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(29 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
1SX280LU2F50E2VGS2 Stratix 10 GX FPGA with 2800000 cells, utilizing 14nm technology, 1.8V voltage, and 2397 pins in FC-FBGA package INTEL CORP 7,072 Add to BOM
1SG280LU3F50E3VGS1 A versatile programmable logic device designed for customizable integrated circuits INTEL CORP 7,072 Add to BOM
EP2AGX95EF35I5G This EPGXEFI device offers a unique combination of speed, density, and programmabilit Intel 9,164 Add to BOM
EP2AGX125EF35C6G Reconfigurable digital circuitry for flexible design-in and rapid prototyping of complex system Intel 9,355 Add to BOM
EP2AGX65DF25C4G Advanced data processing and analytics capabiliti Intel 5,040 Add to BOM
10AS066H2F34I2SGHZ Advanced nm Technology for High-Performance Application Intel 5,983 Add to BOM
10AX048H4F34E3SGES Next-generation programmable device for fast data transfer and processing Intel 5,806 Add to BOM
1SX280HU3F50E2LGS3 Advanced microprocessor for secure, efficient, and scalable system desig Intel 5,012 Add to BOM
1SX280HU3F50E1VGS3 High-performance MCU for embedded systems with advanced features and improved power efficienc Intel 9,482 Add to BOM
1SG210HN2F43E2VGS1 The GNEGSis an advanced programmable logic device ideal for high-speed networking, data centers, and AI application Intel 9,679 Add to BOM
5SGXEA7K2F40C2ESAB Reprogrammable array of interconnected logic gates for diverse applications Intel 5,782 Add to BOM
5SGSMD4H3F35C2NGA Advanced programmable logic device for fast prototyping and development of innovative electronics Intel 6,812 Add to BOM
EP4SGX230KF40C3NGB High-performance, reconfigurable logic for complex data processing and analytics applications Intel 6,193 Add to BOM
EP2AGZ225HF40I3 High-performance, low-power, x-pin packag Intel 5,759 Add to BOM
EP1S20F780C6 This FPGAs features high-speed serial transceiver interfaces Intel 8,140 Add to BOM
5AGXMA5G4F31I5N Reconfigurable integrated circuit for rapid prototyping Intel 8,586 Add to BOM
1SG250LU3F50E3VG Stratix 10 GX Family features advanced programmable logic Intel 8,886 Add to BOM
10CX220YF672E6G 20nm Technology Altera 5,471 Add to BOM
EP4SGX180KF40C4G - Programmable Logic Device (CPLDs/FPGAs) ROHS Intel 5,094 Add to BOM
EP2SGX30CF780C5N EP2SGX30CF780C5N comes in a 780-pin FC-FBGA package, making it suitable for a wide range of applications Intel 5,786 Add to BOM
EP2A25F672I8 FPGA APEX II Family boasting 900K gates, 24320 cells, and clocking at 333MHz, crafted with 0 Intel 2,699 Add to BOM
EP20K400CF672C7 Product EP20K400CF672C7 is an FPGA belonging to the APEX 20KC family, boasting 400K gates and 16640 cells, operating at a frequency of 375 Intel 9,666 Add to BOM
EP1SGX25CF672C6 The FPGA EP1SGX25CF672C6 belongs to the Stratix GX Family and boasts 25660 Cells capable of operating at a frequency of 5000MHz Intel 8,960 Add to BOM
1SG280LN3F43E2VGS1 FPGA Stratix® 10 GX Family 2800000 Cells 14nm Technology 1.8V 1760-Pin FC-FBGA Intel 7,123 Add to BOM
EP2AGX95DF25I5NGA High Performance Low Power FPGA Intel 5,860 Add to BOM
EP4SGX360FF35C3NGA 40nm Technology Stratix IV FPGA Intel 5,302 Add to BOM
EP2AGX190FF35C6NGA FPGA Arria® II GX Family 181165 Cells 400MHz 40nm Technology 0.9V 1152-Pin FC-FBGA Tray Intel 9,447 Add to BOM
10AX066H4F34E3SGE2 FPGA Arria 10 GX Family 660000 Cells Intel 7,934 Add to BOM
5AGXMA3D4F31I3NGA FPGA Arria V GX Family 148000 Cells 28nm Technology Intel 5,113 Add to BOM