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(17 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
DS12887A Clock Real-Time DS12887A+ with Alarm and Calendar Function Analog Devices 5,069 Add to BOM
DS1220Y-200 DS1220Y-200+ is a non-volatile SRAM module with a storage capacity of 2KX8, featuring a fast access time of 200ns and a CMOS technology design Analog Devices Inc. 7,589 Add to BOM
DS12C887+ Multiple external bus interfaces EDIP-24 Real-time Clocks (RTC) ROHS Analog Devices 7,402 Add to BOM
DS12887+ Clock/Calendar IC DS12887 Analog Devices 3,711 Add to BOM
DS1220AB-200+ DS1220AB-200+ NVRAM Analog Devices 4,566 Add to BOM
DS12CR887-33+ DS12CR887-33, Real Time Clock, 1 Timer, Encapsulated, PDIP24, 0.700 Inch, DIP-24 Maxim Integrated 4,704 Add to BOM
DS17287-5 Real Time Clock ADI 5,576 Add to BOM
DS1220Y-150 Non-Volatile SRAM Module, 2KX8, 150ns, CMOS, 0.720 INCH,DIP-24 DALLAS 5,029 Add to BOM
DS12C887A Real Time Clock ADI 4,357 Add to BOM
DS12C887 Real Time Clock ADI 7,135 Add to BOM
DS12CR887-5+ DS12CR887-5+ device features constant-voltage trickle charging capability" Maxim Integrated 7,714 Add to BOM
DS1220Y-150+ 150ns ROHS Compliant Analog Devices Inc. 4,009 Add to BOM
DS12CR887-33 Reliable timekeeping in a compact 24-pin package Analog Devices 5,084 Add to BOM
DS1220AD-200 SRAM Memory IC DS1220AD-200+ from MAXIM INTEGRATED PRODUCTS Analog Devices 2,734 Add to BOM
DS1220AD-200IND 16k NVRAM for nonvolatile data storage Analog Devices 2,554 Add to BOM
DS17887-3IND 3V/5V Real-Time Clocks DS17887-3IND+ Analog Devices 6,679 Add to BOM
DS1687-5 Timekeeping device Analog Devices 5,946 Add to BOM