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(22 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
Z4D-F04A Pre-connected Optical Sensing Unit OMRON 7,535 Add to BOM
LM324NE3 Wide frequency range of 1.2MHz Texas Instruments, Inc 5,967 Add to BOM
KB847-B High-isolation, high-reliability optocouplers ensure secure data transmission and control KINGBRIGHT CORP 7,458 Add to BOM
HCPL-900J-000E With a data rate of 100MBd, the HCPL-900J-000E digital isolator provides reliable isolation for digital signals Broadcom Corporation 4,346 Add to BOM
MS-NA2-1 Measure temperature, humidity, and light intensity with ease Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales 8,029 Add to BOM
KB816 Transistor Output Optocouplers Kingbright 5,654 Add to BOM
ACPL-K342-000E Logic Output Optocouplers Optocoupler Broadcom Corporation 5,238 Add to BOM
LIA120 Optoisolator Photovoltaic Output 3750Vrms 1 Channel 8-DIP IXYS Corporation 3,350 Add to BOM
XS2F-D421-DC0-A Robust Construction for Reliable Performance Omron 3,569 Add to BOM
V-151-3C6-K 125V SPST - NO 250V - Microswitches ROHS Omron 6,040 Add to BOM
MKS2P DC110 Precise control over electrical circuits, thanks to this high-quality general purpose relay with robust design Omron 3,573 Add to BOM
HFW5A1106K00 28V@DC 26.5V 5A DPDT (2 Form C) - Power Relays ROHS Te Connectivity 5,506 Add to BOM
4N40W High-speed optical coupler for V SCR applications, reliable and durabl Onsemi 6,266 Add to BOM
ISD17120EY Advanced voice recording and playback module for various applications Nuvoton Technology Corporation 6,127 Add to BOM
ISD17120EYI Compact solution for real-time voice recording and playback functions Nuvoton Technology Corporation 3,020 Add to BOM
HCPL-9031-000E Compact, cost-effective solution for digital signal isolation and conversion Broadcom Corporation 5,536 Add to BOM
FOD3150SV High Noise Immunity, 1.0A Output Current, Gate Drive Optocoupler ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,145 Add to BOM
FOD3150TSR2V High Noise Immunity, 1.0A Output Current, Gate Drive Optocoupler ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,647 Add to BOM
FOD3184SV 3A Output Current, High Speed MOSFET/IGBT Gate Driver Optocoupler ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,704 Add to BOM
HCPL-9000-000E Digital Isolators Digital Isolator (100MBd) Broadcom Corporation 4,809 Add to BOM
ACPL-H312-000E Logic Output Optocouplers 2.5A IGBT Gate Drive Broadcom Corporation 5,396 Add to BOM
ISD17120PYI Voice Record/Playback IC Multiple Message 80 ~ 240 Sec Pushbutton, SPI 28-DIP Nuvoton Technology Corporation 4,622 Add to BOM