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(35 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
XCKU15P-2FFVE1517I Programmable integrated circuit with 512 input/output pins in a 1517FCBGA package XILINX 6,482 Add to BOM
XCKU15P-2FFVE1517E Programmable Gate Array XILINX 4,365 Add to BOM
EP4SGX230KF40I3N Just Arrived! High-Quality EPGXFI FBGA- RoHS Compliant, Ready to Shi Intel 7,653 Add to BOM
5AGXFB5K4F40I5N 1517-Pin FC-FBGA Intel 7,229 Add to BOM
EP4SGX360KF40C4N EP4SGX360KF40C4N is a Field Programmable Gate Array with 141440 CLBs and operates at 717MHz Intel 5,821 Add to BOM
5AGXFB3H4F40C5G ROHS Compliant 5AGXFB3H4F40C5G Intel 7,198 Add to BOM
XCKU115-1FLVA1517I Field Programmable Gate Array, 1451100-Cell, PBGA1760 XILINX 5,781 Add to BOM
XCKU115-2FLVA1517I FPGA Kintex UltraScale 1160880 Cells 20nm Technology 0.95V 1517-Pin FCBGA XILINX 6,680 Add to BOM
XCKU060-2FFVA1517I FPGA Kintex UltraScale 580440 Cells 20nm Technology 0.95V 1517-Pin FCBGA Tray XILINX 6,189 Add to BOM
EP4S40G2F40I2N Field programmable gate array with 91200 CLBs ALTERA CORP 7,072 Add to BOM
EP4S40G2F40I1 1200 CLBs and 228000-cell FPGA in CMOS technology with PBGA1517 and FBGA-1517 packaging Intel 9,247 Add to BOM
5AGXMB3G4F40I5N Industry-leading performance INTEL CORP 7,111 Add to BOM
5ASTFD5K3F40I3NES Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 SoC FPGA Arria V ST Intel 7,072 Add to BOM
5SGSMD5K2F40C2N The product is designed for field programmable applications Intel 4,248 Add to BOM
XCKU085-2FLVA1517E 70660-Cell Field Programmable Gate Array, CMOS, PBGA1517 XILINX 5,931 Add to BOM
XCZU11EG-2FFVF1517E The XCZU11EG-2FFVF1517E stands out as an advanced SoC FPGA, integrating both processing and programmable logic capabilities Xilinx 7,476 Add to BOM
XCZU7EG-1FFVF1517E Ultra-high-speed data processing and acceleration for next-generation design Xilinx 5,816 Add to BOM
XCZU7EV-1FFVF1517E This advanced SoC integrates a high-performance FPGA with extensive processing capabilities and memory resources Xilinx 7,216 Add to BOM
XCZU19EG-L2FFVB1517E High-performance microcontroller unit for industrial control applications, RoHS compliant, and suitable for various industrie Xilinx 6,734 Add to BOM
XCZU17EG-L1FFVB1517I A cutting-edge processor featuring advanced FPGA technology" Xilinx 6,276 Add to BOM
XCZU7CG-2FFVF1517I B FCBGA- MCU units with high-speed processing capabilities for various industrie Xilinx 5,074 Add to BOM
XCKU060-L1FFVA1517I High-performance programmable logic solution for diverse applications Xilinx 6,314 Add to BOM
XCZU11EG-3FFVB1517E Advanced 11-bit ADC and 8-bit DAC enable precise control and monitoring in diverse applications, including IoT devices and wearables Xilinx 8,656 Add to BOM
XCZU11EG-1FFVB1517I Expression : This SoC-FPGA hybrid provides a robust foundation for developing innovative, high-performance applications across various industrie Xilinx 8,798 Add to BOM
XCKU115-3FLVA1517E Reconfigurable, high-speed processing for data-intensive industrie Xilinx 7,358 Add to BOM
XCZU7EG-3FFVF1517E Enhanced ZynqUltraScale+ FPGA architecture with + Logic Cells for increased efficienc Xilinx 8,719 Add to BOM
XCZU11EG-L1FFVF1517I High-performance ZynqSoC FPGA for demanding application Xilinx 5,753 Add to BOM
XCZU7CG-1FFVF1517I XCZU7CG-1FFVF1517I stands out as a member of the FPGA Zynq UltraScale+ Family Xilinx 7,072 Add to BOM
10AX115N4F40I3SGES 11,500,000 Cells for enhanced processing capabilities and flexibility Intel 7,072 Add to BOM
10AX115N3F40I2SGE2 High-performance programmable logic device for complex digital design Intel 7,072 Add to BOM
10AX115N2F40I2SGE2 Reliable, programmable IC solution for industrial and consumer use Intel 7,072 Add to BOM
10AX115R4F40I3SGE2 Compact, highly-integrated field-programmable gate array for rapid prototyping and developmen Intel 7,072 Add to BOM
10AX115R3F40I2SGES Secure data transfer for confidentiality: "Guarantee secure data transmission and reception within your medical system using the 11 Intel 7,072 Add to BOM
XCZU11EG-2FFVF1517I System-on-Chip FPGA XCZU11EG-2FFVF1517I Xilinx 4,132 Add to BOM
XCKU15P-1FFVE1517E Programmable Logic Device XCKU15P-1FFVE1517E 1143450 65340 FCBGA-1517(40x40) Xilinx 7,551 Add to BOM