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(124 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
EP4CE40F23I7N The EP4CE40F23I7N FPGA provides engineers with a powerful platform for developing advanced electronics systems Intel 4,863 Add to BOM
EP4CE115F23C8N Versatile FPGA for Development Projects Altera 7,171 Add to BOM
EP3C55F484C8N 5856 CLBs, 472.5MHz Altera 7,382 Add to BOM
EP3C40F484I7N Programmable logic Altera 8,425 Add to BOM
EP3C40F484I7 Field Programmable Gate Array with 39600-Cell architecture and 1mm pitch, measuring 23x23mm in size Altera 7,596 Add to BOM
EP3C40F484C6N EP3C40F484C6N is an FPGA from the Cyclone® III Family with 39600 cells, operating at a clock speed of 500MHz using 65nm technology and 1 Altera 6,557 Add to BOM
EP3C120F484I7N EP3C120F484I7N FIELD PROGRAMMABLE GATE ARRAY 119088 CLBS 472.5MHZ 119088-CELL CMOS PBGA484 Altera 5,814 Add to BOM
5CEFA9F23I7N CMOS Field Programmable Gate Array with 301000-Cell PBGA484 Altera 6,375 Add to BOM
5CGXFC3B7F23C8N Digital integrated circuit Altera 5,046 Add to BOM
5CGXFC7C6F23C7N FPGA Cyclone V GX Family 149500 Cells 28nm Technology 1.1V 484-Pin FBGA Altera 6,179 Add to BOM
5CEFA5F23I7N 77000 Cells Cyclone® V E Family FPGA Altera 6,276 Add to BOM
EP4CE55F23C8N Versatile FPGA for flexible programming Intel 5,035 Add to BOM
EP4CE40F23C8N Description Demo for Product Development Altera 6,196 Add to BOM
EP4CE15F23I7N Experience unparalleled performance with the EP4CE15F23I7N, your go-to product for innovation." Altera 5,777 Add to BOM
XC7S75-2FGGA484C The item with model number XC7S75-2FGGA484C Amd 6,578 Add to BOM
EP2S15F484C3N 90nm technology-based FPGA from the Stratix® II Family, capable of running at 816.99MHz and powered by 1.2V Intel 5,963 Add to BOM
EP20K200EFC484-2X EP20K200EFC484-2X is a Field Programmable Gate Array CPLD with 832 Macro and 376 IOs Intel 7,072 Add to BOM
EP1AGX20CF484C6N FBGA-484 PLD ROHS Intel 4,691 Add to BOM
EP3C80F484C6N CMOS Other FPGA with RoHS Compliance from 2007 Intel 4,766 Add to BOM
EP3C55F484C8 55856 logic cells Intel 5,314 Add to BOM
EP3C55F484C6N Utilizes 65nm technology with a maximum operating frequency of 500MHz Intel 6,482 Add to BOM
EP3C55F484C6 EP3C55F484C6 is a high-performance solution for demanding applications in the electronics industry Intel 6,160 Add to BOM
EP3C40F484C7N 484-Pin FBGA package for easy integration Intel 4,171 Add to BOM
EP3C16F484I7N 437.5MHz EP3C16F484I7N FPGA Cyclone III Family Intel 6,793 Add to BOM
EP3C16F484C8N EP3C16F484C8N is a FPGA from the Cyclone® III Family with 15408 Cells and utilizes 65nm Technology Intel 5,573 Add to BOM
EP3C16F484C6N Field Programmable Gate Array - Tailoring hardware to your needs Intel 4,576 Add to BOM
EP3C120F484C8N Boasting 119088 cells and a clock speed of 402MHz, the EP3C120F484C8N FPGA is a top-of-the-line choice for demanding applications Intel 4,142 Add to BOM
EP2S60F484I4 90nm Technology with 1.2V power supply Intel 7,037 Add to BOM
EP2S30F484I4N 3880-Cell capacity Intel 5,004 Add to BOM
EP2S30F484C4N Cutting-edge 90nm technology for improved efficiency and speed Intel 5,935 Add to BOM
EP2C50F484C6 Versatile architecture enables custom design Intel 7,610 Add to BOM
EP2C35F484C6N The EP2C35F484C6N is a cutting-edge Programmable Logic Device (CPLDs/FPGAs) that adheres to ROHS guidelines Intel 7,771 Add to BOM
EP2C20F484I8 18752-Cell CMOS PBGA484 FBGA-484 Intel 7,185 Add to BOM
EP1S20F484I6N Lead free Field Programmable Gate Array with 18460 cells, CMOS technology, FBGA-484 packaging, 23 x 23 mm dimensions, and 1 mm pitch Intel 5,738 Add to BOM
EP2C20F484I8N This FPGA IC offers a total of 239616 bits of on-chip memory, making it suitable for a wide range of applications Intel 7,085 Add to BOM
10CL055YF484I7G FPGA Cyclone 10 LP Family Tray with 55856 Cells and 484-pin FBGA Intel 6,925 Add to BOM
10CL040YF484C8G 39600 2475 FBGA-484(23x23) Programmable Logic Device Intel 5,602 Add to BOM
10CL040YF484I7G A showcase of the latest features and functionalities in this product Intel 5,332 Add to BOM
5CEFA4F23I7N Highly adaptable semiconductor technology Intel 4,278 Add to BOM
10M16DCF484C8G Next-generation programmable device with enhanced security featur Intel 5,964 Add to BOM
5CEBA9F23C7N FPGA with 301000 Cells in Cyclone® V E Family, Built on 28nm Technology Intel 4,589 Add to BOM
5CGXFC3B6F23I7N A cutting-edge technology that enables rapid design changes and flexibility Intel 6,316 Add to BOM
5CGXFC4C6F23I7N Dual voltage output for precise digital-to-analog conversion Intel 5,314 Add to BOM
5CEFA4F23C8N The compact yet powerful design of this FPGA makes it a reliable component for demanding projects Intel 4,587 Add to BOM
5CEBA4F23C7N The 28nm technology used in this FPGA ensures efficient power consumption and high performance capabilities Intel 5,327 Add to BOM
5CEBA2F23C8N Field-programmable gate array Intel 6,082 Add to BOM
5CEBA5F23C8N FPGA with 77000 cells Intel 5,149 Add to BOM
5CEFA7F23I7N 49500 cells and PBGA484 Intel 7,278 Add to BOM
5CEFA7F23C8N 149500 56480 FBGA-484(23x23) Programmable Logic Device (CPLDs/FPGAs) ROHS Intel 7,267 Add to BOM
5CGTFD5C5F23C7N Customizable logic chip Intel 6,227 Add to BOM