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(561 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
SMDJ5.0A ESD suppressors/tvs diodes with 3kW power rating and 5V voltage protection in uni-directional design Littelfuse 8,935 Add to BOM
SMCJ12CA Bi-directional transient voltage suppressor SMCJ12CA for 1500W Littelfuse 6,780 Add to BOM
SMDJ100CA SMDJ100CA: 5% tolerance for reliable performance Littelfuse 4,655 Add to BOM
SMCJ48CA TVS diode array for voltage surge protecti Littelfuse 4,554 Add to BOM
SMCJ6.0A SMCJ6.0A TVS Diode Littelfuse 7,520 Add to BOM
SMCJ58CA The SMCJ58CA offers high power handling capabilities for reliable transient voltage protection Littelfuse 7,645 Add to BOM
SMCJ22A ON Semiconductor's SMCJ22A: Uni-Directional TVS Diode boasting 1500W Power in a 2-Pin DO-214AB Package Littelfuse 4,599 Add to BOM
SMDJ58A 93.6V Clamp 32.1A Ipp Tvs Diode Surface Mount DO-214AB (SMCJ) Littelfuse Inc 4,538 Add to BOM
SMDJ40CA SMDJ40CA: Single bidirectional TVS diode, designed for 40V protection with a power rating of 3KW, packaged in SMC format for automated assembly Littelfuse Inc 4,805 Add to BOM
SMCJ14A Diode TVS rated at 1.5kW, with a voltage of 16.4V and current of 64.7A, in a ±5% tolerance Littelfuse 7,670 Add to BOM
SMCJ18CA 1500W Surface Mount Transient Voltage Suppressor Littelfuse 5,596 Add to BOM
S10D-TP S10D-TP Rectifier fits 13" Reel for Stand Recovery Micro Commercial Components (Mcc) 6,691 Add to BOM
SMCJ33A ESD Suppressors / TVS Diodes 33volts 5uA 28.1 Amps Uni-Dir Littelfuse 6,107 Add to BOM
SMCJ33CA 1500W Surface Mount Transient Voltage Suppressor Littelfuse 6,545 Add to BOM
SMCJ30CA TVS Diode Single Bi-Dir 30V 1.5KW 2-Pin SMC T/R Littelfuse Inc 3,618 Add to BOM
MBRS4201T3G Schottky Power Rectifier, Surface Mount, Fast Soft-Recovery, 4.0 A, 200 V ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,248 Add to BOM
SMDJ15CA Bi-directional TVS diode with low capacitance and high power handlin Littelfuse 9,024 Add to BOM
SMDJ64CA 4CA, SMC Electrostatic and Surge Protection (TVS/ESD) ROHS": Littelfuse 6,172 Add to BOM
SMCJ170A 1500W Transient Voltage Suppressor SMCJ170A Surface Mount Littelfuse 7,710 Add to BOM
SMDJ85CA Diode TVS Single Bi-Dir 85V 3KW 2-Pin SMC T/R Littelfuse 6,914 Add to BOM
SMDJ43CA Lead-free and ready to ship within 24 hours - D/C 2023 Littelfuse 5,018 Add to BOM
SMDJ33CA Electrostatic and Surge Protection are the hallmarks of SMDJ33CA, which boasts a current capacity of 56 Littelfuse 6,742 Add to BOM
SMDJ48CA The bidirectional TVS diode SMDJ48CA has a compact design and high reliability for added protection in circuitry Littelfuse 5,438 Add to BOM
SMCJ48A 1.5kW Single Uni-Directional Diode TVS for Protection Against Voltage Spikes Littelfuse 9,554 Add to BOM
SMCJ64A High-reliability DO214AB package ensures long-lasting performance in demanding applications Littelfuse 7,324 Add to BOM
SMCJ300CA Transient Suppressor Diode Littelfuse 7,986 Add to BOM
SMCJ60A ESD Suppressors / TVS Diodes 1500W, 70.2V, 5%, Unidirectional, TVS Bourns Electronic Solutions 4,718 Add to BOM
SMDJ18CA ROHS Compliant SMDJ18CA 18V Littelfuse Inc 3,732 Add to BOM
SMDJ51A SMCDiodes TVS 3000W 51V Littelfuse Inc 5,198 Add to BOM
SMCJ250CA Transient Voltage Suppressor, Tvs, Smcj Series, Bidirectional, 250 V, Do-214Ab, 2, 279 V Rohs Compliant: Yes |Littelfuse SMCJ250CA Littelfuse Inc 7,421 Add to BOM
SMCJ10A 1500W Surface Mount Transient Voltage Suppressor Littelfuse Inc 4,489 Add to BOM
SMDJ36CA 58.1V Clamp 51.6A Ipp Tvs Diode Surface Mount DO-214AB (SMC) Littelfuse Inc 4,075 Add to BOM
SMDJ70CA SMDJ70CA TVS 3KW 70V DO-214AB Littelfuse 7,400 Add to BOM
SMDJ36A TVS Diode, Single Directional, 36V, 3KW, Surface Mount, Tape and Reel Packaging Littelfuse Inc 4,671 Add to BOM
SMCJ15CA-E3/57T 61.5A Electrostatic Protection ROHS VISHAY 8,720 Add to BOM
S10A-TP Recovery Stand Rectifier, 10A / 13" Reel MICRO COMMERCIAL COMPONENTS CORP 7,424 Add to BOM
30BQ100PBF Rectifier Diode, Schottky, 1 Phase, 1 Element, 4A INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER CORP 9,111 Add to BOM
SMCJ33CA-13-F 33.0V ESD Suppressors / TVS Diodes Diodes Inc 7,567 Add to BOM
SMLJ36CA 3KW 2-Pin DO-214AB - Tape and Reel Diode TVS Single Bi-Dir 36V Bourns Electronic Solutions 6,759 Add to BOM
TPSMC36CA Surface Mount 15 kW 36 V Diode Littelfuse Inc 5,665 Add to BOM
S3G-E3/57T Rectifiers capable of handling 3.0 Amps at 400 Volts Vishay Intertechnology, Inc 5,508 Add to BOM
S5DC-13-F Rectifier Diode, 1 Phase, 1 Element, 5A, 200V V(RRM), Silicon Diodes Inc 4,717 Add to BOM
FM307 Diodes - General Purpose, Power, Switching GP Si Rectifier SMC,3A,1000V,GP Rectron 7,655 Add to BOM
SM30T39CAY Automotive 3000 W, 33 V TVS in SMC STMicroelectronics, Inc 6,412 Add to BOM
UFS315JE3/TR13 High-Speed Power Control Device with Low Turn-Round Tim Microchip 7,072 Add to BOM
5.0SMDJ40CAS-HRA TVS Diodes / ESD Suppressors TVS 4.5KW 40V 5%BI DO-214AB TR13 RoHS Littelfuse 5,430 Add to BOM
5.0SMDJ10CAS-HRA TVS Diodes / ESD Suppressors TVS 5KW 10V 5%BI DO-214AB TR13 RoHS Littelfuse 7,014 Add to BOM
5.0SMDJ17AS-HRA TVS Diodes / ESD Suppressors TVS 5KW 17V 5%UNI DO-214AB TR13 RoHS Littelfuse 8,610 Add to BOM
5.0SMDJ6.0CAS-HRA TVS Diodes / ESD Suppressors TVS 5KW 6V 5%BI DO-214AB TR13 RoHS Littelfuse 8,578 Add to BOM
5.0SMDJ7.5CAS-HRA TVS Diodes / ESD Suppressors TVS 5KW 7.5V 5%BI DO-214AB TR13 RoHS Littelfuse 6,580 Add to BOM