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(48 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
EP3SE110F1152C4N This product, EP3SE110F1152C4N, boasts a Field Programmable Gate Array feature with 4300 LABs and 744 IOs Intel 4,811 Add to BOM
EP3SE260F1152C4N The FC-FBGA packaging ensures secure and reliable connection of the FPGA to the rest of the system Intel 6,042 Add to BOM
5AGXFB3H4F35C5N 1152-Pin FC-FBGA Intel 4,833 Add to BOM
XC2VP50-6FF1152I Powerful XC2VP50-6FF1152I FPGA with 16 Rocket IOs XILINX 7,121 Add to BOM
EP4SGX230FF35C4N EP4SGX230FF35C4N is a high-performance field programmable gate array with 9120 configurable logic blocks and 228 Intel 5,905 Add to BOM
EP4SGX230FF35C3N CMOS-based 228,000-cell FPGA in PBGA1152 packaging Intel 6,163 Add to BOM
EP4SGX180FF35I4N Lead-Free FBGA1152 FPGA measuring 35 x 35 mm Intel 5,278 Add to BOM
EP4SGX180FF35C3N The EP4SGX180FF35C3N is an FPGA from the Stratix® IV GX Family, featuring 175750 cells and utilizing 40nm technology Intel 4,686 Add to BOM
EP3SE80F1152I4N Stratix III E Family FPGA with 80000 Cells and 450MHz Clock Speed Intel 7,345 Add to BOM
EP2SGX60EF1152I4N Versatile FPGA for Industrial Applications Intel 6,392 Add to BOM
EP2AGX95EF35C5N FPGA Device with 452 Input/Output Pins and 1152FBGA Packaging Intel 5,830 Add to BOM
EP2AGX190FF35I5N Tray Packaged EP2AGX190FF35I5N Intel 5,276 Add to BOM
10AX115H3F34E2SG Programmable Logic Device (CPLDs/FPGAs) 1150000 427200 FCBGA-1152(35x35) ROHS Intel 4,256 Add to BOM
10AX027H4F34I3SG High-performance programmable logic for complex system-on-chip design Intel 5,752 Add to BOM
5CGTFD9E5F35I7N Versatile and powerful solution Intel 7,772 Add to BOM
XC2V3000-4FF1152I It uses advanced CMOS technology and is housed in a PBGA1152 package with a 1mm pitch, making it suitable for high-density applications XILINX 7,342 Add to BOM
XC4VFX60-10FF1152I 1.2V 1152-Pin FC-BGA XILINX 5,781 Add to BOM
XC4VFX100-10FF1152I XC4VFX100-10FF1152I XILINX 7,957 Add to BOM
XC4VFX100-10FFG1152C Description of product XC4VFX100-10FFG1152C XILINX 7,285 Add to BOM
XC4VFX60-11FF1152I Field Programmable Gate Array XC4VFX60-11FF1152I is designed for seamless integration and customization in electronic systems XILINX 4,168 Add to BOM
1SG040HH3F35E3VG The FPGA Stratix® 10 GX Family boasts an impressive 400,000 cells and utilizes cutting-edge 14nm technology Intel 7,621 Add to BOM
EP2SGX90EF1152C3N Detailed description of EP2SGX90EF1152C3N product Intel 8,446 Add to BOM
EP2AGX125EF35I3N Industrial FPGA Intel 7,667 Add to BOM
EP4SGX180HF35C2N This FPGA is constructed with CMOS technology and is lead-free, ensuring environmentally friendly manufacturing INTEL CORP 6,547 Add to BOM
EP4SE360F35C4N This tray-packaged FPGA offers versatile programmable logic capabilities INTEL CORP 7,735 Add to BOM
EP3SE80F1152C3N High-performance Field Programmable Gate Array with Stratix III architecture and 3200 LABs, featuring 744 IOs INTEL CORP 6,091 Add to BOM
EP2SGX60EF1152C5N Field Programmable Gate Array Intel 8,289 Add to BOM
EP2AGX190FF35I5 Ideal for a wide range of applications Intel 6,658 Add to BOM
EP3SE110F1152C2 With a massive number of cells and advanced architecture, this FPGA offers flexibility and speed for various applications INTEL CORP 7,072 Add to BOM
EP2SGX60EF1152C4N Field programmable gate array Intel 8,651 Add to BOM
5AGXFA7H4F35C4N Advanced FPGA technology INTEL CORP 7,072 Add to BOM
5AGXMB1G4F35C5N High-performance FPGA from the Arria V GX Family, equipped with 300000 Cells and built using 28nm Technology for operation at 1.1V ALTERA CORP 7,072 Add to BOM
5AGXMB1G4F35I5N The FPGA operates at 1.1V and comes in a 1152-pin FC-FBGA package ALTERA CORP 7,072 Add to BOM
EP4SGX180FF35C4N Product Description Demo for Development Intel 5,063 Add to BOM
EP4SGX110FF35C4N The EP4SGX110FF35C4N FPGA is a powerful Field Programmable Gate Array from the Stratix IV GX series Intel 7,239 Add to BOM
10AS048H2F34I1SG Next-generation FPGA for AI, , and cloud computing infrastructure ALTERA 7,670 Add to BOM
10AS048K2F35E1SG Rapid prototyping and deployment solutio ALTERA 5,535 Add to BOM
10AS048H1F34E1SG This highly integrated SoC FPGA is designed for demanding compute and storage intensive application ALTERA 9,273 Add to BOM
10AS048K1F35I1SG Scalable, configurable architecture for diverse use cas ALTERA 5,470 Add to BOM
10AS048K1F35E1SG This innovative SoC FPGA features a unique blend of CPU ALTERA 6,370 Add to BOM
1ST040EH3F35E3VG Field-programmable gate array for developing unique, adaptive digital solutions with unparalleled flexibilit Intel 6,129 Add to BOM
1ST040EH1F35E1VG High-performance CPLD for advanced logic and signal processing application Intel 8,471 Add to BOM
10AX115H3F34I2SGE2 Advanced circuit design and development capabilities with precision engineering Intel 7,072 Add to BOM
10AX115H4F34I3SGES A cutting-edge FPGA solution offering exceptional performance, low power consumption, and high density storage Intel 7,072 Add to BOM
10AX115H3F34I2SGES Programmable array of integrated logic gates for flexible electronic system design Intel 7,072 Add to BOM
10AX115H2F34I2SGES High-performance programmable logic for complex digital designs Intel 7,072 Add to BOM
10AX115H4F34I3SGE2 Robust and scalable digital design element for high-reliability systems, backed by rigorous quality control and ROHS certification Intel 7,072 Add to BOM
EP4SE360F35C3N FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array FPGA - Stratix IV E 14144 LABs 744 IOs INTEL CORP 6,254 Add to BOM