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(29 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
HFBR-1415TZ Robust fiber optic design provides stable connectivity and improved network reliability Broadcom Limited 6,311 Add to BOM
GP2Y0D21YK0F Optical Sensor 24cm Digital Output SHARP/Socle Technology 6,750 Add to BOM
TL-N20MY1 Exceptionally designed for heavy-duty applications, this product offers unparalleled reliability and performanc Omron 9,830 Add to BOM
TL-N10ME1 TL-N10ME1 Product Description: Proximity Sensors Meeting ROHS Standards Omron 5,757 Add to BOM
GL100MN0MP Low power mA operation for energy efficiency and reliabilit Sharp Microelectronics 7,615 Add to BOM
EC20A1824401 Precise optical encoder solution for accurate speed and position measurement in various industries ALPS 6,528 Add to BOM
EE-SX474 High-speed switching with phototransistor output for reliable NPN contro Omron Automation and Safety 5,977 Add to BOM
E2E-X10ME2 ROHS Approved Proximity Sensor E2E-X10ME2 Omron Automation and Safety 8,992 Add to BOM
BP103-3 Sensitive photodiode for m wavelength detecti SIEMENS A G 8,352 Add to BOM
PN147 Phototransistors Sensors, Transducers Optical - Photo Detectors - Phototransistors - NPN PHOTOTRANS 800NM DOUBLE END PANASONIC CORP 7,375 Add to BOM
ADE12 DIP Switches / SIP Switches TE Connectivity Alcoswitch Switches 5,659 Add to BOM
BEN5M-MFR Retroreflective Optical Sensor 196.850" (5m) Relay - Dark-ON/Light-ON Autonics 8,235 Add to BOM
BEN10M-TFR Through-Beam Optical Sensor 32.81' (10m) Relay - Dark-ON/Light-ON Autonics USA 6,111 Add to BOM
TLP1243 Optical Switches, Transmissive, Phototransistor Output TOSHIBA 9,195 Add to BOM
IR26-21C/L110/TR8 Infrared (IR) Emitter 940nm 1.2V 65mA 1mW/sr @ 20mA 20° 1206 (3216 Metric) EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO LTD 6,193 Add to BOM
E2E-X5E1 Sensor 1.14 in. 12 to 24 VDC 13 mA (Max.) Shielded 0.6 kHz 85 degC Omron Automation and Safety 6,873 Add to BOM
EE-SPX403 Optical Switches, Transmissive, Phototransistor Output TRANS LIGHT-ON OMRON 4,134 Add to BOM
CD4069BD HARRIS 6,780 Add to BOM
AD5280BRU20-REEL7 High Accuracy Resistance Setting for Various Applicatio Analog Devices Inc. 7,072 Add to BOM
LEDS3-3-26 LED Mounting Hardware LED Spacer,T-1-3/4,Black,3/16 in Spc, LED Spacer,T-1-3/4,Black RICHCO 5,709 Add to BOM
NJL71V380 Infrared Receivers IR Remote Control NJR 6,272 Add to BOM
PCKEP222HW Clock Drivers & Distribution DUAL 1:10 ECL/PECL CLK DRV NXP 6,967 Add to BOM
HCPL-M61A High Speed Optocouplers AVAGO 6,956 Add to BOM
MD1161-D32 Managed NAND SANDISK 5,602 Add to BOM
T-51952D065J-FW-A-ACN TFT Displays & Accessories 6.5" VGA 600 nits AR coat Transm. OPTREX 5,633 Add to BOM
SMSZ1000T1G Switching Controllers ON 9,472 Add to BOM
HIR-A07/L183-P01 HIR Series 850 nm 35 mW/sr 700 mA Surface Mount High Power Infrared LED EVERLIGHT 7,347 Add to BOM
AA107-310LF GaAs IC 5-Bit Digital Attenuator with Serial-to-Parallel Driver 300 kHz-2 GHz SKYWORKS 5,747 Add to BOM