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(151 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
AM27C256-200DC IC 27C256-20 EPROM 256K-Bit 200ns CMOS UV EPROM XILINX 5,235 Add to BOM
M48Z58Y-70PC1 Non-volatile memory technology STMicroelectronics, Inc 6,829 Add to BOM
PIC16F72-I/SP 8-bit Microcontrollers - MCU 3.5KB 128 RAM 22 I/O Microchip Technology, Inc 3,455 Add to BOM
PIC18F2320-I/SP PIC18F2320-I/SP: 40MHZ CMOS 28 LD MCU with 4K Flash Microchip Technology, Inc 3,081 Add to BOM
ATMEGA8A-PU Microcontroller 8-bit AVR MICROCHIP 4,883 Add to BOM
PIC16F883-I/SP PIC PIC® 16F Microcontroller IC 8-Bit 20MHz 7KB (4K x 14) FLASH 28-SPDIP Microchip Technology, Inc 3,357 Add to BOM
ISD4003-04MPY voice recording device Nuvoton Technology Corporation 6,312 Add to BOM
ISD2590P The ISD2590P allows for voice recording and playback functionality Nuvoton Technology Corporation 6,043 Add to BOM
ISD25120P 120 seconds Voice Record and Playback 5V 28-Pin PDIP Nuvoton Technology Corporation 7,881 Add to BOM
M27C256B-90B6 32 kilobyte x 8 electrically programmable read-only memory, 90 nanosecond access time STMicroelectronics, Inc 5,929 Add to BOM
LM1283N High-quality amplifier for RGB video applications Texas Instruments, Inc 5,505 Add to BOM
FM18W08-PG The FM18W08-PG is a 256Kbit NVRAM FRAM Parallel component that ensures data retention without the need for a power source, operating at 3 Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,504 Add to BOM
ISD2560P Speech recorder with 60 seconds of recording time Nuvoton Technology Corporation 5,051 Add to BOM
ISD1416P Expression Compact Voice Record/Playback IC for Multiple Message Applications ( character Nuvoton Technology Corporation 7,870 Add to BOM
ISD1730PY '60s Voice Record and Playback Nuvoton Technology Corporation 7,263 Add to BOM
PIC16C55A-04/P 512 x 12 words EPROM Microchip Technology, Inc 3,430 Add to BOM
FM1808-70-PG NVRAM FRAM Parallel 256K-Bit 5V 28-Pin PDIP Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,373 Add to BOM
DS1216 Timer or RTC, Non-Volatile, CMOS, PDIP28, DALLAS 7,025 Add to BOM
PIC16F876A-I/SP MCU 8-bit PIC RISC 14KB Flash 5V 28-Pin SPDIP Tube Microchip Technology, Inc 4,488 Add to BOM
PIC18F2221-E/SP PIC18F2221-E/SP is a PIC microcontroller with 4kB memory, operating at 40MHz and compatible with a voltage range of 4 microchip 9,523 Add to BOM
MSM6947RS Simple yet effective data transmission solutio LAPIS Semiconductor 3,894 Add to BOM
CP82C59AZ Interface 28-PDIP Renesas Technology Corp 3,926 Add to BOM
NJU7305L Audio Amplifiers 7-Band EVR for Graphic Equalizer NEW JAPAN RADIO CO LTD 5,849 Add to BOM
TDA7318 Audio DSPs Digital Audio Proc STMicroelectronics, Inc 6,791 Add to BOM
LM1281N LM1281N Video Amplifiers specifications Texas Instruments, Inc 5,282 Add to BOM
DS1225AB-85+ 64 kilobytes of Nonvolatile SRAM Maxim Integrated 5,850 Add to BOM
DS1230AB-100+ NVSRAM (Non-Volatile SRAM) Memory IC 256Kbit Parallel 100 ns 28-EDIP Maxim Integrated 6,317 Add to BOM
AT27C512R-45PU 512Kb (64-Kbit x 8) 5V OTP EPROM . Microchip Technology, Inc 5,744 Add to BOM
PIC18F248-I/SP Compact 5V 28-Pin Integrated Circuit Microchip Technology, Inc 3,066 Add to BOM
PIC16C72A-20/SP 8-bit Microcontrollers - MCU 3.5KB 128 RAM 22 I/O Microchip Technology, Inc 5,673 Add to BOM
PIC16C62B-04/SP MCU 8-bit PIC16 PIC RISC 3.5KB EPROM 5V 28-Pin SPDIP Tube - Rail/Tube Microchip Technology, Inc 4,422 Add to BOM
PIC16F76-I/SP 8-bit Microcontrollers - MCU 14KB 368 RAM 22 I/O Microchip Technology, Inc 5,261 Add to BOM
MCP23S18-E/SP 16-Bit SPI I/O Expander with Open-Drain Output. Microchip Technology, Inc 4,165 Add to BOM
MCP23016-I/SP 16-Bit I^2C I/O Expander. Microchip Technology, Inc 5,090 Add to BOM
PIC24FJ64GA002-I/SP PIC24 16-bit Microcontroller, 64 KB Flash Memory, 8 KB RAM, and Advanced Peripherals, 28 Pin Package Microchip Technology, Inc 5,415 Add to BOM
PIC18F26K80-E/SP 2.5V/3.3V/5V SPDIP Less than 100 Microchip Technology, Inc 4,891 Add to BOM
PIC32MM0064GPL028-I/SP 32-bit PIC RISC MCU with 64KB Flash memory in 28-Pin SPDIP package Microchip Technology, Inc 5,741 Add to BOM
SX28AC/DP PDIP28 I2C bus controller featuring 2 channels PARALLA 5,238 Add to BOM
CC25-12EWA Elevate your viewing experience with crisp and clear image Kingbright America LLC 6,981 Add to BOM
PLS100N With its 28-pin PDIP design, this PLS100N device offers a compact yet versatile solution for complex logic operations Nxp Semiconductors 5,333 Add to BOM
ISD2540P 28-pin PDIP package with 5V power supply Nuvoton Technology Corporation 7,548 Add to BOM
ISD4004-08MPY Easy to use - Ideal for DIY projects Nuvoton Technology Corporation 6,602 Add to BOM
ISD1790PY Easy-to-use 28-pin PDIP package suitable for different applications Nuvoton Technology Corporation 5,031 Add to BOM
ISD1420PY The ISD1420PY is a retro-themed voice recorder with easy-to-use features for capturing and replaying sound Nuvoton Technology Corporation 5,267 Add to BOM
ISD17240PY 160kOhm Resistance Nuvoton Technology Corporation 5,377 Add to BOM
CP82C59A-5 *Description 2**: Enhance your system's connectivity with this powerful 28-PDIP interface controller Rochester Electronics Incorporated 4,516 Add to BOM
ISD4002-120PY ISD4002-120PY is a voice playback circuit designed for differential audio output in a 28-DIP package, with a maximum playback frequency of 3 Nuvoton Technology Corporation 6,726 Add to BOM
ISD4003-04MP Record and playback up to 240 seconds of voice with the ISD4003-04MP in a 28-pin PDIP package." Nuvoton Technology Corporation 3,920 Add to BOM
ISD4004-08MP solid state recorder Nuvoton Technology Corporation 3,452 Add to BOM
LM1207N LM1207N is a versatile video amplifier designed to enhance the quality of video signals in various electronic devices Texas Instruments, Inc 5,959 Add to BOM