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(187 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
S10K510 Varistor S10K510 Overview EPCOS - TDK Electronics 6,564 Add to BOM
ERZV05D121 Varistor with 100V voltage rating, 5J energy absorption, through-hole mounting, and radial lead design Panasonic Electronic Components 6,907 Add to BOM
ERZV05D470 Variable Voltage Radial Bulk Varistor 30VAC/38VDC 250A 47V Panasonic Electronic Components 5,988 Add to BOM
B72207S301K101 Radial bulk metal oxide varistor rated for 300VAC/385VDC, with a maximum current of 1200A and a 470V breakdown voltage EPCOS - TDK Electronics 9,547 Add to BOM
201KD14 Bulk Varistor MOV 130VAC/170VDC 4500A 200V Radial Through-Hole YAGEO 5,310 Add to BOM
S14K510 S14K510 Varistor has a maximum operating voltage of 510VAC and 670VDC Tdk 9,335 Add to BOM
RL2006-1600-103-S60 NTC Thermistors 2.78K OHM RADIAL Amphenol 6,630 Add to BOM
RL1009-5820-97-S53 NTC Thermistors 10K OHM 10% Epox Amphenol 9,687 Add to BOM
2DE503J NTC Thermistors 50Kohm 5% 4500 Beta UNCOATED Ametherm 5,720 Add to BOM
2DC302K NTC Thermistors 3Kohm 10% 3965 Beta UNCOATED Ametherm 8,986 Add to BOM
NV06P00472K-- NTC Thermistors 4700Ohm 10% KYOCERA AVX 8,666 Add to BOM
2DC302J NTC Thermistors 3Kohm 5% 3965 Beta UNCOATED Ametherm 8,177 Add to BOM
2DB102K NTC Thermistors 1Kohm 10% 3530 Beta UNCOATED Ametherm 7,011 Add to BOM
2DB101J NTC Thermistors 100ohm 5% 3530 Beta UNCOATED Ametherm 5,738 Add to BOM
1DE104J NTC Thermistors 100Kohm 5% 4500 Beta UNCOATED Ametherm 9,623 Add to BOM
1DC502J NTC Thermistors 5Kohm 5% 3965 Beta UNCOATED Ametherm 5,933 Add to BOM
1DC502K NTC Thermistors 5Kohm 10% 3965 Beta UNCOATED Ametherm 9,568 Add to BOM
1DA500K NTC Thermistors 50ohm 10% 3000 Beta UNCOATED Ametherm 5,758 Add to BOM
1DA101K NTC Thermistors 100ohm 10% 3000 Beta UNCOATED Ametherm 9,304 Add to BOM
RL2008-39.6K-150-D1 NTC Thermistors 70K Ohm +/-10% Bare Disc Uninsulate lead Amphenol 8,687 Add to BOM
2DA200J NTC Thermistors 20ohm 5% 3000 Beta UNCOATED Ametherm 7,057 Add to BOM
B57891M0334K000 NTC Thermistors 330k 4830 3% TDK 9,705 Add to BOM
ND09K00151K-- NTC Thermistors 150 OHM 10% KYOCERA AVX 5,201 Add to BOM
ND06T00104K-- NTC Thermistors 100K OHM 10% KYOCERA AVX 6,956 Add to BOM
NJ28MA0103H-- NTC Thermistors 10K OHM KYOCERA AVX 9,472 Add to BOM
ND03M00472J-- NTC Thermistors 4700Ohm 5% KYOCERA AVX 5,092 Add to BOM
ND06S00473K-- NTC Thermistors 47K OHM 10% KYOCERA AVX 7,282 Add to BOM
NJ28KA0202F-- NTC Thermistors 2K OHM 1% KYOCERA AVX 5,754 Add to BOM
BN-LG20Y121MYB NTC Thermistor 120 Disc 20mm Bourns 8,135 Add to BOM
BN-LG20Y4R0MYB NTC Thermistor 4 Disc 20mm Bourns 5,320 Add to BOM
BN-LG20Y8R0MYB NTC Thermistor 8 Disc 20mm Bourns 7,195 Add to BOM
BN-LG20Y4R7MYB NTC Thermistor 4.7 Disc 20mm Bourns 7,684 Add to BOM
BN-LG20Y150MYB NTC Thermistor 15 Disc 20mm Bourns 7,557 Add to BOM
BN-LG20Y100MYB NTC Thermistor 10 Disc 20mm Bourns 8,752 Add to BOM
BN-LG20Y130MYB NTC Thermistor 13 Disc 20mm Bourns 7,551 Add to BOM
BN-LG20Y2R2MYB NTC Thermistor 2.2 Disc 20mm Bourns 9,836 Add to BOM
BN-LG15Y250MYB NTC Thermistor 25 Disc 15mm Bourns 8,574 Add to BOM
BN-LG15Y221MYB NTC Thermistor 220 Disc 15mm Bourns 7,330 Add to BOM
BN-LG15Y1R5MYB NTC Thermistor 1.5 Disc 15mm Bourns 5,727 Add to BOM
BN-LG15Y100MYB NTC Thermistor 10 Disc 15mm Bourns 6,417 Add to BOM
BN-LG15Y2R5MYB NTC Thermistor 2.5 Disc 15mm Bourns 9,843 Add to BOM
BN-LG15Y160MYB NTC Thermistor 16 Disc 15mm Bourns 5,764 Add to BOM
BN-LG10Y8R0MYB NTC Thermistor 8 Disc 10mm Bourns 9,319 Add to BOM
BN-LG10Y130MYB NTC Thermistor 13 Disc 10mm Bourns 6,411 Add to BOM
BN-LG10Y7R0MYB NTC Thermistor 7 Disc 10mm Bourns 9,037 Add to BOM
BN-LG10Y6R8MYB NTC Thermistor 6.8 Disc 10mm Bourns 7,449 Add to BOM
BN-LG10Y470MYB NTC Thermistor 47 Disc 10mm Bourns 6,694 Add to BOM
BN-LG10Y220MYB NTC Thermistor 22 Disc 10mm Bourns 5,700 Add to BOM
BN-LG10Y100MYB NTC Thermistor 10 Disc 10mm Bourns 5,347 Add to BOM
BN-LG10Y6R0MYB NTC Thermistor 6 Disc 10mm Bourns 8,522 Add to BOM