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(765 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
BU8874 Telecom Interface ICs RECOMMENDED ALT 5V 8-PIN ROHM Semiconductor 6,566 Add to BOM
AT17LV128-10PC Memory for serially configuring FPGAs Microchip Technology, Inc 5,526 Add to BOM
CA3098E Photosensitive Devices Controller 8-Pin PDIP Rochester Electronics Incorporated 5,523 Add to BOM
AT17C65-10PC Featuring a DIP-8 package design Microchip Technology, Inc 5,781 Add to BOM
EPC1PI8 Flash memory module Intel Corp 3,842 Add to BOM
RC4200N High-Fidelity Voltage Multiplier Raytheon Technologies Corporation 5,581 Add to BOM
RC4200AN 8-Pin PDIP Analog Multiplier 4Bit Rochester Electronics Incorporated 3,024 Add to BOM
XC17S50APD8C Programmable memory for FPGA configuration AMD Xilinx, Inc 7,926 Add to BOM
XC1701LPD8C FPGA Configuration PROMs AMD Xilinx, Inc 5,565 Add to BOM
XC17S30APD8C Programmable read-only memory for FPGA configuration AMD Xilinx, Inc 7,623 Add to BOM
NE555P Single Precision Timer Texas Instruments, Inc 5,971 Add to BOM
MAX690EPA+ Supervisor Push-Pull, Totem Pole 1 Channel 8-PDIP Maxim Integrated 6,327 Add to BOM
EPC1PI8N Enhanced with a programmable configuration SRAM, this FBGA module offers top-notch performance Intel Corp 6,270 Add to BOM
AD830ANZ High Speed, Video Difference Amplifier Analog Devices, Inc 7,604 Add to BOM
MAX485CPA+ 1/1 Transceiver Half RS422, RS485 8-PDIP Maxim Integrated 3,633 Add to BOM
MAX293CPA 1 8 DIP-8 Switched Capacitor Filters ROHS Maxim Integrated 7,398 Add to BOM
AT17LV256-10PI AT17LV256-10PI product description Microchip Technology, Inc 5,326 Add to BOM
UCC37322P 9-A/9-A single-channel gate driver with split outputs, 25-ns prop delay, and enable Texas Instruments, Inc 6,279 Add to BOM
UCC27423P UCC27423P is a dual MOSFET power driver with a maximum current rating of 4A Texas Instruments, Inc 4,806 Add to BOM
UC3845N The UC3845N is an AC-DC controller and regulator that is ROHS certified and comes in a DIP-8 package Texas Instruments, Inc 4,894 Add to BOM
UC3844N Robust and reliable PMIC solution for a wide input voltage range Texas Instruments, Inc 6,011 Add to BOM
UC2842N 1 amp current mode PWM controller with 30 volts Texas Instruments, Inc 4,555 Add to BOM
TL3843P Boost, Flyback, Forward Regulator Positive Output Step-Up, Step-Up/Step-Down DC-DC Controller IC 8-PDIP Texas Instruments, Inc 6,494 Add to BOM
UCC3804N 12V, 1A low power BICMOS 1MHz current mode PWM with 12.5V/8.3V UVLO and 50% duty cycle, 0C to 70C Texas Instruments, Inc 6,243 Add to BOM
TLC2272CP Dual, Low-Noise, Rail-To-Rail Operational Amplifier Texas Instruments, Inc 5,625 Add to BOM
LM555CN/NOPB LM555CN/NOPB: High Frequency Oscillator Timer Texas Instruments, Inc 6,088 Add to BOM
TLC555CP 2.1-MHz, 250-µA, Low-Power Timer Texas Instruments, Inc 3,968 Add to BOM
INA105KP Differential OpAmp Package with 8-pin DIP and ROHS Compliance Texas Instruments, Inc 4,603 Add to BOM
LMC6001AIN/NOPB One-channel operational amplifier module Texas Instruments, Inc 5,266 Add to BOM
INA118P High precision instrumentation Texas Instruments, Inc 5,104 Add to BOM
OPA703PA DIP8 operational amplifier with 1MHz bandwidth and single channel Texas Instruments, Inc 3,714 Add to BOM
LM331N/NOPB Precision voltage-to-frequency converter with 1-Hz to 100-kHz full scale frequency Texas Instruments, Inc 5,313 Add to BOM
NE5532P Dual, 30-V, 10-MHz, low-noise operational amplifier for audio applications Texas Instruments, Inc 5,996 Add to BOM
LM393AP Integrated circuit for measuring voltage variances in a circuit Texas Instruments, Inc 4,213 Add to BOM
TLC5615CP 10-bit, single-channel, low-power DAC with 12.5us settling time and power-on reset Texas Instruments, Inc 5,784 Add to BOM
INA129P Precision, Low Power Instrumentation Amplifiers Texas Instruments, Inc 5,040 Add to BOM
INA134PA Single, Audio Differential Line Receivers, 0dB (G=1) Texas Instruments, Inc 6,339 Add to BOM
SN75158P Dual Differential Line Driver Texas Instruments, Inc 3,843 Add to BOM
SN75LBC184P Transient Voltage Suppression Differential Transceiver Texas Instruments, Inc 3,430 Add to BOM
LM2903P Comparator General Purpose Open-Collector, Rail-to-Rail 8-PDIP Texas Instruments, Inc 3,896 Add to BOM
XC17128EPD8C FPGA Configuration PROMs play a crucial role in enabling the functionality of FPGA devices AMD Xilinx, Inc 6,589 Add to BOM
XC17S40XLPD8C High-density programmable memory for advanced applications AMD Xilinx, Inc 4,983 Add to BOM
XC17S30XLPD8I 3.3V PROM Serial with 243.3K-bit capacity in 8-Pin PDIP package AMD Xilinx, Inc 7,312 Add to BOM
XC17S20PD8C Compact and efficient programmable read-only memory modul AMD Xilinx, Inc 6,516 Add to BOM
XC17S200APD8C FPGA Configuration PROM Memories product XC17S200APD8C AMD Xilinx, Inc 5,516 Add to BOM
XC1765EPD8C Configurable memory modules optimized for programming FPGA platforms with ease AMD Xilinx, Inc 6,640 Add to BOM
XC17S40PD8C Programmable Logic Device for Configuring Circuits AMD Xilinx, Inc 7,459 Add to BOM
MC33078P 16MHz bandwidth ensures precise amplification of high-frequency signals Texas Instruments, Inc 5,017 Add to BOM
LM2574N-ADJG Buck Regulator, Switching, Adjustable Output Voltage, 0.5 A ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,677 Add to BOM
UC3842BNG Robust and reliable solution for regulating and monitoring DC current ON 6,779 Add to BOM