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(33 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
XC6VLX130T-1FF1156C 85V TVS Diode with 137V Peak Pulse Power in SMB package model XC6VLX130T-1FF1156C Amd 7,072 Add to BOM
XC6VLX240T-1FFG1156I This CMOS FPGA boasts a massive 241152 cells for high-performance computing applications Amd 5,335 Add to BOM
XCKU035-2FFVA1156I Cutting-edge 0.95V voltage FPGA for advanced applications XILINX 7,384 Add to BOM
XC6VLX240T-2FF1156I With a compact 35x35mm package size XILINX 7,678 Add to BOM
XC6VLX240T-1FF1156I The XC6VLX240T-1FF1156I is an FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array that offers high flexibility XILINX 6,346 Add to BOM
XC6VLX130T-2FFG1156C Field Programmable Gate Array with 1286MHz and 128000 cells XILINX 5,431 Add to BOM
XC6VLX195T-2FFG1156C The XC6VLX195T-2FFG1156C is a powerful FPGA from the Virtex-6 LXT family, featuring 199680 cells and built on 40nm CMOS technology." XILINX 4,884 Add to BOM
XC6VLX195T-1FFG1156C XC6VLX195T-1FFG1156C FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array XILINX 4,407 Add to BOM
XCZU7EV-2FFVC1156I FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array XILINX 6,575 Add to BOM
XCKU060-2FFVA1156I FPGA Kintex UltraScale 580440 Cells 20nm Technology 0.95V 1156-Pin FC-BGA Tray XILINX 7,220 Add to BOM
XC6VSX315T-1FFG1156I XILINX 800 Add to BOM
PEX8764-AB80BI G PCI Express Switch 64Lanes 16 Port 4-CH 1156-Pin FCBGA Broadcom Corporation 4,654 Add to BOM
XC7K420T-2FFG1156I Developmental product demonstration description xilinx 9,039 Add to BOM
XC7K420T-1FFG1156I FPGA XC7K420T-1FFG1156I xilinx 7,571 Add to BOM
XCKU15P-1FFVA1156E Rohs Compliant AMD Xilinx Amd 7,072 Add to BOM
XCKU040-2FFVA1156E High-performance programmable logic solution for complex systems development Xilinx 7,882 Add to BOM
XC7Z100-2FFG1156I Powerful 800MHz processing speed Amd 5,509 Add to BOM
XC7A200T-1FFG1156I XC7A200T-1FFG11SI is an advanced FPGA chip offering 215k logic cells, 1320 DSP slices, and robust performance Amd 5,145 Add to BOM
XCZU11EG-2FFVC1156I Embedded FPGA solution XILINX INC 7,072 Add to BOM
XCZU9EG-2FFVB1156E XCZU9EG-2FFVB1156E System on Chip FPGA XILINX INC 5,998 Add to BOM
XCKU11P-3FFVA1156E A versatile programmable logic device offering excellent signal integrity and reduced power consumptio Xilinx 7,032 Add to BOM
XCZU6EG-L2FFVB1156E Compact yet Powerful, These MCUs Drive Innovation and Efficiency XILINX 7,654 Add to BOM
XCZU11EG-1FFVC1156I This highly integrated System-on-Chip (SoC) FPGA combines high-speed interfaces Xilinx 7,731 Add to BOM
XCZU11EG-3FFVC1156E Cutting-edge SoC combines robust FPGA and powerful processing capabilities Xilinx 5,960 Add to BOM
XCZU7EG-L1FFVC1156I Compact 256KB MCU with High-Performance Processing Capabilities Xilinx 7,288 Add to BOM
XC6VLX240T-L1FF1156I Advanced digital processing for high-performance applications Xilinx 7,280 Add to BOM
XCKU15P-L2FFVA1156E A versatile and reliable CPLD/FPGA solution for digital design needs. Xilinx 7,454 Add to BOM
89H64H16G2ZCBLGI High-speed interconnect solution for scalable data transfer and improved system performance Renesas Technology Corp 7,993 Add to BOM
89H34H16G2ZCBLGI High-speed interface chip for PCIe Gen2 applications Renesas Technology Corp 4,765 Add to BOM
89H48H12AG2ZCBL Fast Lane Interconnect Solution: Streamline data transfer between devices with this high-speed, low-latency PCI Express switc Renesas Technology Corp 4,922 Add to BOM
89H48H12AG2ZCBLG High-speed connection for multiple devices, ideal for high-performance computing Renesas Technology Corp 6,092 Add to BOM
89H48H12AG2ZCBLGI Switch Interfacing Interface 1156-FCBGA (35x35) Renesas Technology Corp 6,716 Add to BOM