN672I FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array 66.5K LUTs 295 I/O 1.2V -7 SPEED Lattice 9,585 Add to BOM
LFE3-70EA-6LFN672I FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array 66.5K LUTs 295 I/O 1.2V -6 SPEED Lattice 6,552 Add to BOM
LFE3-150EA-6LFN672C operating voltage ensures efficient power consumption and reduced nois Lattice 6,088 Add to BOM
LFE2-35SE-7FN672C Power-efficient design for reliable performance in harsh environment Lattice 7,408 Add to BOM
LFE2-70E-7FN672C High-performance FPGA for complex digital design Lattice 5,406 Add to BOM
LFE3-70EA-9FN672I ECP3 Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC 380 4526080 67000 672-BBGA Lattice 5,556 Add to BOM
LFE3-35EA-8FN672I Programmable Logic Device (CPLDs/FPGAs) Lattice 9,291 Add to BOM
LFE2-35E-7FN672C Advanced 32K LUT FPGA with 450 I/O and 1.2V power supply Lattice 7,481 Add to BOM
LFE3-95EA-9FN672C High-performance FPGA featuring 92,000 logical units and 295 input/output pins for advanced digital design applications Lattice 9,840 Add to BOM
LFE2M50SE-6FN672C This CPLD/FPGA provides a robust platform for developing custom hardware accelerators, reducing development time and increasing system performanc Lattice 5,085 Add to BOM
LFE2-50SE-6FN672I Versatile LatticeECPfamily member with ,cells of reconfigurable memor Lattice 5,956 Add to BOM
LFE3-35EA-6FN672I High-density FPGA for complex logic design Lattice 6,944 Add to BOM
LFE2-50E-5FN672C FPGA for high-reliability applications requiring low power consumption and high performance: K LUTs, I/O, DSP, and operation on a -Spd board Lattice 7,699 Add to BOM
LFXP2-40E-6FN672C Robust and reliable programmable logic device for industrial us Lattice 9,561 Add to BOM
LFXP2-30E-6FN672C XP2 Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC 472 396288 29000 672-BBGA Lattice 9,369 Add to BOM
LFXP2-40E-7FN672C XP2 Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC 540 906240 40000 672-BBGA Lattice 5,073 Add to BOM