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(91 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
CM8068403360112S R3X9 Intel processor Intel 5,912 Add to BOM
CM8066201927202S R2HG 64-bit RISC technology Advantech 9,840 Add to BOM
BX80574QX9775 Fast and Efficient: Designed for multitasking and heavy-duty computing tasks, this CPU offers blazing speeds and unparalleled efficienc intel 8,040 Add to BOM
EU80574XL088N Fast processing, reliable performance guaranteed intel 6,789 Add to BOM
BX80635E52690V2 High-performance processing for demanding tas Intel 6,261 Add to BOM
EU80574KL088N High-performance CPU with 64-bit architecture and 32GHz frequency intel 5,123 Add to BOM
BX80574X5460P Advanced PBGApackage for space-saving solutio intel 7,487 Add to BOM
EU80574KJ087N Delivers seamless multitasking performance intel 6,909 Add to BOM
BX80574X5450A High-performance CMOS microprocessor for industrial and automotive application intel 5,207 Add to BOM
EU80574KL072N Buy now and enjoy our competitive pricing intel 5,100 Add to BOM
BX80574E5440P -bit architecture and GHz clock speed ensure efficienc intel 6,292 Add to BOM
BX80574E5420A LGA-interface enables easy integration with other components for seamless system desig intel 5,049 Add to BOM
EU80574KJ060N Lightning-fast CPU for seamless multitaski intel 5,550 Add to BOM
BX80574E5430P High-performance processing for intense workloads and gaming intel 9,063 Add to BOM
EU80574KJ067N EU80574KJ067N is an advanced CPU designed for optimal performance intel 8,938 Add to BOM
BX80574E5410A High-performance CMOS microprocessor for PBGA771 package intel 7,657 Add to BOM
EU80574KJ053N High-performance processing for demanding applications intel 7,332 Add to BOM
BX80573E5205A Reliable and efficient, for demanding tas intel 8,714 Add to BOM
BX80574E5405A Advanced CMOS microprocessor solution for efficient processing intel 9,775 Add to BOM
BX80574E5405P Advanced PBGApackaged chip for efficient computin intel 5,557 Add to BOM
EU80574KJ041N To request a quote or discuss your needs, please call us intel 9,735 Add to BOM
CM8063501375101 E vprocessor features -bit architecture, RISC design, and nm technology Intel 6,268 Add to BOM
CM8063701160603 Elegant architecture for scalable computing environments Intel 7,461 Add to BOM
BX80677E31220V6 Built for smooth multitasking and seamless productivity operations Intel 7,308 Add to BOM
CM8066002023907 Advanced processor for cloud infrastructure, HPC, and AI-driven systems, featuring a quad-core architectur Intel 7,185 Add to BOM
CD8067303561400 High-speed processing power for demanding applications Intel 8,237 Add to BOM
CD8067303327701 Xeon Platinum 8168 Processor Intel 5,671 Add to BOM
CD8067303592500 Integrated circuit Intel 7,885 Add to BOM
CD8067303405900 High Performance 2.6GHz CPU Intel 9,219 Add to BOM
HH80547PG0961MM High-performance processor for demanding applications with enhanced multitasking capabilities and increased data transfer rates intel 9,596 Add to BOM
BX80646E31220V3 Fast and efficient processor for multi-tasking environment Intel 9,211 Add to BOM
BX80677I77700 BX80677I77700 Processor featuring 8M Cache, with speeds up to 4.20 GHz Intel 5,075 Add to BOM
BX80662I56400 Innovative processing technology for fast execution results ( character Intel 6,598 Add to BOM
BX80677I57500 Intel Core i5-7500 Processor with 6M Cache, reaching speeds up to 3.80 GHz Intel 5,314 Add to BOM
BX80662I36100 LGA 1151 socket compatible Intel 8,578 Add to BOM
BX80684G5500 Boost your computing experience with this Pentium Gold processor's impressive 3.8GHz speed and 11,510 pins Intel 7,634 Add to BOM
BX80646I54460 RISC 64-bit architecture Intel 5,774 Add to BOM
CM8062301044204 The Core™ i3-2120 Processor is designed for efficient performance with a 3.30 GHz processing speed and 3M cache Intel 8,722 Add to BOM
BX80677G3930 Ideal for general office work and browsing Intel 6,184 Add to BOM
BX80684G4900 Powerful and efficient processor for your daily needs: Intel Celeron G, FCLGA packag Intel 8,108 Add to BOM
EU80574KL080N High-Speed CPU for Efficient Data Processing intel 8,672 Add to BOM
BX80574L5420P Rugged and reliable processor for demanding industrial environment Intel 7,072 Add to BOM
BX80662I56500 Efficient 14nm technology Intel 5,313 Add to BOM
CD8069504195201 SRF96 CPU - Central Processing Units SvrWS XP Cascade Lake-SP 26C 8270 2.7G 35.75M 205W Intel 5,777 Add to BOM
CD8069504228001 SRF9P CPU - Central Processing Units SvrWS XP Cascade Lake-SP 28C 8280 2.7G 38.5M 205W intel 6,595 Add to BOM
CD8069504194501 SRF92 CPU - Central Processing Units SvrWS XP Cascade Lake-SP 18C 6254 3.1G 24.75M 200W intel 8,684 Add to BOM
CD8069504194401 SRF91 CPU - Central Processing Units SvrWS XP Cascade Lake-SP 24C 6252 2.1G 35.75M 150W intel 6,380 Add to BOM
CD8069504194001 SRF8X CPU - Central Processing Units SvrWS XP Cascade Lake-SP 18C 6240 2.6G 24.75M 150W intel 9,762 Add to BOM
CD8069504195501 SRF99 CPU - Central Processing Units SvrWS XP Cascade Lake-SP 28C 8276 2.2G 38.5M 165W intel 8,438 Add to BOM
CD8069504194101 SRF8Y CPU - Central Processing Units SvrWS XP Cascade Lake-SP 16C 6242 2.8G 22M 150W intel 6,308 Add to BOM