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(57 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
CY7C1470V25-200BZI Quad 2.5V 72M-bit INFINEON 5,364 Add to BOM
IS61NLP102436B-200B3LI Designed for fast data processing INTEGRATED SILICON SOLUTION INC 7,072 Add to BOM
IS61NLP51236B-200B3LI-TR Key Feature: This SRAM chip boasts a large memory space of bits, making it an ideal solution for data-intensive application ISSI 8,885 Add to BOM
IS61DDB41M18A-250M3L Low-voltage operation with operating range of V~V for power-efficient design ISSI 8,627 Add to BOM
IS61DDP2B21M36A-400M3L Fast and reliable storage for IoT device ISSI 6,051 Add to BOM
IS61LPS51236A-200B3LI 512Kx36 SRAM chip with RoHS compliance ISSI 5,043 Add to BOM
IS61LPD51236A-250B3LI SRAM - Synchronous, SDR Memory IC 18Mbit Parallel 250 MHz 2.6 ns 165-PBGA (13x15) ISSI 6,398 Add to BOM
IS61DDPB251236A-400M3L Advanced SRAM module suitable for automotive, medical, and industrial applications where reliability is crucia ISSI 5,420 Add to BOM
IS61DDB42M18A-250M3L High-speed memory solution for demanding applications ISSI 9,757 Add to BOM
IS61DDB251236A-250M3L High-performance, low-power synchronous memory solution for high-speed applications ISSI 5,518 Add to BOM
IS61DDPB41M36A-400M3L Mbit Pin LFBGA package for efficient storage and processing ISSI 8,173 Add to BOM
IS61DDB42M36A-300M3L Low-power, high-density chip for efficient use of power and space constraints ISSI 8,399 Add to BOM
IS61DDPB42M36A-400M3L High-performance 72Mbit SRAM module for demanding applications ISSI 7,846 Add to BOM
IS61QDPB41M36A-400M3L Robust and reliable memory solution for demanding industries such as automotive and industrial contro ISSI 6,225 Add to BOM
IS61NLP25636A-200B3LI SRAM - Synchronous, SDR Memory IC 9Mbit Parallel 200 MHz 3.1 ns 165-TFBGA (13x15) ISSI 6,799 Add to BOM
IS61QDB42M36A-300M3L Ultra-Fast ns Access Time for Efficient Data Transf ISSI 5,427 Add to BOM
IS61NLP25636A-200B3LI-TR SRAM - Synchronous, SDR Memory IC 9Mbit Parallel 200 MHz 3.1 ns 165-TFBGA (13x15) ISSI 9,060 Add to BOM
IS61NLP25618A-200B3LI Advanced SRAM chip for high-speed data processing and storag ISSI 8,922 Add to BOM
IS61QDP2B24M18A-333M3L Synchronous SRAM for next-generation computing nee ISSI 6,184 Add to BOM
IS61QDB41M18A-250M3L Low voltage, high density FBGA-SRAM for compact and power-efficient designs in automotive and consumer electronics ISSI 7,365 Add to BOM
IS61QDB22M18A-250M3L Designed for reliability and ease of use, this Quad Sync SRAM offers Mb capacity for complex system integratio ISSI 6,967 Add to BOM
IS61VPS51236A-250B3L Type: Synchronous SRAM ISSI 6,141 Add to BOM
IS61NLP102418-200B3LI-TR Advanced memory solution for high-speed applications, featuring low power consumption and fast data transfer rate ISSI 7,144 Add to BOM
IS61QDP2B22M18A-333M3L High-performance memory solution for data-intensive application ISSI 9,600 Add to BOM
IS61QDP2B21M18A-333M3L High-speed SRAM chip for synchronized data transfe ISSI 6,624 Add to BOM
IS61NVP51236-200B3LI-TR Advanced memory solution featuring x bits of storage capacity and s read/write speed ISSI 6,205 Add to BOM
IS61QDP2B22M36A-333M3L High-speed, high-capacity SRAM for demanding application ISSI 5,409 Add to BOM
IS61QDPB21M36A-333M3L Robust A- SRAM module for demanding applications requiring minimal footprint ISSI 9,415 Add to BOM
IS61QDB24M18A-300B4LI SRAM - Synchronous, QUAD Memory IC 72Mbit Parallel 300 MHz 1.48 ns 165-LFBGA (13x15) ISSI 6,645 Add to BOM
IS61QDP2B44M18A-400M3L Advanced FBGA-165 package design ensures reliable performance in harsh environments ISSI 6,888 Add to BOM
IS61QDB41M36A-250M3L Ultra-fast ns access time ensures reliable data transf ISSI 5,691 Add to BOM
IS61QDB251236A-250M3L Low-power consumption and high-performance data transfer capabilities ISSI 5,042 Add to BOM
IS61NLP102418B-200B3LI High-Speed Data Transfer with SRAM Chip Syn ISSI 8,352 Add to BOM
IS61VPS51236B-200B3LI RoHS compliant and lead-free, ensuring safe and sustainable manufacturing practices ISSI 5,922 Add to BOM
IS61VPS204836B-250M3L SRAM 72Mb,Pipeline,Sync,2Mb x 36,250MHz,2.5V I/O,165 Ball BGA(15x17mm),RoHS ISSI 8,205 Add to BOM
IS61QDB24M18A-250B4LI V to V operating voltage for versatile system integratio ISSI 7,103 Add to BOM
IS61LPS51236B-200B3LI Fast and reliable RAM component for modern device ISSI 8,996 Add to BOM
IS61QDPB42M36A-500B4LI High-speed processing meets rigorous data requirement ISSI 7,892 Add to BOM
IS61QDPB42M36A2-500M3LI 72Mbit SRAM with FBGA-165 package ISSI 6,367 Add to BOM
IS61QDPB42M36A2-500M3L Advanced SRAM component with compact FBGA-165 package and 72Mbit capacity (55) ISSI 5,523 Add to BOM
IS61QDPB42M36A2-500B4LI Reliable memory module for industrial automation systems and data centers ISSI 5,834 Add to BOM
IS61NLP102418B-200B3LI-TR Specifications: Mb, b x , Hz, / I/O, RoHS complian ISSI 5,779 Add to BOM
CY7C1413KV18-250BZCT Fast, reliable and power-efficient SRAM for x QDR II interface compatibility Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
IS61VPS102436B-166B3LI-TR Synchronous SRAM solution for synchronized systems integratio ISSI 7,072 Add to BOM
CY7C1315KV18-250BZIT Compact FBGA-165 package reduces overall system size and improves thermal dissipation Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
IS61VPS204836B-250B3L Compact TFBGA-package for space-efficient desi ISSI 7,072 Add to BOM
IS61LPS204818B-200B3L High-speed SRAM with Mb capacity for demanding application ISSI 7,072 Add to BOM
CY7C1426KV18-300BZC Ideal for servers, workstations, and other high-end computing environment Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
CY7C1318KV18-250BZC A high-performance memory solution for demanding application Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
CY7C1425KV18-250BZCT High-Speed SRAM for Fast Data Transfer and Processi Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM