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DIP Module

(120 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
SIM6812M RoHS compliant gate driver for power electronics applications Allegro Microsystems 6,779 Add to BOM
SA40-18EWA A reliable choice for electronic projects requiring a clear and readable display Kingbright 5,593 Add to BOM
LSHD-F101 LED Displays & Accessories Red, Low Current 0.4", CARHD Lite-On Inc. 4,231 Add to BOM
NAR141SH-F LED Displays & Accessories Numeric Display Stanley Electric Co 6,124 Add to BOM
LTM-8522HR Perfect for a range of applications including industrial control panels Lite-On 5,377 Add to BOM
LTS-2801AG Add a Touch of Green to Your Digital Creation Lite-On 9,864 Add to BOM
SIM6822M Module for Driving Three Half Bridges for Motors up to 300V in a 30-Pin DIP Package Allegro Microsystems 5,341 Add to BOM
ABPDANN030PG0D3 Pressure Sensor Honeywell 7,072 Add to BOM
SC10-11EWA LED Displays & Accessories Single Red 625nm Common Cathode Kingbright 8,165 Add to BOM
SA36-11SURKWA LED Displays & Accessories .36" SINGLE DIGIT RED LED DISPLAY Kingbright 5,685 Add to BOM
SA56-11LSRWA High-brightness, high-reliability displays in a compact tube format for SA-LSRW KINGBRIGHT ELECTRONIC CO LTD 6,138 Add to BOM
SA18-11SRWA Bring out the best in your projects with this SA-SRWA modul KINGBRIGHT ELECTRONIC CO LTD 6,187 Add to BOM
SC08-21SRWA LED Displays & Accessories Single Red 640nm Common Cathode KINGBRIGHT ELECTRONIC CO LTD 6,845 Add to BOM
SC39-11PBWA/A LED Displays & Accessories Blue diffused 1 Digit KINGBRIGHT ELECTRONIC CO LTD 8,792 Add to BOM
SC40-19EWA LED Displays & Accessories Single Red 625nm Common Cathode KINGBRIGHT ELECTRONIC CO LTD 8,805 Add to BOM
SC36-11YWA LED Displays & Accessories Single Yellow 588nm Common Cathode KINGBRIGHT ELECTRONIC CO LTD 8,464 Add to BOM
SA18-11GWA Elegant Green Display for Your Application KINGBRIGHT ELECTRONIC CO LTD 5,984 Add to BOM
PSA23-11SRWA Enhance your projects with vibrant red LED Kingbright 9,782 Add to BOM
LDT-N2804RI LED Displays & Accessories .28" Trpl Digit Disp 635nm Red Chips LUMEX INC 6,819 Add to BOM
CA25-11GWA High-brightness LED tube for clear digit display results KINGBRIGHT ELECTRONIC CO LTD 7,790 Add to BOM
CC56-12YWA Elevate your event or exhibit with stunning visual effects KINGBRIGHT ELECTRONIC CO LTD 9,076 Add to BOM
CC56-11GWA LED Displays & Accessories Quad Green 568nm Common Cathode KINGBRIGHT ELECTRONIC CO LTD 9,431 Add to BOM
CC56-21SRWA Illuminate your world with vibrant colors and stunning visuals KINGBRIGHT ELECTRONIC CO LTD 6,795 Add to BOM
CC04-41SRWA Robust design and ROHS compliance ensure long-lasting performanc KINGBRIGHT ELECTRONIC CO LTD 5,982 Add to BOM
TDCG1050M Display Segmented Panel 4DIGIT 35LED Green CA 16-Pin DIP Module Vishay 5,119 Add to BOM
TDSL1150 Standard 7-Segment Display 7 mm Vishay Semiconductor Opto Division 6,248 Add to BOM
TDSG5150 Standard 7-Segment Display 13 mm Vishay 5,468 Add to BOM
TDSG3160 Standard 7-Segment Display 10 mm Vishay 5,737 Add to BOM
RAC02E-05SK/277 Compact AC/DC Power Modules delivering 2W, designed for an input range of 85-35V, outputting 5V at 400mA, and sized at 1.35 inches by 0.88 inches Recom 9,882 Add to BOM
PTH05000WAH The up-to-date information from the manufacturer regarding PTH05000WAH Texas Instruments 6,430 Add to BOM
PTH04000WAH Product PTH04000WAH is a 3-A, 3.3/5-V input adjustable switching regulator with auto-track sequencing and a temperature range of -40 to 85 degrees Texas Instruments 5,386 Add to BOM
CC6-1212SF-E Compact 6W DIP power module Tdk-Lambda 7,029 Add to BOM
CC10-1205SF-E This power supply module is compliant with ROHS regulations Tdk-Lambda 8,118 Add to BOM
CC10-1212SF-E The CC10-1212SF-E is a 12W isolated DC/DC converter that operates through a through-hole connection, providing a steady 12V output at 1A Tdk-Lambda 6,872 Add to BOM
SKMW20F-05 20W 6-pin DIP module converting 24V input to 5V output at 4A Mean Well 9,762 Add to BOM
HCMS-2965 Compact and Rugged Design Ensures Reliable Operation in Harsh Environment Broadcom Limited 7,780 Add to BOM
SC52-11LSRWA Brighten up your space with vibrant LED displays and accessorie kingbright 5,966 Add to BOM
ABPDJNN001PDAA3 Pressure Sensor -14.5PSI ~ 14.5PSI (-100kPa ~ 100kPa) Differential Male - 0.07" (1.88mm) Tube, Dual 0.5 V ~ 4.5 V Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions 6,133 Add to BOM
HSCDANN400KAAA5 Pressure Sensor Honeywell 7,072 Add to BOM
SSCDLNT400MGSA3 Board Mount Pressure Sensor 0bar to 0.4bar Gage Medical 8-Pin DIP Module Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions 9,295 Add to BOM
HSCDJJN001NDAA5 Pressure Sensor Honeywell 6,003 Add to BOM
SA56-11CGKWA LED Displays & Accessories 0.56" SINGLE DIGIT GRN LED DISPLAY Kingbright 5,337 Add to BOM
LTS-2301AWC LED Displays & Accessories Red, Low Current LITEON 7,297 Add to BOM
DC03-11EWA LED Displays & Accessories Dual Red 625nm Common Cathode Kingbright 5,933 Add to BOM
4525-DS5A001DP Differential Pressure Sensor 1PSI, 8DIP PCB Te Connectivity 2,533 Add to BOM
TDSG1150 Standard 7-Segment Display 7 mm Vishay 3,012 Add to BOM
PTN78000WAH Environmentally-friendly DIP-5 power modules meeting ROHS standards Texas Instruments 5,336 Add to BOM
PSA39-21GWA Eye-catching display module with green LED backlight" Kingbright 5,894 Add to BOM